Aixue Beasts

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Aixue Beasts

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This species is outfitted for a different RP. I need help making it fit here.

Species: Aixue Beasts

Physical Description: The Beasts are a race of small people. Averaging at a height of 4’10’’ not many are known to be tall or ferocious as their name implies. Even given their small height their bodies still look as proportional as the huntsmen, Hessvoy elves. The Aixue Beasts are blood sucking beings and thus have canine teeth fit for the job. A Beasts eyes depend on two things, the first thing being what branch of the beasts they hale from. The second thing that determines eye color is their connection to spirits.
Beasts connected to spirits always pertain an ominous purple hue in their irises. A Beast from the Grotz branch will have eyes of a dark blood hue almost black, Beasts from the Witherstone branch obtain a normal and identifiable red color in their eye, and a Beast from the Uzu branch will have eyes that border violet and red. All Beasts are destined to be born with white hair and fair olive skin. Beasts have two more features that set them apart from the rest and that is their “Crown” and tails. A Beast’s “Crown” is depicted by either horns or animal like ears. In the case of men it is horns and for females it is the ears. A Beast tail is nothing special and varies in length, texture, color, and number(meaning more than one tail is possible).

Culture: The Aixue’s name does not extend to every corner of the globe and they prefer it this way.
Aixue has had its fair share of trouble despite its attempts in severing its ties to the world. The Black
Goose was their worst trial by far. The events of the “one born with dark hair” are never spoken of and are what caused the island to spilt into three household branches; Grotz of the War, Witherstone of the
Treaty, and Uzu of the Balance. The Black Goose had destroyed much of the Aixue land and in some cases forever changed its geography, but he brought new ideas to the people. The art of war and policies of government became clearer to the outside peoples however they did not agree on these ideas causing them to split into large groups, factions, which preferred either war, government, or no change at all. These factions hacked at each other in battles and meetings, bickering to no end until a solution was proposed. A group from the Uzu who respected the old ways suggested that a spirit walker act as their high priestess or priest. The members of the many meetings it took to revise and talk over this new idea agreed upon it. The end result also brought more of the populace to the Uzu branch angering the other branches.

More war broke out as time went on and there was yet to be a Beast that could communicate or even see the spirits. The Uzu branch’s people’s loyalty began to diminish as more of these feuds continued and an elder still sat in the spot of high priest. As the situation became dire and the Uzu branch was threatened with extinction a baby who could see spirits was confirmed in the Witherstone branch. Again this brought people from both opposing branches increasing the Witherstone headcount. The cycle began to repeat with quarrels, wars, and new spirit walkers found in other branches. The nation of the
Beasts was starting to dwindle in number and this threat forced them together. They solved the issues of the spirit walkers by forcibly breeding two spirit walkers until they had another one. This ultimately lead to the mother’s death, but the ritual continued. Aixue was then cut into four sections; the land of Grotz sanglet, the land of Witherstone encre, and the land of Uzu ordre. The fourth section was known as the middle-ground. Conflict of any kind was prohibited in this region and this was where the family line of previous priests and priestesses stayed. Aixue from this point has not had another breakout of war, disease, or politics. The Witherstone branch has made an attempt to make the country known for its resources, the Grotz branch has fortified the overall defense of the country creating a national guard, and the Uzu branch has kept to the country’s original spiritual value.

The land as a whole still acts as one in their times of war because as the entire nation has considered it a possibility to break apart they also considered the tactical disadvantage of losing the support of two thirds of the land. Now attacks on their island are low due to their line of communication being cut from the world, but they increase as the Witherstone branch exports more and more of their iron, lumber, and ironwood craft. The military experts of the Grotz family remain hostile because of the danger and exercise caution as far as to request stationing soldiers in the land of Encre and Ordre. These soldiers are trained to spot the differences between people to spot outsiders and annihilate them. The Witherstone and Uzu branches are unaware of the soldiers’ purpose, but accept them as protection. This request opened up the soldier market where the branches traded their man power for resource or money.
The Witherstone’s trademark ironwood resource is like most wood, but its color is a pretty silver making materials crafted from it glisten. This rare wood found only in the Aixue region sells for a fair price, but has a demand that the Beast economy cannot keep up with and now the Witherstone ask for the help of merchants. The rest of the island fears that the Witherstone will be their ruin, but does not act because they have become the backbone of their economy making the Witherstone branch the wealthiest and separated by class because of the wealth within it. These classes go from a high class to a low class;
Clansmen are those directly born from the main head of the Witherstone branch, Kingsmen are the cousins and such of the main family. The last three classes range from an upper-high class to a middle class. The branches of Grotz and Uzu do not have such wealth as their economic dealings are only within the island and thus there is only leaders and the basic economic classes ranging from high to poor. The trade of the two poorer branches differs from each other. The Grotz claimed the land where they sat closest to the base of the mountain so that they could mine stone and iron, but they don’t have much farmland and thus need to trade with the Uzu who took residence in the valleys and plains. Both Uzu and Grotz turn to Witherstone for lumber materials and it is cheaper for them as transport is easier on land than overseas. The Uzu remain in power because of how they are fist deep in the puppet of the nation. The priest or priestess is monitored by all branches, but their training and raising is left up to the Uzu . The Uzu train each priest/priestess to trust no one and accept nothing. Due to their strict upbringing the priests and priestesses normally end up as rulers with an iron fist who follow the wisdom of the spirits instead of the will and need of the people. They have yet to be attacked because people fear their connection to the spirits and branches do not wish to see the consequences of breaking the treaty of the middle-ground. Due to their leader being either or, genders are not superior to one another in any way. To sum the roles of the three branches would be an easy task. The Uzu are in charge of the people’s demands and head of most meetings because of their information on the land itself. The Uzu are known for their intellect and respected for it. Scrolls of the lands resources are normally scattered about in a branch library being reviewed constantly. Their people also take a census of the island annually and are in charge of tax collection for the land because of their respect for the old ways they could be trusted to ensure all of it went to the middle-ground’s bank. The role of the Grotz branch is obvious as they are the land’s strongest military power and have experimental weaponry on its way for approval. They make use of their time to train troops and increase their birth rate to supply more soldiers which in turn increases Uzu trade and their own. The people of Grotz all tend to be hunters or warriors of some sort. Grotz has all control over military after the priestess or priest says that war has been declared. The Witherstone branch regulates trade. Their accounts are larger than any Beasts making them suited for the job. They buy from the other Branches and then sell through merchants to the outer lands. The Witherstone does not support much in any other way.

Customs and Values: Aixue are a people who value respect above all else. They do not accept insults and jokes about their ways or people. The traditions that occur in the branches are dependent on the season. The season of life is celebrated during the months of winter. During this season the branches hold various events involving their showman ship of the blade and their military power. The season of life also celebrates sports. Mistletoe catching is a popular sport in which three teams compete to find mistletoe painted black in a forest there are certain rules to this some including a restriction on weapons and a time limit. The other well-known sport in Aixue is of course Intense Archery. In this variation of Archery the Beast archers chase down nine other members of the branches, three from each branch, and shoot the targets on their backs. The targets are allowed to fight back. The first to finish gets extra points. For this sport the tool used to shoot the targets is a ball coated in a sappy like substance that hardens when not mixed with a solvent on the ball. This substance is known as iron wood sap. The moving targets carry paddles that are coated in iron wood sap to deflect the ball.

After the passing of the season of life comes the season of training; In this season the branches are practicing and honing their skill for various reasons including using them on each other. This season takes on the duration of summer.

Spring brings on the season of festivals in which the branches open their gates for the nation to have a walk through history and commemorate what Aixue has survived as a whole. This season is also called the season of love because it is said that most find their true love during it. Festivals normally include the people visiting the graves in the middle-ground as a whole, games well known by the world are held, and plays are a favorite during the events. The fourth and final festival of this season has everyone dress up as the Great Spirit dragon’s servants so the island is decorated in black and white in its honor. Fall brings in the season of harvest. During this season crops are expected to have reached their peak and the water level lowers. With the installment of magic the crops are able to be kept fresh for a longer period of time.

Religion: The Aixue religion is very simple. It contains no text. No meetings. No interaction required. In the Spiritual Walk one must meditate and attempt a connection with their past and ancestors. This practice clears the mind for a day’s work and reassures them that their ancestors are looked after in their next life. The meditation never works the people just believe it does, only a Spirit Walker can actually receive guidance from these spirits. People often turn to the Spirit Walkers to gain a further grasp on their ancestors, they’re dealings in the dabbles of mythical fires and the such add a more in depth feeling that makes the people feel more attached to their ancestors, the religion and the Spirit Walkers themselves.

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