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Player: Immanuel

Name: Yin
Age: He usually appears to be anywhere from 16 to 24, but this changes according to his current preference. No one knows his true age as of yet.
Race: Chimera (1/4 Fae, 1/4 Human, 1/4 Astral Being, 1/4 Elf)
Height: Around 5‘8‘’


In his base form Yin looks human but for some certain quirks; He has pointy ears and mismatched eyes -the right one is purple and the left one is red- which both lack lack irises and sport a hexagonal design much like that of a flies, but bigger. He can see just fine through them though.
He has brownish skin, and in the place of hair sports colourful, slim, long tendrils. Yin ain't pretty, but he’s certainly unique.

If there is one thing Yin enjoys it’s a good prank. While he’s on the road it is not uncommon for nearby villages to be plagued by strange sightings, supposed beasts and monsters scaring young and old alike. Yin mostly does it for laughs though, and never harms anyone that does not intend to harm him.

He is a free spirit and loves doing most things, almost like he has a restless tick. And while he is not going to win any prizes for best in show, he can hold his own in most areas.



Yin has the power to transform into any living thing, not just regular animals and human beings but even mixed monstrosities of his own imagination.
Usually to transform into something Yin simple had to have a basic description; see it, be told about it, sometime even imagine it and he’s set. His shapeshifting can either be full body or just one or two body parts. Like turning into a bull or just growing the horns.

But there is a limit to how much he can shapeshift. Visualize a huge empty room in the astral place, now take the mass of three of Yin to be in that room, that is what Yin can work with when he shifts. Shifting draws from or adds mass to that room, so Yin can go as small as he wishes but can only increase his size by so much. Trying to go larger than three times his size would kill him. The reason for this is simple, three people were magically mashed together with his old human body to create Yin, so their extra mass was stored.

In addition there is a learning curve for anything he turns into; he would have to learn how to walk, eat, run or basically do anything in his new forms. Including getting used to higher/lower sensitivity, being blind and more. Once he has put sufficient practice into mastering a new form however, life becomes that much easier.
The clothes he wears are also derived from the mass room, and contribute to his general limit.

Slightly Incorporeal

Having fae and astral spirit in him is a boon sometimes, his body and organs are there but not all the way there. So normal weapons still harm him, but it would take way more wounds to down him than it would a normal person.

Not so hungry

Due to his weird biology Yin does not need to eat or drink as much as most people, he can survive on weeks on what people would take as a single meal. However Yin does like the sensation and tastes he gets from eating.



Yin has a thirst for knowledge that is insatiable. He wants to learn, see and experience new things all the time, and this drove him to become a wanderer.
At times this is good and has taught him a lot over time, but it has gotten him into some sticky situations also.

Self Reliant

Yin can take care of himself, when he need something he finds a way to get it one way or another. It does make him somewhat of a loner though, and if the time comes when he actually has to ask for help, he may not have anyone to rely on.



Yin’s made from two inertly magical beings, along with a race known for dabbling in magic. If you have a sense for magic, you can be sure that Yin will be popping up on your radar. One good thing about this though, you won’t know he is exactly. Just that he’s in an area.
In addition any charms or spells that ward off magical creatures would harm him immensely, as half of his nature is purely magical it would feel akin to being dragged in opposite directions by ten horses. Pretty damn painful. And the closer he is to the charm, the more painful it will be.
If a charm is actually placed on him or a repelling spell cast on him, you can be sure that he will slump into a twitching wreck until it is removed.

Forced Honesty

Remember the fae we talked about? Having that little gem bonded into him also brought along some annoying qualities of fae along with it. Yin cannot tell you a lie, he can omit the truth or tell you only some of the truth. But he won't directly lie to you.
Directly lying would make the fae nature reject his body, which would manifest as him; weakening, coughing up blood and generally being killed from the inside out. Telling the truth will stop the symptoms but he will not instantly recover.


Once again courtesy of his fae blood. Yin has enough fae in him that being around gold is disconcerting, it will make him dizzy and his vision fuzzy. Actually touching gold will harm Yin, a single gold piece hitting him, would be the equivalent of hitting a human in the gut with a mace.
Gold definitely can and will kill Yin if enough is used.


Iron/Steel tends to suppress his magic and lock his shifting, trapping him in whatever form he currently is in until he breaks contact with it. Despite this Yin carries around small pieces of iron/steel in a pouch, shaped into collars, earrings, necklaces and rings and protected from rust.
His reason is simple, iron/steel suppresses his magic and allows him to blend in. However there are some additional side effects that come with this trade off, such as frequent headaches -ranging from mildly annoying to crippling pain- and hallucinations -these can come in any shape or form-


The Beginning:

After the events of the changers war and the subsequent creation of the seal, much of the world was thrown into disarray. In order to avert societal breakdown people had different ways of dealing with their troubles; some societies shunning magic all together, others worshipping the lost changers as gods.

In a location only known now to have existed in Southern Eyropa, one community was bonded by a singular belief. The belief that all races derived from one single race, the human race. They believed that the true cause of the changers war was simply the fault of the false races, pretenders formed to cause the downfall of the humans.

In their eyes the solution was shockingly simply, they would have to rejoin the races. Renew the links that time and magic had broken. They would create an alpha race of sorts, by combining all the current races with one another.

As you might expect the community -which went by Mazilopa (The Pure Ones)- was consisted only of humans, mostly of those that believed their bloodlines to only have human blood -ironically this was often not the case-. This particular tactic prevented any “contamination” of their bloodlines.

Now at this point the Mazilopa has the motives but not the means to put their plans into action, in order to undo magic they reasoned that they would need magic of their own. They did not have the necessary means to perform magic however. And so the Mazilopa came to a disturbing conclusion, in order to achieve their goals they would need to mix with the outsiders, learn their ways.

And so a new plan was put into action. The current Mazilopa were already too far gone to assimilate with other communities, so they have but one choice. They would bear and induct new generations if Mazilopa into their ranks, brainwashing them until they were mature before sending them out into the world. And when they had learn’t they would bring their teachings back.

The plan proceeded well with each generation, Mazilopa going out into the world; learning, mating, bearing children. Children that would eventually be sent to the community as a right of passage, brainwashed while they were still malleable and easily manipulated. All for the greater good.

Majority of the offspring were quickly assimilated back into the community, the brightest of them put to use as the leaders of magical research. The few that rose to the top ranks numbered five in all, out of the hundreds of Mazilopa. The five were; Malc, Hiza, Gri, Bratu and Dopiz.

The Rise

At this point the Mazilopa had the means and the motives, all they needed were the raw materials and a place to work in peace. The five set up their base of operations in a cave system near the community, with a hidden entrance and expansive tunnels it was perfect for all sorts of experiments.

Next was the matter of raw materials. In simple terms the five needed live specimens of different beings, but of the physical and astral planes to experiment on, trying to bond them to one another with magic. The half-breeds of the Mazilopa often volunteered for the position of test subjects deluded as they were. Their spouses were a different case altogether, and often had to be quietly spirited away to be experimented on.

The process of bonding itself was a peculiar one. The subjects would be captured and starved, weakened till they could not resist any more. Then their barely alive bodies would be dragged out of their cells, and runes drawn around them. The runes would circle a giant rune in the middle, and the spell would begin. In the case of astral beings an rune would first be drawn and the spirit invoked, if it accepted being summoned it would find itself trapped and suppressed, before being bonded.

The five would focus their power on the runes to activate them and the subjects would be broken down, their mass combined and reconstructed in the centre rune. In the beginning most of the experiments failed, the bodies simply combining into a mass of throbbing and bleeding flesh. The runes were re-mastered over the years every time a failure occurred, a slow and strenuous process requiring constant attention.

Several years later the process had improved and now the results were more promising, the chimera produced were now more humanoid in nature and showed signs of intelligence, some even exhibiting signs of magical ability. A far cry from the blobs that were previously being turned out.

The age of the Mazilopa was at hand.

The Fall

Not every one of the Mazilopa agreed with the methods of the five. The new generation saw no need for a perfect race, they were tired of having their friends and families vanish. The elders had held the peace for decades. But that was soon to change.

Rebellions began to pop up all over the community, people were resisting the will of the five, refusing to sacrifice their children and loved ones any longer. The once unified society was being divided.

Soon the call came for justice. Majority of the new generations joined the rebels, and the elders were overthrown. The five were next in line.

Two days days after the uprising the remaining Mazilopa marched on the cave system. The five were ready and sent forth chimera of all shapes and sizes, and the New Mazilopa were fought every inch through the cave system. When the dust cleared however; four of the five were dead and the New Mazilopa had suffered heavy losses. But at least all the chimera were dead.....or so they thought.

You see the five had always know that people would disagree with their methods, and had crafted a contingency plan long ago. One of their number would escape with a handful of advanced chimera -advanced being wherever they had currently stopped- and start anew somewhere else.

So while the battle had raged around him Malc had slipped away, a fair distance from the cave by the time his brothers were killed. His personal chimera with him.

But all was not well for Malc. The passage of time and extended use of magic had warped him, turning him into an wizened and half-mad old coot. His time would soon end, and he knew it.

The chimera -Yin- was a unique subject. Humanoid and gifted with a sense of person and being that all the others before him lacked, he would have been the first of many if not for the rebellion. As Malc's personal chimera he was a combination of magical creatures, with just a touch of human in him. But he was a blank slate, remembering only from his creation a few days ago.

Malc for all his twisted experiments was just a man and felt a certain kinship towards his creation, almost like the feeling a father might have for a son. Yin represented the peak of his research and the possibilities to come, so Malc took it upon himself to teach him a few things before he died, if only to help Yin survive the life he had been given.

And teach him Malc did. By the time that Malc passed away two months later Yin could; read and write, talk properly and had a basic grasp on the way his powers worked. In addition Malc gave him one final gift, knowledge on his chimera research. Yin himself could not do anything with said knowledge, but in the right hands it could resurrect the whole project.

And so the Yin went onwards alone, wandering Southern Eyropa.

A Chimeras Tale

After Malc passed Yin wandered the land for some time; hunting whenever he could, occasionally fishing. Malc had filled an empty shell with knowledge but not emotions, so Yin simply wandered aimlessly. Life was boring for a long time and Yin fell into a little pattern; hunt, eat, shit, sleep, sleep, shift and repeat. It was tedious at best and borderline insanity at worst for him. Yin did not know much about the world but something inside of him -looking at you fae- was bored with his life.

So finally after some forty odd years of doing the same old shit, Yin finally got off his ass and started searching. What for you ask? Something that wasn't so damn monotonous. Soon enough Yin came across a small community of sorts and breezed in eager to make friends. Sadly for him most magical thing the people there had seen was possibly the sun, and so they responded in a totally appropriate manner when faced with the unknown, by pelting him with stones and sticks till he ran out of the village.

Outside at the borders of the community Yin nursed some superficial bruises as he pondered, thinking on how he could get into the village. Then like a turd to the face it hit him, the old man had babbled something about him being able to shapeshift, though he could barely remember the lessons. So Yin spent the next few days with an expression that screamed "I need to take a dump" aka his thinking face, and soon enough -thank the gods- he remembered some of his lessons.

His first change was a surreal experience; he watched his tendrils withdraw into his head to be replace by hair, and felt his ears shorten and become rounded. It felt odd, rather like someone was poking and prodding clay into shape, but soon enough it was done and where Yin was now stood a human. The next step was getting clothes, and since thinking had brought a shape into existence Yin figured "why not try it with clothes?" There was a pause and some garments adorned his body, a little more thought and they changed shape and colour. Yes Yin was set. But also rather pissed when he found he couldn't generate food.

The next day his entrance -second try- to the village was easier. Sure he missed being the centre of attention and now no one gave him a second look, but he was content with not being stoned. Soon enough he met some people and tried to strike up conversation. What should have been "Hello" came out as some noise akin to a wet fart, turns out he didn't know how to work the mouth yet and a shameful retreat was in order.

One day and several practice sessions later Yin could talk properly, and proceeded to visit a bar. There he had a crash course in etiquette, why it is not acceptable to touch random people, and how to get punched in the face. Locals aside though he liked the place, Yin had found a home...kind off.

Some months later and Yin was practically part of the society, well enough that people trusted him somewhat now, he even managed to get a girlfriend. They get comfortable and she decides to do the dirty deed; they go to an inn, rent a room, drink and everything is going great, at least until they get upstairs. You see Yin never had any point of reference with the human body and crafted his purely on outside appearance, this sadly meant that Yin had no yin.

Locals would remember that day clearly; a scream was heard from upstairs and a girl dashed down screaming about demons and monsters, followed soon after by a trouser less man with no man. A mob was whipped up and pitchforks were gathered, within a few hours Yin was once again forced outside the village for "performing dark magics" Happy days were over once more.

Oh but Yin wasn't done with the village, not by a long shot. In his time there he had learnt about what make humans tick, their emotions; Yin now felt everything from love to happiness to bloody euphoria. And nothing made Yin happier than a good joke. One simple thing the villagers -especially his old girl- were afraid of was the warping of the body, making human seem not so human. So Yin in the spirit of an eye for an eye, dedicated his time to making his human form monstrous.

Lets dash forward to a year later. The girl that drove Yin out -Sino- was now married, Sino had husband, a stable but harsh life and had just managed to forget about the dick-less wonder. Moving onto night-time Sino was awoken by a repetitive tapping on the door, opening it she found her husband tied up in what looked like webbing. But surely there were no spiders that could do such right? Wrong.

A hand caressed the back of her neck and Sino froze, she turned backwards very slowly and saw it. Behind her there was a humanoid thing in the darkness; with paw like feet and tentacles sprouting for its back, the face barely recognisable under the multitude of eyes that lined it. A bony hand caressed her cheek and a whistling voice emerged "how about a kiss?" Sino couldn't even scream, she just slumped.

The monster watched her hit the floor and bent down towards her, transforming to chuckle at her limp form. Yin laughed to himself as he left the village a whole deal happier. Yes, he loved a good prank.
By what measure do we determine what humanity is?

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