The butterfly Women [rejected]

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The butterfly Women [rejected]

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This world development topic is no longer applicable.

Race• The Butterfly women
Lifespan•80 to 90 years
Height• 5'1-6'
Weight• varies
Religion• The Butterfly Women worship a goddess they call Utanah(U-Ton-nah)

The Butterfly Women is a quiet and peaceful race. It is unsual to find one that goes above Authorities. They are beautiful creatures with butterfly wings tattooed on the side of their face. It is actually a mark that tell you their ranking. It so holds most of their power.

Origin• During the Changers' War is when these creatures came. They were brought there like other creatures. The problem was they were repeatedly attack by werewolves and Vampires. Their blood seem to attract them. Causing most of the race to die out. The Butterfly Women never stuck together but joined other groups( Mostly Faeries) and remained hidden. But who they worshipped never changed. It would always be the Utanah. A goddess they discovered together.

Physical Appearance•

The Butterfly women's hair varies in multiple hair colors. Blue to green and black and red. Their hair is very long. Their faces are charming and attractive. With little butterfly wings on the temples. A young child would most likely have red wings to tell you they're new to the power of Butterfly women. All Butterfly women are thin, they're weight can be varies but it doesn't change their appearance. On a ordinary day you would see a Butterfly Women in a short dress that are light colors and slippers. But since they follow their own paths, it's whatever they're surroundings wear.

Common Traits•

There are no thieves in this race. But it doesn't mean they can't be brutal. A butterfly Women's wrath is the worse thing to come across. Which is why they'd make perfect guards. Most Butterfly women hate seeing crimes committed and are always trying to stop them to the best of their abilities. They love the quiet and nature. It's a wonderful sight to them.

Reproductive and Aging•

Butterfly women are attracted to human and Elves. They find them most attractive. But Butterfly woman are sexually mature when they're nineteen. They age slower than a human. A seven year old Butterfly girl would actually be a four year old girl. Butterfly women will keep trying for a baby until they have their girl. Boys look mostly like their father with no resemblance or anything from the butterfly woman. But a Butterfly Woman's baby would have no resemblance to the father mostly the mother. A butterfly Woman knows the difference between a humanoid baby and a Butterfly baby girl. Even if its their first time being pregnant. They usually find a place to be a line so they can have the baby because the birth of a Butterfly Woman's baby causes a lot of damage. Now for the aging, they age slow and look like they're in their terms until they're sixty.


It all depends on their butterfly wing mark color. Which is in the order of ROYGBIV.

Red• Beginner wings. The training and magic for beginner wings is simple. You grow mostly little thing like plants and heal scratches or bruises.( For Ages 1-12)

Orange• Orange is a color for more training. Your healing and growing increases and your sense of smell just increases.(13-19)

Yellow• Your healing has increased by a lot. You grow more herbs to help increase your Healing. But your sense of smell stays the same.(20-25)

Green• Green takes more training. You lose the ability to grow since it should come natural. Your healing ability is the same but the element of nature plays in. You can call on a butterfly for your own aid and help( nothing big maybe a small herb could be carried to you or the butterfly could lead you to water). Grass becomes very important since you use that to cast nature spells.(26-31)

Blue• Your abilities from your green mark have increased. Nature spells( whatever they may be) increase. (32-41)

Indigo• You don't have the same abilities. Your body's speed increases a little and you're telepathy and butterfly's aid.(42-70)

Violet• You gain more knowledge. Natural resources are seen clearly and your telepathy and magic increases.( 71-90) I do not suggest this to beginners.


A woman that appears in dreams with wings and blue skin. She is friendly and doesn't speak but give little signs. The butterfly women are like her kids, and it is hard for other races to get her respect and love.

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