Eustace Eubanks

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Name: Eustace
Race: Half-gnome

Eustace Eubanks

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Name: Eustace Eubanks
Age: 23
Race: Half-gnome (half-human)


The love child of a gnomish mother and a rather short human father, most strangers cannot distinguish Eustace from his gnomish counterparts. Standing at just over 3 and a half feet, Eustace is neither attractive nor ugly. Despite a large nose, tatty brown hair, and a haphazard set of teeth, Eustace maintains a boyish, almost innocent look about him. He keeps his facial hair completely shaven or trimmed shortly, as it is quite spotty and thin when grown out.

Those that know Eustace intimately know his largest physical quirks come from his mother's lifestyle rather than his mixed heritage. His mother Enara is a gnome renown for her talents in hydrology, she is also known for her dwarfish drinking habits. Due to certain lapses in her judgment while carrying, Eustace suffers from certain physical abnormalities, including: an incomplete bite, a misshapen sternum, an enlarged heart, and, most notably, double-jointedness in his arms, wrists and fingers.

Eustace prefers to wear dark colors, typically dark blue, grey, or somber earth tones. His outfits are simple and clean, with no major flair that would make him stand out. Most people don't notice him at all until he speaks or otherwise makes himself known.


Dual daggers: Eustace's most prized possessions. They are allegedly a gift from his father, and he carries them in a doubly sheathed belt everywhere he goes. Masterfully crafted by dwarves, and rumored to be enchanted by Eustace's father, he believes the daggers have magical properties. While Eustace has only ever used them for simple mechanical tasks, he's noticed they are near impossible to drop when held, and they lose their edge very slowly in comparison to normal blades. The daggers are also seemingly imprinted with a psychic tracking chip; upon being stolen or misplaced, Eustace will have some sense as to where they are, depending on his proximity to them.

House: Eustace shares a residence with his mother, a sixty year-old gnome named Enara. The two live in a small house in the residential district of Marn, adjacent to the power plant and the Ofriyu Mar. There is a common room with a small sitting area and kitchen, a separated bedroom, and a loft. Eustace sleeps in a small bed in the loft.

Books: While reading isn't one of Eustace's favorite hobbies, he keeps a small handful of books in his loft for reference. The books he owns cover many different topics, including hydrology, gnomish technology, mineralogy, magic, and basic mathematics.

Trinkets: Eustace and his mother Enara share many odd tools and trinkets. Some are kept around to be used in repairing Marn's aqueducts, but most are parts and pieces of unrelated gnomish contraptions. Eustace often finds himself disposing of new bits and pieces Enara bring into the house. While he shares some of her gnomish enthusiasm about such things, he knows many of the odds and ends she collects are dangerous until proven otherwise.

Cats: Eustace and Enara own three cats, named Linus, Schroeder, and Lucy. Schroeder is fat, lazy, and rather submissive when it comes to interacting with the other cats; his brother Linus often beats him up in attempts to scare Schroeder away from the food bowl. Comparatively, Lucy is the princess of the three. The youngest, nicest, and prettiest, she does not presume to sneak or steal "people food" from the masters of the house. Linus is Eustace's favorite after Lucy. Everyone loves Lucy.

Powers or Strengths:

Unnoticeability (magic): The son of a human mage, Eustace exhibits certain magical abilities. One of which is his ability to seemingly go unnoticed until he wants attention drawn to himself. While he understands it as a magical ability, onlookers won't assume anything out of the ordinary once Eustace comes into plain sight; he does not "poof" out of invisibility, rather, he just becomes noticed. Combined with his small stature and natural sneakiness, this ability is very powerful tool for staying out of trouble, and it's doubly powerful when visibility is obstructed in any way. A crowd of people, a veil of shadows, or even just a few feet of water are enough to distract onlookers long enough for this magic to kick in.

Half-gnome, half-human, half-fish (magic): Born and raised right next to the Ofriyu Mar, Eustace has an affinity for swimming and maneuvering in water. He does not have the typical muscular lankiness of fishermen and other sea-dwellers, but his hands and feet are quite wide and flexible. In addition to being unnaturally quick and graceful in water, Eustace can hold his breath for extended amounts of time, up to around 15 minutes. He can also exert an amount of telekinetic control over water to create "river rip tides" with which he can use to travel. The extent of his aqua-kinesis in unknown, but it is likely to remain unrefined while living in Marn.

Grounder (gnomish magic): Eustace's interest in gnomish technology is limited. While he enjoys his time repairing the aqueducts with his mother, he attributes it to his affinity for water as well as quality time with his family. Every now and then, Enara will bring home a gnomish gadget that piques his fancy, but for the most part, Eustace understands such trinkets to be volatile and potentially dangerous. His work on any non-aquatic tech ends once he's disabled it. For good.

Aqueduct repair: The Eubanks' claim to fame is their work on the aqueducts of Marn. Eustace grew up learning the hydrology of the gnomish power plant as well as the pipes supplying water to the residential district. His elders on his mother's side were some of the original inhabitants of Marn, and were instrumental in developing the hydrologic infrastructure of the city. To this day, it's anyone's best guess how such a feat was ever accomplished, as the underground waterlines require constant maintenance. Such laborious work is left for the youngest and most physically able of the gnomes.

General smarts: Eustace is quick to learn, and can understand difficult concepts with relative ease. He has a good understanding of hydrology and related mathematical concepts, a respectable trait in a world tempted by magic.

Weaknesses and Flaws:

Heart problems: Eustace is small and agile, but his enlarged heart makes it difficult to sustain arduous physical activities. He often finds himself short of breath, sometimes lightheaded while running or performing other aerobic exercises. Should he exert himself too much, he might suffer a heart attack or an aortic dissection.

Wrist and finger pain: Working with his hands all day takes a toll on Eustace, in part due to the double-jointedness of his wrists and fingers. The extra loose cartilage comes in handy while performing certain tasks, but his muscles have to work that much harder to control fine movements. Eustace often massages his forearms and wrists to alleviate muscle tension.

Anxiety: Eustace was always a shy child, and developed slowly when it came to communicating with others. Enara thought the boy was completely slow until he started to pick up on reading and helping her repair certain gadgets around their home. Now that he's older, his anxiety is transforming into a completely different animal; instead of worrying that people don't like him, he's worried about people discovering his magical abilities, or that he will never each his full potential in the authoritative state of Thar Shaddin. This, on top of the fact that he's a homosexual emotionally separates him from his family and peers. He dreams of a better life outside of Marn, but is afraid he'd make a fool of himself leaving the safety of the city.

Existential dread: Being half-human, Eustace has a more flexible connection with the astral plane than other gnomes. In the hours before waking, he is prone to vivid dreams. More often than not, they are typical dreamscapes, but every now and then, he finds himself lost in an endless ocean, fluid in consistency and color: an endless abyss hiding monstrous creatures beneath its shadowy veil. He isn't sure what to make of these dreams, often waking drenched in sweat with a sense of dread. Upon later recollecting these dreams and considering their meaning, he feels that his current life is meaningless, that there is no point in feeling safe in Marn if it means missing out on the majesty of magic. Surely, he reminds himself, the majesty of magic is worth missing if it means a shred of humanity can survive.

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