[CITY/GROUP] Portis de Challey/ The Inquisition [POSSIBLE]

Old world development posts that have been reviewed and incorporated or put aside.
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[CITY/GROUP] Portis de Challey/ The Inquisition [POSSIBLE]

Post by Christof » Thu Nov 03, 2011 10:25 pm

WIP for Portis de Challey, and The Inquisition

Portis de Challay
Portis de Challay is located on the southern tip of Corezo, in what would be modern day Gibraltar. Portis de Challay technically falls under the jurisdiction of Corezo’s southern province of Quijas, though due to Church laws and special favor with the emperor, All administrative and ruling jobs are done by the Church. To keep friendly with the rulers of the land a trade agreement between Portis de Challay and The ruling family of Corezo, Portis gives 20% of its trade profits to them in return for their special privileges.
Portis de Challay is divided into two sections, the Inquisition Headquarters and the City proper. The city proper runs between the outer wall and the interior wall dividing the two halves . Within the city proper lies the Administrative district, located on the east side, the Commons or trade district occupying the center, and the Docks district to the west hosting the ports many trading ships and is the main hub for the cities trade relations.

Inquisition Headquarters

The second half, the Inquisition Headquarters, is located behind the City Proper. The inquisition sector is host to several things, the most predominant being The Tower, a large towering structure alabaster in color, housing the Inquisition’s grand library, The Sanctum, and a dungeon for prisoners of the inquisition who are awaiting trial by the Tribunal inquisitors. Aside from the tower, The inquisition Sector is home to several buildings housing the inquisitors and apprentices who are currently staying there, a large monastery, and training/schooling grounds for inquisitors to be to train/learn the ways of the inquisition. . In order to gain access to the headquarters you must either be an inquisitor or apprentice, be accompanied by an inquisitor, or present the proper papers saying that you may enter.

The Sanctum
The Sanctum is a large room Taking up three floors on the upper floors of The Tower. The Sanctum is a large court room where trials are conducted for those captured by the inquisition where the person on trial is guilty until proven innocent. Trials are conducted by three of the five Tribunal Inquisitors, and juried by a group of twenty inquisitors, though deemed biased and one sided, such trials are only done after the said individual has been accused by both the inquisition and the town that they were arrested in.
The inquisition itself is set up in a multi-tiered hierarchy.

At the top below the proper church officials, is the Grand Tribune, the top five inquisitors in the inquisition, each in charge of a particular aspect of the city or inquisition itself.

The Current leader is Tribunal Inquisitor Hector Chellios, who is also governor of the city of Portis de Challey, “below” him, though all are equal in power within the inquisition only one can rule the city, are Tribunal Inquisitors Vlarny DuPaul head of training, Cortez Miguel Garcia commander of the citys ships both military and trade, Yohan Quintaros head of Portis de Challay’s security, and Sera Pollianni Keeper of the Tower the first ever female Tribunal Inquisitor and Keeper of the Tower. Tribunal inquisitors are denoted by a navy blue feather in their cap.

Below them are the Grand Inquisitors, Grand inquisitors themselves hold no real power (no official jobs), but it is unwise to not listen to their council for they hold much honor and act as mentors in the Inquisitorial society. Grand Inquisitors are promoted to such status from either time serving in the inquisition, usually 50 years, or for exemplary service to the inquisition. Grand Inquisitors are denoted by a white feather in their cap. Though the official number on Grand Inquisitors has not been set, there have been no more than fifty Grand Inquisitors at one time, the highest ever recorded was 47, and that was before the internal witch-hunts began.

Below the Grand Inquisitors in status, are the regular Inquisitors, these inquisitors are entrusted for training up to three apprentices apiece at one time, usually acting as teachers or mentors to inquisitorial candidates. Mentors can choose their particular candidate for specific one-on-one training, while teachers instruct groups of up to 20 in a single class on much broader subjects such as history of the inquisition. Inquisitors are denoted by a green feather and have no set number. Below them are apprentices, candidates who have graduated their initial training and are prepared to travel the path of an inquisitor and are denoted with a black feather, and candidates who are either starting or are in training who are denoted by a lack of feather.

Inquisitors are either recruited or offered to the church as an offering usually between the ages of five and ten. There is not a forced retirement age though, unless elected as a Tribunal Inquisitor, the most common age is around sixty if the hazards of the job don’t get them first.

The Scourging
The Internal Witch-hunts, or what has been referenced as “The Scourging” was an internal civil war, kept secret from the outside world until those deemed rouge brought word of it to the outside. The scourging occurred about five hundred years after the inquisition was founded when inquisitors deemed Radical for trying to use magic to fight magic, in attempts to fight fire with fire, this however did not go so well with the Grand Tribunal, who ordered everyone following this doctrine to stop on pain of death. The repercussions were more than what the Tribunal expected, nearly half of the inquisitors attempted to revolt. After nearly a week of fighting within Portis de Challay, what was left of the rouge inquisitors were forced out of the city and scattered throughout Eyropa. Those that betrayed were hunted down and killed by the rest of the order over the next 100y ears, not all were found but were assumed to be dead from old age.
No one expects the Theogian Inquisition! NO ONE!

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