Looking for opinions. Race: Spectral [REJECTED]

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Looking for opinions. Race: Spectral [REJECTED]

Post by LordSquirrel » Mon Sep 16, 2013 1:29 am

Race Name: Spectral

Physical Appearance: The true form of the Spectrals is one of an ever moving crimson red mass of energy in the shape of a humanoid with many moving symbols constantly appearing, and disappearing along its surface. Although when they came to Pal Tahrenor they decided on several forms to take in order to catalog without being disturbed. The most common form however was taken from one of the first human they encountered; a tall old man wearing a tattered grey cloak with a hood that covers the face in shadows.

Culture: The Spectrals are a race with essentially no culture. Created long ago by a powerful being from astral plane for the sole purpose of cataloging, and preserving all the knowledge of magic in a massive library of knowledge know as “The Aspect Archive” incase it should ever be lost, or the Astral Plane damaged in such a way as to weaken it.

There is only two role in Spectral society; those of the Seekers, and of the Librarians.
The Seekers are a group of Spectral whose sole goal is to venture out into the Astral Plane or Pal Tahrenor in search of any knowledge of magical spells or magically attuned creatures to bring back to The Aspect Archive. Seekers often travel in groups of four or five, but are capable of traveling and completing tasks on their own.
Once the Seekers have returned from their task they give all of their findings to the Librarians; a group of Spectrals who have spent countless millennia tending to the ever expanding Aspect Archive. They add the knowledge that the Seekers bring to them into The Aspect Archive an ever expanding place of magical knowledge where an entry of every spell and magically attuned creature to ever exist is stored. The entries usually include several hundreds of notes about the creature or spell in question; how often a certain species sleeps, what their average height, weight, and width is, any and all occurrences of the species that contradicts the noted standard, ect. Entries are constantly being updated, added, reformatted, and reexamined for any errors. Librarians never stop working on the thousands of entries within the archive even when they retrieve knowledge from the Seekers they are running around two five different tasks at the same time.

Racial Traits: The Spectrals are incapable of reproducing in any manor, as a counter weight to this their creator made the Spectrals very powerful beings who focus on evading any combat using illusion spells, and when they actually are forced to fight they use magical shields, and Non-lethal spells that incapacitate or immobilize enemies.

List of traits:
• Incredible Intelligence, Speed, Endurance, and Magical abilities.
• Several powerful defensive spells including shield spells, electrical spells, physical spells, and illusion spells.
• The Ability to cancel magic being cast on them –Quickly drains them of energy.
• When in groups of four or five they can create a massive paralyzing hex that is thirty yards in width, and thirty yards in length that drastically drains all four of their energy.
• Effective at evading enemies

Racial Weaknesses:
• Outside of their ability to change forms they are very bad at blending into different societies
• Easily drained of energy during combat that lasts for more than 1 minute.
• Easily detected by Magical detection spells
• Few offensive abilities
• Do not speak any native languages of Pal Tahrenor
• No lethal spells
• Over dependant on magic – Easily defeated when facing a enemy capable of neutralizing magic.
• Weak physically
. Few in number on Pal Tahrenor

(Going to include a small history soon along with a more balanced sub species. Just looking for opinions right now.)