Elizabeth Ali Hailcraft

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Elizabeth Hailcraft
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Name: Elizabeth Ali Hailcraft
Race: Human

Elizabeth Ali Hailcraft

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Name: Elizabeth Ali Hailcraft
Age: 20 (Born on Januray 21, 142PW)
Race: Human
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 48kg/105lbs
Elizabeth is rather.... erratic, at times. Much like a child who has no worry in the world, she doesn’t care about much. She acts much like a child as well, often times dozing off, and seems to always be happy. Nothing gets on her nerves, though sometimes she may pout at something. However, to the close eye, this does not appear to be who she really is... (If specification is needed on this, Staff may contact me. :) )

========Physical Description========

Elizabeth’s body is rather slim, but healthy. She wears mainly blue clothing, to match her, despite being from Eyropa, light blue eyes. On her head lies a blue mage-like hat perched on her purple hair, obviously indicating she uses magic. For her chest, she wears a piece of Mage Cloth (cloth with magical properties.), which she has wrapped around cleverly to create a shoulderpad-like pattern. Above her shoulders are what appear to be 4 chunks of ice. For her legs, Elizabeth wears a simple black leggings covered with a blue skirt-like Mage Cloth and a yellow belt. Her boots are simple blue boots which come up to just below her knee.

Blue Mage Staff
The staff is a long, wooden staff which seems rather plain up until the neck of the staff. There, the staff’s wood seems to twist until a small marking is reached, to which it bends in grooves around a large chunk of what appears to be ice in the center. Around the bend is 4 chunks of ice.

Mage Cloth Armor
Elizabeth’s armor is specially made by her master. It has several notable enchants.
1) Cold Immunity Enchant
Effect: If in a very cold climate, the armor heats the internal body temperature up to allow immunity to frostbite, Cold Urticaria and organ failure in the cold. However, thought she may have the enchant on, should her armor come off, or she not be in her usual armor, she is likely to get sick. (If she's in a dress at a ball, or simply trying to blend in to a crowd.)

Bishani x50

Elizabeth has the unique ability to move and bend ice, creating spears, projectiles, or barriers from the ice. She can use nearby water to create new ice should she need it, however she always has 4 pieces of nevermelt ice around her shoulders and 5 on her staff.

To Elizabeth, everyone is of equal value to her besides her master. So, to her, it doesn’t matter if she is speaking to nobility or a homeless poor man, she will speak the same to them. She views all races, including Goblins, as creatures that should be respected. But, should someone threaten someone who has managed to become precious to her, her acceptance has limits.

Laid Back
Elizabeth never worries about much. Often viewed as a weakness by her master, she views this as a way to prevent stress and relax the mind and/or body. And she is quite right! Being relaxed allows her to think, and never gets to excited. And where some people may find fear, she may find curiosity or simply not care and keep walking!

Novice Enchantress
Though she may not be good at it, she can enchant small objects like a rock or gloves. She learned this by watching her master do it. She is only a novice however, and there are still scars on her palms from a few… mishaps...

Elizabeth, though responsible, acts like a child. Nobody is sure if it’s a mental illness or just her being her. Either way, this can often lead to social awkwardness for other people or allowing her to overlook something.

Over Relaxed
Though this can help her sometimes, she often finds herself not caring about certain people’s problems. This can lead to frustration from other people or even anger. This also makes her rather lazy, not doing something she is asked, or simply not listening.

Complete Magical Novice
Though she may bare a rare magic, Cryomancy, as well as know enchanting, she is an absolute novice. All around her hands are scars from failed enchants, and if she is controlling ice, she more often than not, drops it. She is, according to her master “A genius at failure with her gifts.”

Never really training physically, and not being that tall, Elizabeth has a large size gap between the average warrior to her. Though she takes advantage of her armors Steel-Cloth Enchant for defense, this doesn’t add any weight, so she is easy to push around.

Cold Urticaria (Allergic to the cold.)
Though she can control ice, she can’t touch it or be to cold. This is one of her greatest weaknesses which is the main reason why her master created her armor for her, so she can’t get cold. This is also where her master got the expression “A genius at failure with her gifts.”



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