Nelson Fawkes

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Name: Nelson Fawkes
Race: Human

Nelson Fawkes

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Name: Nelson Fawkes
Age: 39
Race: Human


A battered hip flask, more often than not filled with whiskey or other hard alcohol.

A pair of knuckledusters, little more than bands of iron bolted into worn leather grips. He feels too clumsy to own a pistol or even a knife, so these are the only weapons he is comfortable carrying.

Powers or Strengths:

Toughness: One of the prime attributes that has kept Fawkes's name around as a fighter to watch. Years of farmwork, fighting and a naturally high tolerance for pain has allowed him to take exorbitant amounts of punishment in his career on the bare-knuckle circuit. He's shrugged off flush blows that would put others to sleep, and has rarely given up even when joints are at stake. It makes for exciting bouts, even with his health clearly at stake.

Physical Strength: Another natural attribute from his upbringing, Fawkes is clearly possessed with oxlike strength even as his body is failing him. While he doesn't have a strict exercise regimen, he's spent his life outside of his seedier occupation taking on odd jobs involving lifting crates at warehouses or other, similarly physical endeavors. This has resulted in a physique that, while not outwardly impressive, is blessed with solid workman's muscle that has served him well in the fights and out.

Craftiness and Pragmatism: Having been a veteran of the fights for two decades, Fawkes has forgotten more about bareknuckle brawling than most people know. Thought it may be too little, too late in the face of his physical decline, Fawkes has found numerous clever or dirty ways to deal with young competitors. From innocous strategies like wrestling and wearing his man down with prolonged grappling, to more devious methods like unobtrusive eye pokes and groin strikes, Fawkes has come to fall back on cunning in the twilight of his career.

Affability: Despite his career and at times intimidating appearance, Fawkes is a social animal. He loves spending his nights at the taverns, not just because of a fondness for drink, but as the eldest of a brood of children and someone originally groomed to take up agriculture (and the selling of crops thereof) as a trade, he has never been one to enjoy being alone.

Altruistic: Fawkes is imbued with a strong sense of morality despite being an active member of competition that involves maiming your opponent. He offers to help clean up after bouts, likes to listen to other people's problems if such an act helps, and donates money where he can to charity.

Weaknesses and Flaws:

Past his Prime: A lifetime of competitive, loosely regulated hand-to-hand fighting and manual labor is starting to catch up with Fawkes. The stone wall that is his chin is starting to crack, and with every blow it is becoming clear that he is slowly losing his ability to take punches. His reflexes have slowed down, and it is evident that his experience is the only thing holding his record together.
His back is also beginning to bother him with bouts of pain, sometimes unbearably so on nights when it is raining or about to. His hands sometimes lock up and require considerable massaging to release; a portent of the arthritis that will no doubt become constant in the coming years. For now he can keep up with his duties as a human pack mule, though he likely no longer should.

Punch Drunk: It is not only Fawkes's body that has been affected by his activities. The constant impacts have rattled his mind, and at 39 he is beginning to show a loss of his mental faculties. He is oftentimes forgetful, and sometimes finds it hard to follow conversations. There is a noticeable slur when he speaks.

Alcoholism: While he feels he doesn't have a problem, Fawkes has been drinking more heavily in the last few years. It has not been his realization that he has been self-medicating with ale and whiskey and anything else to dull the ache of his degrading body. There has been more than one day where he has been utterly incapacitated the night before. The excessive drinking has led to the gut he has been cultivating over his musculature.

Impulsive Spender: The reason Fawkes isn't living a king's life off of his big winnings early in his career, and why he is most likely not going anywhere now. Other than what he sends home to his family or gives away to the odd orphan, Fawkes tends to throw his money away, on vices like food, alcohol and other vices. He sees no utility in saving money, viewing money saved as money wasted.

Uneducated: Fawkes has no formal education, having spent the entirety of his youth working his family's farm. He is, in fact, barely literate, would not have become so if his mother hadn't insisted he learned.

Nelson Fawkes is the eldest son of what would be a small brood of children. His father was a sellsword that had the fortune to live long enough to retire from his profession, while his mother was the daughter of the owner of an inn the man had frequented in his travels. The couple found their way to Shim, where Nelson's father used his earnings to purchase a plot of land to cultivate and to start a family. By the time Nelson was six and the his first brother was coming around to being born, the plot in Shim had become a prosperous venture.

As the eldest son, it fell to Nelson to help with the land and at times keep watch over his brothers and sisters, with little time for much else. As a result, Nelson grew from child to hardy teenager, forged by years of hard work and responsibility. He grew into the archetypal farm youth, rugged, hardy, and blessed with a natural propensity for physical activity. As the first son there was little time for academic pursuits, and so Nelson's schooling often went neglected in favor of his younger siblings. Still, Nelson was appreciated by his family for being to take on so much at so early an age. For the most part, Nelson was content with his lot in life, though the occasional desire to see outside the village took him. This is what made the odd trip into Marn an attractive prospect whenever his father needed to, to acquire new tools or to build new business relationships.

For fun, wrestling with his siblings was an oft-partaken activity. This was a skill that his sellsword father had passed to the whole clan, mother and and at least one sister included. He had the notion that if you were going to deal with someone bigger than you, it was better to do it on the ground where size was less of a factor. The wrestling matches, with the boys and the sister that cared to learn, served as a tight bonding activity that brought them all together. It was also Fawkes's introduction to a world he did not know would come to dominate his adult life.

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