Kitsunes & Werefoxes [race] [in wiki]

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Kitsunes & Werefoxes [race] [in wiki]

Post by Stella » Sat Oct 27, 2012 8:14 pm

(seeing how we now have five kitsunes running around using the same lore, I thought I would write down all the unwritten things we have about them.)

Kitsunes, in the broadest terms, are shifters with the ability to shift into a fox. They are rare on Pal Tahrenor, especially those with more magical tendencies. Kitsunes are also called werefoxes, as their physical characteristics mirror those of werewolves and most other shifters. There are two distinct forms of kitsune. One is immortal, the other is not. Immortal kitsunes are known as "true" or sometimes "pure" kitsunes, while the former are often referred to as simply "werefoxes." Immortality in this case simply means that true kitsunes do not age, but they can be killed like anyone else.

Social and Physical Attributes
Most kitsunes can shift into a fox, a human, and can take on a third form of a half-fox. Half-fox forms are similar to half-wolf forms in werewolves. Their body shape takes on that of a human, while their face, skin, hands, and feet take on fox characteristics. In this form kitsunes can be very dangerous, as they have teeth and claws to deal damage with. Kitsunes as a whole are some of the fastest humanoid creatures on Pal Tahrenor. Their speed is a great asset while fighting or escaping. They often have stealth abilities that make them difficult or impossible to spot in the dark and naturally tend to have athletic strengths. Kitsunes are often seen as charming and pleasing to be around by other people. They can have manipulative talents and may even have the ability to seduce the weak-minded.

Kitsunes sometimes form family groups they call 'clans', which are rarely more than seven or eight individuals. Often these clans live amongst other groups of people in cities, and behave just as a large family might. Occasionally clans are also found in the forests of the wild, though this is rarer in werefoxes. Kitsune clans are rare because kitsunes themselves are rare, and are usually created by a single pairing between two kitsunes. As individuals, kitsunes do not often like to be alone and are usually social creatures, but they are also unpredictable and many become lone vagabonds or form nomadic groups.

Kitsunes are as varied in social characteristics as any other race for the most part, but they do have some tendencies specific to their race. They are often manipulative and find it easy to lie or become compulsive liars, although they do not always use this as a tool for malevolence. They tend to be self-centered and a bit egocentric, but not always of course. This trait makes it easy for them to assume roles than most people might shy away from, so they have a knack for becoming assassins and thieves. They are also often light-hearted and pleasure-seeking, with a love for excitement and play. They tend to be emotionally weak and can have addictive personalities.

True Kitsunes
True kitsunes are kitsunes who are immortal. They have no natural lifespan, and have the potential to live forever, but they can be killed like any other shifter. They are creatures tied heavily with the astral plane and have more magical characteristics and abilities than their werefox descendants. They are also tied to the astral being known as Inari, who many kitsunes believe is the original kitsune and the creator of the entire race. They sometimes subcategorize themselves as the myobu and the nogitsune, with the myobu being believers and helpers of Inari and the nogitsune being malevolent enemies of Inari, but this distinction is not physical and completely religious in nature.

True kitsunes are extremely rare, as nearly all of the original kitsunes from before the Seal are deceased. The only way to create more true kitsunes is for two true kitsunes to breed. All other pairings result in variants of werefoxes. They are not a well-known species, but legends of them are more common toward the east in Tian Xia.

All immortal kitsunes are born as foxes. They are indistinguishable from normal foxes during childhood except by those who can detect magic. Being immortal, these kitsunes have strange timelines for their lifespans. During the first fifty years or so of their lives, they are usually unable to shift forms and are not capable of speech. This is why most clans or families of true kitsunes are found in the woods. After this period they gain their shifting abilities. For the rest of their lives they slowly develop the wisdom to harness their natural abilities and in this way gain powers. At a certain point they become ageless and have no natural appearance that coincides with their age.

Most true kitsunes believe in Inari, who is an Astral entity who keeps communication between true foxes and him/herself. In typical kitsune and some eastern cultures, Inari is a God of rice. Inari is sometimes considered to be the oldest and wisest kitsune, and many believe that the being was responsible for the creation of the kitsune race. They often believe that true kitsunes are messengers of Inari and were meant to serve mortals on behalf of Inari. Others also believe that Inari is not a kitsune, but is capable of assuming the shape of a kitsune. The reality is unclear. Still, it has been shown that Inari exists in the astral plane, regardless of what the being actually is.

Inari grants true kitsunes their tails, which in kitsune culture is seen as a rank. Those with more tails are almost always older, wiser, and more powerful. The most tails a kitsune can have is nine. The number of tails on a kitsune also determines how many lives they have. A kitsune can be resurrected once for every tail it possesses, and one tail is destroyed every time it is killed. Thus, a kitsune with one tail will die when killed, while a kitsune with two tails will live, but lose one tail.

True kitsune shifts are completely magical in nature. They are usually manipulated by powers of illusion, which gives the kitsune the ability to change its form. The power of illusion usually does not produce tangible results except for very powerful kitsunes, but shifting is a special case. A shifted kitsune is completely tangible. Shifting changes their senses and often their abilities. Some kitsunes can only summon elements while in their full fox or half-fox forms, for instance. Over time true kitsunes can also assume other shapes, usually beginning with inanimate objects from nature such as rocks and gradually they may be able to take other animal forms after hundreds of years.

The most common true kitsune abilities are invisibility, manipulation, elemental creation, and illusions. All true kitsunes can communicate to an extent with foxes, having spent fifty or more years of their life as a fox. More powerful kitsunes may have the ability to shift into other forms and can create tangible illusions to an extent. Kitsunes with this sort of power are extremely rare. True kitsunes also share weaknesses with one another. Kitsunes who worship Inari (myobu) can see through non-Inari kitsune (nogitsune) illusions. Physically kitsunes tend to be weak. They are often emotionally broken due to their unstable natures. Many true kitsunes cannot tell people their real names because they can be controlled by individuals who know their real names. True kitsunes also have shadows and reflections of a fox no matter what form they are in, making it potentially easy for others to guess what they really are. Despite their immortality they can be killed like any other creature.

Werefoxes are a name for any kitsune that is mortal. These kitsunes are descended from true kitsunes who bred with humans, elves, and other races. They sometimes receive magical abilities from their true kitsune parents, which they can then pass down to their own children. Aside from these abilities, they are similar to other forms of shifters. They may or may not have weaknesses to silver. Most werefoxes, unlike werewolves, do not have the ability to heal quickly. They also tend to have shorter maximum lifespans than other shifters, with old age capping at around one hundred, much like humans.

It is relatively rare for werefoxes to possess the completely magical abilities that their true kitsune parents had. Occasionally, abilities like illusion-weaving, elemental summoning, and invisibility can occur.
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