Trade discovered in Ayana. [POSSIBILITY]

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Trade discovered in Ayana. [POSSIBILITY]

Post by Danal Church » Sat Mar 05, 2011 6:53 am

In the psychotic and crazy environment of Ayana there has been little hope for the continent to ever reclaim order or the possibility of civilization, however, a religious mass of humans and six endangered animal species have come together to actually accomplish not only survival, but the ability to trade with each other in six different tribal settlements throughout Ayana.
The religion of "The Call" believes that certain humans possess the ability to communicate to animals through eye contact and only those humans can train other humans in the same skill. This religion believes that an animal will only attempt to initiate contact with another human when the possibility of extinction looms over its species. With giant predators running rampant most of the smaller animals have already been annihilated, but seven species who had been or still are endangered have found hope in the communication of the humans of The Call. All of the tribes have a "High Elder" which was the first human of their tribe to initiate a bond with their select animals. All animals are loyal to the human they have bonded with and will fight for them if necessary.

The Call of the Raptor: The smallest group of the religion with 150 tribesmen and is located in the jungles of Northwest Ayana. They have befriended the Raptors of Ayana and, after years of blood and sweat protecting their Raptor's habitat, have successfully brought the Raptors out of endangerment. These tribesmen trade Dandelion Roots, Fringetree Bark and Boldo Leaves that grow abundantly in their jungles. These herbs fight the constant threat of Hepatitis in humans throughout Ayana.

The Call of the Eagle: An average sized tribe of the religion with 264 tribesmen and is located on the hill of a mountain in Mid-West Ayana. These tribesmen provided aid to the Eagles of Ayana in their time of need and have also brought them out of endangerment. This tribe trades a supply of Hyper Zinc that will not run dry for the next 300 years. They mine the Zinc out of a cavern located in the middle of their tribe. Hyper Zinc protects any metal or rubber from corrosion and will even protect wood for a length of time.

The Call of the Panther: The largest of all the tribes with 502 tribesmen, they are located next to a massive river in Southwest Ayana and have successfully brought the Panther's of Ayana out of endangerment and even into thriving numbers. These tribesmen have no natural resources close to them but with their great numbers and loyal, well-trained Panthers they are able to provide escort protection services to other trade caravans of their religion trying to get back to their tribe.

The Call of the Cobra: An average sized tribe with 240 tribesmen. They are located in a desert-like sandy environment in Southeastern Ayana. Unlike the other endangered animals the King Cobras of Ayana became endangered from a severe lack of food which gave these tribesmen the extremely difficult task of not only saving their Cobra allies, but also trying to successfully breed rodents and lizards for the Cobras to eat. Only 87 of these tribesmen have a personal bond with a Cobra because there are only 87 Cobras alive and are therefore still endangered. The remainder of the tribesmen who do not have a bond are dedicating their lives to saving the Cobra species. The sands of the desert they live in are extremely rich in Laterite and can be filtered out for Iron and Aluminum. Additionally, deep in the sand the Laterite is soo rich and thick it can be made into bricks for creating buildings. This tribe is a very popular trading spot for the religion.

The Call of the Elk: A smaller tribe with 197 Tribesmen located in Mid-Northern Ayana in very cold weather. The Elk's of Ayana are naturally non-hostile and were therefore one of the first species to become endangered, however, they have successfully been pulled out of endangerment with the help of their human allies. These tribesmen are extremely reliant on magic and have a very interesting history to tell. Long story short, all of these humans were once insane with the magic consuming them. One of these insane humans possessed the ability to communicate with animals and happened to be in an Elk's path while it was searching for help. When the bond was made the now "High Elder Flatfoot" regained his sanity while still retaining his magic. Because of their connection to the Astral Plane, these tribesmen will not die if their Elk's are killed but they will slip back into insanity. These tribesmen use their magic abilities to purify water to trade to the other tribes.

The Call of the Boar: Another smaller tribe with 191 Tribesmen located in Mid-Eastern Ayana. This tribe has a similar history with the other tribes bringing the Boars of Ayana out of endangerment, but, had an incident with a great disease that broke out in the tribe several years ago that began to kill the Tribesmen and therefore killed the Boars as well causing the Boars to slip back into endangerment. Today the Call of the Boar is doing well and the Boars of Ayana have recently came back out of endangerment for a second time. The rocks in their tribe are thick with Graphite and has been used by all tribes mainly for writing notes and keeping records, which is a giant step in a positive direction for a future of a more advanced civilization in Ayana.

The Call of the Dragon: An extremely mysterious tribe with an unknown amount of members. Their main location is rumored to be in Southern Ayana but is unknown. The religion of "The Call" is unsure of this tribes motives mostly because they refuse to communicate or trade with anyone. Dragon's were never known to have ever become endangered which is what makes this tribe all the more mysterious. With the very few eye-witness accounts of these tribesmen they appear huge and fearsome and seem to have complete control of their dragons. No one knows if the Dragon's have been saved by these humans or enslaved.
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