Copiax [in wiki]

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Copiax [in wiki]

Post by Guile » Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:07 am

Copiax, or astral dust is a compound from the plant copiaesis. The compound is used as a drug, more commonly in high society.

It can be manufactured by alchemists, gnomes, or mages by taking the roots of the plant and dissolving them in or otherwise combining them with an ethyl-brigatenol solution. The new solid substance is dried, ground, and sifted until a bluish powder is left. The powder can be inhaled, compressed into pill forms, or smoked. It is most commonly found in its simple powdered form. It is not a common drug for the lower classes because it is time-consuming and relatively expensive both to cultivate copiaesis and to manufacture the drug.

When ingested, the drug gives the user the "ability" to see through the seal into the astral plane. Low doses of copiax grant visions, while increased doses may actually meld reality with the astral plane. In this way users may receive magical abilities, but they are always much stronger in the vision than in reality. Higher doses cause death due to various, often spectacular and dangerous, magical emissions.

Copiax in all its forms is strictly illegal in Marn and punishments for possession or use of the drug are very severe. Due to the potentially dangerous side-effects of the drug it is either prohibited or controlled in most other parts of Pal Tahrenor.

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Re: Copiax

Post by Frug » Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:17 am

Reviewed and ready for wiki.
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