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Think of it as the present day Korean Peninsula. The inhabitants are largely peaceful farmers who practice their past warrior skills, practical, but becoming largely ceremonial and ritualistic. I will expand on this at some point in the future.

Excerpt from Mei Li's history:

The Far East region that calls itself Gur’yeo is a mountainous region with a small, close-knit populace. Those who call themselves Gur’yeon claim an ancestry of the ancient war-faring Mongoloid race who ravaged the lands, their range extending from beyond the Great Moon Lake to the Eastern Sea. It’s said that they once held power over the entire Tian Xia region, but a disagreement between the eldest members ensued, resulting in five different factions forming. Paruk Jyong-Lee , the ancestor of the people calling themselves Gur’yeon, chose the Gur’yeon Peninsula for its mountainous borders, hoping that they would provide natural protection against his power-hungry peers who wanted his land as their own. The Paruk family prospered and populated the Gur’yeon region, passing down tradition of warfare while living peaceable amongst their own. Clans, mostly human, though the rare, stray humanoids were not turned away, formed, each one holding modest households and lands, and each one pursued different specialities in the martial arts. During the build up of the Changer’s War, the isolated Gur’yeons felt no need to send their warriors to the aid of enemy clans. As a result, they maintained a healthy populace while the rest of Tian Xia sent many warriors to their deaths to aid the Changer. Their land was not untouched by the earth-shattering chaos which ensued from the Changers’ War, however, and the Gur’yeons did suffer their own losses and chaos with the rest of Pal Tahrenor.
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