Ubeloc Theoson

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Ubeloc Theoson
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Name: Ubeloc Theoson
Race: Human

Ubeloc Theoson

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Name: Ubeloc Theoson
Age: 26
Race: Human
Height: 8'0"
Weight: 400 lbs
Physical Description:
Ubeloc's name partially means strong and one glance at the man will tell you that he more than lives up to the name. Standing at nearly eight feet tall, Ubeloc towers over people most others would consider tall. His skin, inherently dark and scorched even darker by the sun, is shaped by many rippling, evenly proportioned and athletic muscles that afford him power, speed and flexibility fitting of his olympian form. In fact, his 400 pounds are mostly muscle and only around 8% fat. His face is rather angled with prominent cheek bones and a strong square jawline; it is one that could widely be accepted as handsome among humans and human'like species. His eyes are a piercing dark brown and his shaven head shines in the sunlight. His hair is a black so dark and unreflective that it seems to swallow up the light around it as evidenced by the well-kept goatee adorning his face. In stark contrast, his teeth are pristine pearly whites as a result of his almost extreme detail to hygiene.
Some clothing and Guardsmen Armor*
Heavy crossbow
Steel Mace*
Coin Purse
Non-magical healing supplies
(All items marked with an "*" have been enlarged to fit him)
Powers or Strengths:
Extremely strong and fast: Due to his size and musculature, he could easily be one of the most physically capable non-magical being in Thar Shaddin if not the most. Fitting as he had trained himself to his limit and engages in strenuous physical exercise every week to keep his shape.

Intelligent: When Ubeloc set out to get the best education he could afford, he was serious and very driven.

Advanced Close Quarters Combat: While he's no master martial artist, Ubeloc has had to fight since childhood and has developed some impressive brawling skills and fighting smarts. The combat training in weapons and hand to hand combat courtesy of the City Guard only supplements this.

Intimidating/Charming The guy is an imposing figure and most others would have to levetate to meet him eye to eye. Factor in his extremely deep, booming bass tone voice and his powerful musculature and you have yourself that could easily intimidate most. On the flip side, these attributes could just as easily attract those who prefer the tall, dark and handsome type.
Stamina: Due to training, his endurance is much higher than that of your average man, but his bones and muscles still have to carry his immense weight and this results in a man who can only run for an hour at the most. Half the amount of a trained human at a more normal height.

Stubbornly Anti-Magic: Few are as adamantly anti-magic as this man. He will refuse even the most basic of magical support if it can be identified as such. Even in a life or death situation, the chances of him using anything magical are low. This could easily lead to his demise in a land dominated by magic. It should go without saying that he also lacks any magical qualities whatsoever

Size: His size is a double-edged sword. While he is naturally capable of feats of great strength and speed--this only enhanced by the musculature acquired over training--he's also a big (and thereby easy) target for weapons both melee and ranged. It also makes stealth, disguise and movement in confined spaces nearly impossible for him for obvious reasons.
History: (be descriptive with your history, this is what tells us if you're capable of putting effort into your writing.)

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