Setkhantos [POSSIBILITY]

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Setkhantos [POSSIBILITY]

Post by Wolftear » Mon May 03, 2010 11:55 pm

Hey guys. Ive been recently working on a new character that ive been developing for a few weeks. This character when I post the application is not going to replace my current character Wolftear or anything, I will be roleplaying him for quite some time, however this idea has been evolving in my head that I wanted to put something down in writing about him and the land he comes from. Since he would be a new character obviously his powers are going to be limited however he is a magic user and comes from a long line of a unique type of mage that inhabits the far off land known as Setkhantos. I would like to post here so that you can experience the full range of his background and because I think it adds quite nicely to a region I havent seen to much about so far. I have trawled the web for certain imgaes which I feel capture the ideas I'm trying to convey but please feel free to form your own ideas if they are not you your liking. Enjoy

And a note to anyone who has been here longer than me and is more heavily involved with the setting, if there has already been discussion on this continent that is in direct opposition to anything I say afterwards then that is perfectly alright, what I write here is simply my interpretation of the land after reading all avalible information in setting, timelines etc. For some reason the sourthern continent and that unusual 'Great Scar' had me intrigued and it gave me lots of ideas which I will now discuss, so please read on for enjoyment firstly and then please give me your feedback on what you think.Apologies for some of the images breaching the standard forum size, I didnt realize some of them were large and currently havent went back through to adjust their links for a more appropirate size, if i get positive feedback on this and people want to incorporate these ideas into this world then i would of course restructure these images to fit in a better way, think of this as a draft that is open to suggestion

Section 1 :The Desert People of Setkhantos

South of the Great Scar is a land devastated by hundreads of years of Ironclad rule from the lands north of the Scar. These Egyptian masters once prevailed over all of the lands and plundered its rescources to fight in the changers war. Under dominion of King Farahu this land was reaped of its life to give strength to the north. That was nearly 3000 years ago, however, some scars run deep and take generations to overcome.

The survivors of the war were scattered villiagers and farmers with little or no leadership once the snakehead masters left their land. The Great War had desertified most of the landscape to an unnatural degree leaving behind what is still called today as the Great Sandsea of Setkhantos. For not unlike a vast ocean, it inhabits many vile contortions or nature, indeed the great Wyrm's of the South and the Vulture Like harpies dug in in the jagged cliff faces of the Great Scar's banks wiped out most of the survivors of the initial war. It took generations of these now Nomadic people to learn the ways of the Sandsea desert, how to survive it. The arrival of the Great Wyrms and the unstable sands of the desert meant that no large cities could be established. The congregation of many people attracted the Wyrms and harpies in large numbers. Indeed some wyrms grew as large as the cities themselves and could easily swollow whole swathes of development.

So the people never let themselves grow to too large a number, teenagers were often sent to join neighbouring, smaller, clans if their own grew too large. These collective groups of people overtime were known as the Amun'Sinai, or Desert Wanderers in the common Tongue.

These were a simple minded but hardly people, caring more about survival than motivations about profit or greed as their old masters once did. These people generally kept to a good moral code and crime was rare, since this detracted from everyones lives in general.

Each clan of the Amun'Sinai people were governed by the local Nekret, generally a small group of elders who were most concerned about provisions of the clan and protection. These non-elected leaders are simply the 3 or four eldest and most respected memebers of the clan, although it is not a vast position of power, as the Amun'Sinai have no desire for such things.

Section 2: The Amun'Magi


Just like the other Peoples of man, some children are born with the taint as it is called. The Amun'Sinai believe that this taint of magic runs through their ancestral line from mixing with their old masters, many of whom had unbelievable destructive powers. If this magical taint is discovered in a clan the child is branded an Amun'Magi and is sent off to the only solid structure still existing of these nomadic people.

The Temple of the Amun'Magi Order.


This great underground temple sits in a cavern surrounded almost completely by solid obsidian, one of the few rocks the great Wyrms cannot easily pass through. A great crack in the ceiling that rises above the normal sand level follows the path of the sun in the sky giving the people living below an almost normal Day/Night cycle.

The people known as the Amun'Magi are talently gifted mages of the desert. They focus their skills in the control and manipulation of, in their eyes, the deserts greatest rescource. Sand.

Their true power is that of telekinesis, the ability to move objects with ones mind, however they have honed the skill to sacrifice the power to contorl one object, with that to control millions of tiny objects, the tiny sand stones that make up the vast desert around them.


The mages employed several different branches of mage, each specalizing in different aspects of the control and manipulation of their great sandsea.

The order trained is disciples in three areas of control and form the three tiers of the Magi Order:

Tzoar'Vanis (Direct Manipulation): This is the simplest form of Amun'Magi magic, using brute magic force to manipulate the rough sands into tides of destruction or condensation around their bodies for misdirection and protection.

Set'Anaris (Static Shape Creation): Allows Magi to condense the sands into stone (or obsidian if sufficiantly advanced) of differening shape and function, can fashion temporay blades of stone, thin and magically light but strong, or physical rock shields to protect from the many creatures of the desert.

Ra'Anaris(Life Creation): The most advanced and lethal power of the Amun'Magi is an advancment of their Shape producing power, to infuse their creations with the soul of a creature that they form. Only the most powerful Amun'Magi attain this level of control as it requires a constant connection to the Astral Plane and thus a vast constant drain on their concentration. There are three subset levels of creatures within this school of teaching. The first allows a flimsical formation of sand to resemble the creature which soul is infused within it, the second being the condensation of this sand into tougher sandstone. The Eldest Magi can condense the stone further into an Obsidian form of their summoned creature.

Depictions of the Summoned Ra'Anaris:

A Sand Jackel: A more common form of Ra'Anaris, starting teir 3 Magi would summon such creatures.


Sand Animus: Impression of the living from a long dead corpse by filling it with life infused Ra'Anaris Sand (advanced ability)


Obsidian Garudian: Depiction of an obsidian gaurdian (head only) (advanced ability)


Possible work in progress with more to be added if this is approved, dont want to continue much further if the general concept is not able to fit in the Thar Shaddin setting though I believe that I havent put anything contradictory or too outlandish (hopefully). Let me know what you think
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