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Post by KarneeKarnay » Mon Sep 29, 2008 12:00 pm

Here's an idea for a new city. In Will Pheonix's history I have mentioned a city called Brack. Brack is based Eyropa, where England would be. This worlds London. This city is also up for development, so if anyone has any ideas please send them in.

History: The city of Brack during the war flourished as a place of great magic and sophisticated culture. It was a key strategic city, and in a very strategic island. The islands position allowed any attacking force heading to north Eyropa to be intercepted well in advance. The island itself was like a fortress, any army attempting to take it would expect very high casualties. It was towards then end of the war the cities luck began to change. More attacks were being sent against the island one of them succeeding and gaining a foothold on the the island. This was the beginning of the end for the city. For the first time in 300 years an attacker had reached the walls of the city. In the first night the city fell, murder, rape and theft followed for the next three whole months. By the end a city with well over a hundred thousand people, was wilted down to just five hundred. It was the last and most bloodiest slaughter of the war.

During the years after the war many warlords have sought to conquer the island, the city and it inhabitants. Most succeeding for a while, but only to be toppled by the next warlord.

In the year 210PW one warlord succeeding in conquering the island and eliminating any other warlord that tried to take away his prize. His name was Zegabar Dageroth, vampire warrior. Under his rule the island and inhabitants finally started to rebuild. They started to finally restore some of the glory the city and island had originally enjoyed. Zegabar planned ahead though and know one day the inhabitants of the island might turn against him. So he created what he called Light and Darks, men and vampires that would enforce the law during day and night.

100 years later Zegabar went mad and locked himself away in a tomb deep underground, leaving his Light and Darks in charge. However corruption and racism in the system almost led to a civil war between The Lights and The Darks. The war was averted when a vampire from both sides came up with an idea. That only vampires would police vampires and humans would police humans. The leader of both sides agreed to this idea, to avoid another war. Over time this system started to fail as well. Civil war was beckoning only the vampires struck first, removing any human with any power and replacing them with their own.

At the present the island and city now exists in a noble and peasants like structure. Vampires are the nobles and Humans are the peasants. The only way for a human to advance up this structure is to show magical potential. All other of the races are allowed to settle in side the city, but are assigned parts so there can be no interracial breeding.

Outside the city is where the many races, forced out of there homes by the vampire coup have settled this area is called by vampires and others who don't live there The Slums. A town of makeshift houses, filled with thieves, criminals, poor, unsightly and any others who want to disappear.

Economically the city makes most of its money buy selling there seemingly infinite supply of black gold (coal) to gnomes all over the world.

(This is just something I thought up now, could be useful for another starting place for characters.)

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