Archarus (WIP)

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Name: Archarus
Race: Human

Archarus (WIP)

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Name: Archarus Smith, aka Arca
Age: 45
Race: Human

Description: Arca is broad in the shoulders, with massive forearms that are scarred and thickly muscled from his years as a blacksmith. Burn scars cover most of his body, especially his face, which also led to total blindness in his left eye and partial blindness in his right. The big man has some trouble with stiffness and aching skin due to the burns, but it effects him the worst in the winter time. It's changed his perception of heat and cold as well due to all the damage done to the nerves of his skin. Arca keeps himself clean shaven, and his brown salt and peppered hair is kept in a thick braid that runs down to his midback. Before his accident, his eyes were a very clear blue color.

Arca also has a dark tattoo of a swirling circle on his left shoulder that denotes some sort of service to a mercenary group in his younger years, which he doesn't care to talk about. Sometimes he has been seen in the company of other adventurers and mercenaries passing through town, and people whisper that he holds messages and passes them on for these groups.


Hammerhead Walking Stick: As Arca doesn't smith anymore due to his accident, he has little reason to have held on to most of his tools. He passed many of them onto his apprentice, but kept his favorite hammer head, and fitted it to the long wooden staff that he uses as a walking stick to get around with. It could even be used as a hammer in a pinch.

Begging Bowl: Arca makes the majority of his spending money through begging. As he had a good reputation before his accident with most people, his old friends are both willing to slip him a few extra coins when he needs them, and to usually supply him with a meal or some food to take home with him.

Sharpening Stones: As he doesn't need much sight to do so, the other amount of money that Arca makes is through sharpening tools and weapons. He can do most of the work by touch, so he has kept his tools to do so. He even claims that he's better at it now than he was when he had both of his eyes.

Powers or Strengths:

Physical Strength: Arca is still physically strong from his days as a blacksmith, and his time adventuring before that. It still manages to keep food on the table, since he can go down to the docks or market every now and then and load and unload heavy items for some spare income.

Listening Skills/Memory: Arca has a fantastic memory, and has discovered that as a beggar and an invalid, people try so hard to act like he's not there that they sometimes speak and discuss things they most likely wouldn't if they didn't think he was somehow lesser than them. Arca has noticed that because he is blind, people also treat him like he is less intelligent than he was before his accident, which gives him great amusement. He's been known to sell any important things that he hears on the side, if you know where to find him.

Weaknesses and Flaws:

Alcoholism: Arca enjoyed a drink or three before his accident, claiming that nothing quenches a forge hot throat like a cold ale. After he was hurt, he began to drink harder alcohol, losing himself in bottle after bottle, burning through what he had saved up. In turn, this caused him to lose the things that had been the most important to him, like his wife and two children. Arca has managed to control his drinking, but it is a constant struggle to not fall back into old habits and drown himself in liquor.

Vision Problems: Arca is completely blind in his left eye, having no eye left in the socket. He usually keeps that one covered, as he thinks the gaping socket and burn scars is a bit frightening for regular people. He does have some vision in his right eye, but it is very minimal. People outside of four feet are just large blurs and shapes, and even when they are close, it's without much definition. He has issues with his depth perception now, which is what his walking stick helps him with the most.


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