What the heck is a Kender??? [rejected]

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What the heck is a Kender??? [rejected]

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This world development topic is no longer applicable. This race is not an original creation.

Physical Description:
Kender typically stand no more than 3 to 4 feet tall, with the males usually being taller than the females, and weigh from 80 to 100 pounds. Half kender can reach between 4'6" and 5'6" tall. Obese kender only show the weight in their stomach usually, giving them a pot-bellied appearance, but kender metabolism usually tends to run very high, so this keeps most of them from becoming overweight until they reach their older years. Adult kender are also well muscled despite being so thin and light of build.

Most kender are usually mistaken for young humans upon first glance, but a closer inspection will reveal pointed ears, face wrinkles, and pouches that indicate this is actually a kender. Kender find these face wrinkles, (also called crows feet or laugh-lines) highly attractive. The older a kender is the more complex the lines become and over time they give a kender a "wizened" appearance. Kender continue to look young their entire life despite this network of wrinkles and some kendermaids even try to cause wrinkles by drying out their skin with mudpacks. Kender are fair-skinned, but tan very quickly becoming dark in the summer and lighter in the winter.

Their hair color can range from light blond to deep brown to black with a few sporting red-orange hues. Whatever the color it is usually light from the amount of time spent outside. Most kender wear their hair long. The most common hair style among kender is the topknot. A topknot is made by allowing the hair to grow to a very long length and then tying it up on top of the kender's head. There are numerous combinations of this style. Some will wear their topknot in one braid or many braids. Sometimes colored ribbons will be braided into the hair for decoration. In the kender city of Kendermore this is the most popular. In the other major kender city of Hylo, the style of the hair is as variant as human's styles. One fashion among the noble class of kender is to braid the sideburns or cheek hair or even have a "bowl cut" or "short shag" haircut. Kender do not grow facial hair. As kender get older their hair turns gray usually beginning with the sideburns.

Kender eye color varies from pale blue, sea green, olive, light brown, and hazel. They have almond shaped eyes and pointed ears that give them and "elfish" appearance, although most elves would tend to disagree, since beyond the eys and ears kender do not have the slanted and delicate features that all elves possess.

Intense facial expressions are another trademark of the kender. Most of the time kender have a wide-eyed look of an inquisitive child and sport an infectious smile that causes friends spirits to lift and others to automatically suspect the kender is up to no good. When a kender is happy the whole world knows it, and when they are sad it's enough to make you cry. A kender that is taunting an enemy appears most impish and verbally assault their opponent with a screeching or grating tone of voice.

Kender have a wide range of voice pitch ability. They tend to talk in relatively high tones, but their vocal chords allow them to speak in low tones as well. They can usually imitate animal sounds very well. Children speak in shrill high pitched voices while older kender will tend to have lower gruff voices. When kender become excited, they tend to speak very quickly, loudly and rambling all at the same time, making it hard to follow what they're trying to say.

Kender typically favor bright colors and gaudy apparel that is at the same time rugged a rustic. Most kender add accents to their clothing and weapons by tagging on ribbons, feathers, beads or colorful scarves. Males wear shirts, pants and soft leather boots or sandals. Females wear a tunic or dress, pants and soft leather boots or sandals. Whatever a kender is wearing you can be sure it will contain pockets somewhere. They hide pockets in the lining of coats, vests, and belts. A staple of all kender clothing also includes many pouches. A kender is rarely ever seen without at least two or more pouches. If they are seen without a pouch they must be in dire straights indeed. Kender will also "borrow" bits of the fashion of the current location he or she is wandering around in.

Kender live to around 100 years old. They reach adulthood around 20 (starting at the time of wanderlust) and reach old age at about 70, but never once giving into old age and loosing that lust for life.


Wanderlust is an affliction that is particular to kenders. Other races get it on occasion, but not as seriously as kender do. It is a phase in a kenders life that begins around their early twenties and last anywhere from twenty to thirty years. The kender's natural curiosity and desire for action is thrown into over drive. They need action - and they need it now! They thrive on the excitement of meeting new people and seeing new things. This intense need usually keeps kender on the move, and is responsible for the spread of kender across the continent Ansalon.

Despite the wanderlust societies do exist because the younger and older kender seem to loose the drive that causes the afflicted to wander as far as they can go. But this does not mean that kender who are not afflicted are any less curious about things around them. They just loose the drive to travel long distances at will, and tend to remain with friends. If any person were to travel into a town full of kender they would find themselves pelted by a constant barrage of questions and relived of most all of their possessions for a closer inspection.

This explanation of wanderlust is offered in Legends - volume one - Time of The Twins - by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman "At this time, they gleefully strike out for parts unknown, intent on finding nothing except adventure and whatever beautiful, horrible, or curious items might by chance fall into their bulging pouches. Completely immune to the self-preserving emotion of fear, afflicted by unquenchable curiosity, the kender population on Krynn was not a large one, for which most of Krynn was devoutly grateful."

In Brief, and in General
Kender are the “Children of the World”. They are an adventure loving, curious, spontaneous race that embody the youthfulness and lust for life that all adventurers share and they are unique to the world of Krynn. The closest relation on other worlds would be halflings. But the halfling race can only be compared in physique to a true kender. Where halflings see an opportunity to increase their wealth kender only see an opportunity to experience another adventure.

A kender’s concept of value is not in line with any other race. To a kender a potato in the shape of a heroes head, or a rag doll with the eyes torn out can be just as valuable as a diamond the size of their fist. The potato and doll have interesting qualities and are unique in their own way, where as a diamond looks just like any other so why bother with it?

Kender have pouches for the same reason a chipmunk has cheek space, it’s just natural. Kender have a tendency to pick up anything that is not nailed down. They do not do this out of greed but out of the intense curiosity they received during their creation that forces them look into locked chests, sneak into guarded rooms, and reach into the pouches and pockets of those around them just to see what’s in there. They usually don’t intend to keep what they have found, but find that the person they borrowed it from has walked away, or that they themselves have wandered on. In these instances the kender shoves the item into a pouch pledging to return the item to the proper owner at their earliest possible convenience.

Almost every kender is encountered during wanderlust, and affliction that strikes kender hard during their early adult and late teen years that causes the kender to pick-up and travel the world far and wide in search for one exciting adventure after another. To complicate issues kender are totally fearless. This is a dangerous combination to be coupled with their intense curiosity and need for high adventure. And can be especially dangerous to those friends that may be traveling with he kender. “What? You say there is a red dragon just beyond that hill? Wow I’ve never seen a REAL red dragon before. Let’s go!”

This race also embodies the ideals of freedom. They roam aimlessly and are not known for following orders unless they believe they came up with the idea or are interested enough in what might happen if they follow that order. They do not like to be locked up, even though they spend a fair share of their time in city jails, and they repeatedly find themselves in places they are not meant to be. Any attempt to control a kender may result in the kender taunting their assailant and driving them into a fit of uncontrollable rage, which is exactly where the kender wants them, giving the kender an advantage in that fight.

But if one can look beyond the insanity that kender seem to be composed of, they will find a heart of gold. No evil kender have ever been known to exist and when a person finds a kender has become their friend, they will also find that kender to be totally dedicated and unwavering, even if they do ignore orders and tend to get their friends in more trouble than they would have found in the first place.