Naazain [REJECTED]

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Naazain [REJECTED]

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Race: Naazain (Naa-zane)
Forest location: South of Obdijani

Note: Not my drawing found on deviant art, artist name :Epantiras
Race description:
Naazain are reptilian humanoids with scales for skin they normally range in height and build in a similar way humans would. They have slanted eyes and can see using both light and thermal energy by blinking a second eyelid located beneath their original. Naazain have a five fingered clawed hand with claws that extend roughly two – three inches. They are completely bald and have a pronounced crown which is larger and spiked in a slightly triangular shape on the males. From the back of the head at the interconnection of the spine and skull three tentacles roughly a foot in length grow like hair, however these tentacles are created of a highly complex cartilage and muscle structure allowing each to extend roughly six feet more and can be used to pull a Naazian up. A Naazain’s tentacles like a lizards tail can be removed and over the course of four months it will grow back, however to loose ones tentacle(s) is a sign of disgrace and thus they will rarely detatch them.

Naazain’s have a special gland which secrets pheromones which they use to alert one another of danger or of a desire to mate, they can sense these pheromones for miles. Unlike most species the Naazain do not have a vocal language instead they communicate telepathically whatever they are trying to convey instantly understood by the receiver of their message. Naazains can also receive telepathic communication from non-telepaths, however they cannot read minds, one must choose for a Naazain to hear a thought or communication if they want a Naazain to hear it, though for the most part simply speaking to one will be enough for it to hear the spoken message telepathically as it is spoken (by hearing the directed thoughts of what the person says).

Physiologically Naazain’s have many adaptations to there hostile environment, their scaled skin is extremely strong. They can unhinge their jaw and swallow large prey whole, however they only eat once a week. During their feeding days Naazain’s saliva and stomach is filled with a highly corrosive acid, which can melt bone in seconds. They are extremely fast, agile and their claws are as strong as steel. Some Naazain’s but not all are born with bone based weaponry blades that retract in out of the skin at two symmetrical points within the body, while this is uncommon in males it is almost unheard of in females. Naazains are also cold blooded as such they must bask in the sun for one hour everyday or they will become sluggish and eventually die.

Unlike humans Naazains are not born but hatched from eggs normally emerging in their larval state resembling a three inch scaled worm they are born in broods of 15-25. Brood mates as they are called all look exactly the same and reach full adult form in one year. On average Naaziain’s live between 300-340 years and will only produce offspring once in their life span. The rarest ability among Naazain is what they call the gift of Quezelaz, or fire magic (the ability to manipulate fire in some way). Those with fire abilities are held in great esteem within there culture.

Naazian Religion:
Naazain’s worship the reptilian fire god Quezelaz and his five hundred children each a different spark of the “eternal flame”. The most notable and powerful of the fire children are the triplets Nagran, Eros, and Quato, roughly translating to honor, combat, and death. The most powerful of the three is Eros followed by his brother Nagran and then his sister Quato leader of the maidens of fire who are born of the flames that bathe the corpse of an honorable warrior brining his essence to fuel the eternal flame and become one with the fire.

In stark contrast to Quezelaz is his broodmate Laggrak the reptilian Ice god who seeks to douse the eternal flame by tempting Naazain souls and making them unfit to fuel the fires. Like Naazain he has five hundred children the most notable and powerful of the three children are Irak, Zoral, Fell roughly translating to fear, cowardice, and suicide. These three wield the power of ice which they use to freeze a warriors blood and spirit those who fall victim to their power become ice spirits who fly to the eternal flame reducing it’s splendor and attempting to douse it.

Naazain Culture:
The Naazian main city is composed of four very large stone structures hidden within a large rainforest. Three of the structures of are large pyramidal temples with sides resembling stairs. In general Nazzain architecture has high focus on pronounced right angles and cravings of their reptilian god resembling a large fierce Naazain warrior with wings made of fire. Each of these three buildings act as shelters for the different classes of Naazains, this hierarchal system is divided into Broodlings, Touched, Blessed, and Gifted. Broodlings are the lowest class and comprise those who have yet to undergo the right of names. All broodlings live outside the structures and must fend for themselves against the harsh environment on the day of their second birthday broodmates who all look exactly the same are summoned to the court of Quezelaz, the fourth and final building resembling the roman coliseum, here the surviving broodmates are locked in unarmed combat until only one survives his/her fighting skills earn him or her the right to a name and to placed among the classed. The class system is dived by the number of broodmates defeated in battle and broodling who survives a battle with more than ten of his broodmate joins the blessed class and is awarded the title Naazain warrior, those whose broodmates did not survive long enough to have eleven for the fight are Touched the second lowest class.

The final class called gifted is those born with the obvious gift of Quezelaz this class is separated into a different hierarchy. Priests and servants, both classes higher the others servants are those born with the blade of Quezelaz (the bone blade), these are best fighters and the minute their right of naming ends they under go a rigorous 30 year physical training in which they fight and kill for days on end with no rest until they pass out from exhaustion and the process is repeated. It is said that after the right of names those with the gift of Quezelaz can feel the fire within their veins and thus they demand to under go the training of priests a rigorous fifty-year training period which resembles at first the training of servants but then changes as they forced to fight with poison in their veins their mental and leadership skills trained on a constant basis and finally for the last five years a rigorous study of the laws and lore and Quezelaz. After their training period is done the candidate priest class under goes the birth of fire. A special hallucinogenic drug is prepared which awakens the untapped potential of Quezlaz gift the drug is administered and the candidate is left for two hours in a stone coffin atop the pyramid of the Gifted, then they are removed from the coffin as the drug takes full effect and thrown into a large pit of fire which is kept burning day in and day out by the touched class. If they are able to wield the fire and leave the flames alive they are considered priests and leaders of their people. If they die they were obviously servants of Laggrak attempting infiltrate the rank of priest and their name and memory is banned from speech and thought. The oldest member of the priest class is called the high priest and he is considered the leader of Naazain people his word is absolute law and he can speak directly to the serpent god.

Local legend:
in Obdijani and the small villages south of it the forest of shadows is known as place of death and destruction only bravest dare to venture in and very few return to tell the tale. However almost everyone who enters the woods goes to claim the treasure of the changer. It is said long ago one of the the powerful Changer mages obsessed with his tremendous wealth cursed the forest turning all the creatures within to terrible monstrosities all this to protect his mighty vault a pyramid guarded by guardians who where once human but now monsters.

There is alot of truth to these legends the original Naazain where once soldiers of the changer wars blessed and cursed by magic into their violent and blood thirsty form the true purpose of the priests and servants of Quezelaz is to guard the vault of Quezelaz hidden from all the other classes deep beneath the temple of the Gifted lies a large door made of diamond and jewels it radiates power anyone not of Naazain blood who touches the door finds instant death. However not even the Naazain high priest knows how to open the vault or what lies within.

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