Candyaxe Flint's - Quijas' Premier Prancing Palace!

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Candyaxe Flint's - Quijas' Premier Prancing Palace!

Post by Vicentius » Mon May 04, 2015 3:57 pm

Name : Candyaxe Prancing Palace
Location: Quadis, Quijas, Corezo, Eyropa.
Owned and Operated by: Candyaxe Flint, Dwarf.

The City of Quadis is a center of trade and life and magic in Quijas, and as such, is a melting pot of many cultural influences and political sensibilities. Exposed to such a broad array of influences and tastes, the already vapid and fleeting appetites of the rich, young and terminally bored have expanded to new horizons of debauchery, and within those circles, one name is legend; Candyaxe Prancing Palace. Founded by Candyaxe Flint, an Apthonian dwarf with an appreciation for the unorthodox, and his Gnomish wife, Fizzletits Flint, a former exotic dancer and developer of experimental narcotics, the club was initially a gentlemen's club and an exotic dance bar, but expanded to fill every niche in the market offered by the tastes of the debauched. Now a veritable villa of sin, the Prancing Palace offers a broad spectrum of entertainment, both mundane and highly illicit, across three segregated and soundproofed levels and is the last word in decadent and hedonistic revelry in Corezo. Its reputation and popularity have endured despite repeated changes of city administration, scandal and rumours of sudden and unfortunate deaths, or perhaps because of it. If you can dream it, the Prancing Palace Provides. Full Client Confidentiality and Professional Discretion Guaranteed.

Candyaxe Prancing Palace is proud to offer it's clients a variety of exclusive services across three levels.

The Changer's Bar and Dance Floor - The most frequented level of the establishment, and considered the entry level by regulars, the Changer's Bar is a modern wonder of gnomish-engineered lighting and acoustical architecture. Eye-wateringly gaudy in the extreme and the haunt of vapid nobility and questionable fashion trends, the bar offers an array of experimental and highly intoxicating cocktails, liquors and beers, all home-brewed, as well as a discreet selection of hallucinogens and opiates for the more jaded consumer. In addition to its consumables, the bar offers dedicated dance floors for humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes and shifters, both bipedal and quadrupedal, with booths and private rooms available for rent and exotic dancers of all stripes for personal entertainment, with a variety of dance competitions.

The Elysian Lounge - The upper level of the Prancing Palace and the staple for regulars, the Elysian Lounge offers every service of the Changer's Bar, but brings everything up a notch, with more experimental drinks, narcotics, hallucinogens and full contact exotic dance and a dedicated medical staff on call to cater to the needs of the clientele. Very much a buyer beware establishment, the Elysian Lounge is an elite members club and will provide any entertainments requested, ranging from the titillating to the perverted, and has made arrangements with other establishments to provide escorts and companionship for its clients. Spoken of in awed terms by the patrons of the Changer's Bar, it is here that the elite of Quijas' underworld meet and trade oddities.

The Shadowlands Experience - A legend within the legend, the Shadowlands Experience is the lowest level in the Prancing Palace and only accessible to the most loyal and grateful of the Palace's clients. With no limitations to what you can taste and experience, this VIP lounge has garnered an extensive reputation for scandalous, depthless depravity and near total secrecy. Frequented by only the wealthiest and most favoured of the Palace's clients, this is a place of hedonistic self indulgence where only the imagination limits you. It is the goal of every jaded youth and the cautionary tale with which every night nurse frightens their charge.


The Sparking Nipple
Location: Docklands, Quadis, Quijas, Corezo.
Run By: Fizzletits Flint, Gnome.

The poor man's Prancing Palace, as it is known, the Sparking Nipple is the spot for those of debauched tastes but shallower pockets, and a perennial haunt of young nobles looking to slum it in notoriety. Run by Fizzletits Flint, wife of Candyaxe Flint, it is the testing ground for every morsel, drink and hallucinogenic powder developed for the Prancing Palace. Filthy and seedy in the extreme, it is not a haunt for the faint of heart, and dark rumour follows it like the stink of the clientele. The first taste is always free and first timers are always welcome, but there are unsubstantiated rumours of suspicious deaths within, as well as certain disappearances. Some claim that people who overindulge tend to disappear and reappear as curiosities in the Palace proper.
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Re: Candyaxe Flint's - Quijas' Premier Prancing Palace!

Post by Brokk » Mon May 04, 2015 8:17 pm

Chat notes:
(16:04:39) Vicentius: Oh yes they are, I've seen you guys going mad with the waiting. :P
(16:04:59) Katona: I do wonder if red-headed orphan girls are going to be the new trend.
(16:07:03) Vicentius: We could make it a thing and have only brunettes, I suppose.
(16:13:50) Luca_Abernathy: So long as nobody rocks up with rainbow hair. That's MY turf
(16:14:29) Katona: We'll see.
(16:18:08) Vicentius: Depends. Is rainbow chest hair okay?
(16:18:19) Vicentius: What about rainbow back hair for the dwarves among us?
(16:18:48) Luca_Abernathy: No
(16:18:56) Luca_Abernathy: NEVAR
(16:19:31) Luca_Abernathy: Unless you can be more glam than this: vi​ewtopic.php?t=3521
(16:19:37) Luca_Abernathy: In which case, no problem
(16:20:10) Katona: Ooh, rainbow back hair sounds glorious.
(16:21:02) Vicentius: Well, yes, the bleach blond dwarf who runs Marn's most exclusive dance club for the hip young teens with their skinny breeches and their outrageous tastes.
(16:21:26) Talia_Idris: oooooh I like it
(16:22:50) Talia_Idris: blerg I hate talking to strangers on the phone
(16:22:53) Saruna: skinny breeches. el. oh. el.
(16:23:14) Vicentius: Has his own range of stylish small clothes and fruity, near deadly cocktails for the brave and the fabulous with more money than sense.
(16:23:36) Vicentius: Well, pantaloons don't lend themselves to skinniness, I think....
(16:23:53) Talia_Idris: Talia gets drunk to easily to go there
(16:24:04) Vicentius: Although those doublets with the flaring collars are becoming something of a thing...
(16:24:45) Saruna: I didn't know I needed a dance club in marn until now.
(16:24:45) Vicentius: Well, yes, they're like getting your face slapped with a handful of strawberries wrapped in a silk slip.
(16:25:34) Vicentius: Quite popular with the gnomes.
(16:26:21) Vicentius: Though of course, it isn't recommended that non-gnomes try the exclusive gnomish drinks range if they value the use of their legs.
(16:26:43) Vicentius: Side effects are impressive, lasting and often hilarious.
(16:26:57) Talia_Idris: please make this a reality
(16:27:14) Saruna: although a big city in eyropa might be a better locale
(16:28:19) Vicentius: Well, they would have to be a whole chain of them across the empire...
(16:29:53) Vicentius: But everyone wants to get into Candyaxe Flint's founding club, with the raving lanterns and the strobe torches...
(16:30:11) Saruna: wizards would make the best clubs.
(16:30:36) Vicentius: Well, the wizard VIP room is out of this world.
(16:31:31) Luca_Abernathy: I tried to convince someone to let me make a gnomish burlesque bar once. They refused me ;_;
(16:31:42) Saruna: whaaaaaaaaaaat
(16:31:55) Luca_Abernathy: Tanya in Laurium =^_^=
(16:32:02) Luca_Abernathy: kekeke
(16:32:07) Saruna: oh, well laurium was stuffy though
(16:33:14) Katona: You're stuffy.
(16:33:34) Saruna: no u
(16:33:34) Vicentius: we managed to set up a pocket dimension for wizards that seems to be suspended upside down within the deluxe spinning disco sphere.
(16:34:08) Saruna: you're making me want urban fantasy rp stahp
(16:35:03) Vicentius: Bah, I still believe we can make this happen now!
(16:35:07) Katona: <3
(16:35:13) Katona: You should watch this anime, Kat.
(16:35:18) Saruna: what anime?
(16:35:47) Saruna: I'm trying to think like, what kind of dancing and clothing would be setting appropriate while still evoking the spirit of the idea
(16:36:26) Saruna: though electro classical would be pretty hot
(16:36:26) Katona: Brynhildr in the Darkness.
(16:36:31) Vicentius: doublets, pantaloons, outrageous long johns.
(16:36:32) Saruna: foxtrot?
(16:36:56) Luca_Abernathy: Tango
(16:37:15) Porter: Talia_Idris is now known as (mostly_afk_Colours).
(16:37:43) Vicentius: I imagine they just jump up and down while off their tits on hallucinogens like they do now.
(16:37:43) Saruna: what's the least conservative part of eyropa? was it southwest or southeast?
(16:37:49) Saruna: hahaha
(16:38:09) Saruna: or just slap it in quijas cuz that's where all the fucky shit goes anyways
(16:38:38) Vicentius: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That could be my corezo character. :P
(16:38:42) Saruna: although some bellydancing gypsy style dance/music with club lights would be hawt too
(16:38:52) Saruna: ala turkey
(16:39:20) Saruna: it would need to be the elficorn's favorite den of iniquity
(16:39:33) Luca_Abernathy: Without a doubt
(16:40:28) Vicentius: Strictly no shaeshifting outside of the designated rooms out of consideration for the other patrons.
(16:40:43) Vicentius: shapeshifting*
(16:40:53) Saruna: alright simon, MAKE IT HAPPEN . . . scandal central for all the high class nobles' brats
(16:41:17) Saruna: meanwhile morua and belleza are just like 'fucking dammit, quijas, stop that'
(16:41:57) Katona: Nice
(16:42:32) Saruna: and the elves are like #reasonswhywe'reisolationist
(16:44:52) Vicentius: Heehee. Well, of course, the management understands the concerns of the nobility, and we deeply regret causing them, but alas, Candyaxe Flint's only provides a service. Far be it from us to question what our patrons do within our walls, my lords, we simply provide a safe place for the youths to be young.
(16:45:54) Saruna: I.... colors
(16:46:22) Saruna: colors we need to come up with a reason for marcella and costanca to have been there
(16:46:33) Saruna: and if we can't then I need to make a quijas debutante
(16:46:40) (mostly_afk_Colours): bahaha
(16:47:21) (mostly_afk_Colours): One needs to go in out of curiosity and the other sneaks in to spy one her to try and get some dirt but they both end up drunk and momentary best friends
(16:48:24) Vicentius: My ladies, please, relax, this is your dream! Let it be as restrained or as freeform as you like. If you can imagine it, Candyaxe Flint's can provide. We only ask that you recommend us to all of your friends and family.
(16:48:56) Luca_Abernathy: Save these notes
(16:49:10) Saruna: worlddev it up, simon!
(16:49:24) (mostly_afk_Colours): pretty sure Daddy wouldn't be too happy that Marcella would go to such a much like her older good-for-nothing-brother
(16:50:12) Saruna: we...we need a vegas city in quijas
(16:50:24) Vicentius: But dear daddy would never think of using such a resource, and neither would her brother. No imagination, my ladies, no imagination. Here, we let imagination run wild! Please, be seated, have a drink, and I will fetch your companion.
(16:50:50) (mostly_afk_Colours): .....companion
(16:51:07) Saruna: eehehehehe
(16:51:09) (mostly_afk_Colours): is that what they are calling it these days
(16:51:21) Vicentius: Well, I assume they'd only go there to meet somebody.
(16:51:33) (mostly_afk_Colours): ah, THAT kind of companion
(16:51:43) Vicentius: Try to blend in and so forth.
(16:52:06) Saruna: kek, my mind immediately went to host clubs
(16:52:17) Vicentius: But if you do want company, well of COURSE, we can oblige. In fact we have an arrangement of sorts with several wuite obliging...
(16:52:23) Vicentius: quite*
(16:52:28) (mostly_afk_Colours): same - I've watched too much Ouran
(16:53:11) Luca_Abernathy: Likewise
(16:53:41) Vicentius: Well, there's no need to broach that if you're just browsing, is there?

(21:03:29) Saruna: OH MY GOD
(21:03:35) Brokk: You can, of course!
(21:03:57) Saruna: and and like all the weird beasties
(21:04:37) Saruna: and and and can there be the equivalent of paris hilton with like a miniature hippogrph in her handbag?
(21:05:00) Brokk: Just the one? That's where all the shady merchant's hang out. :P But all business goes through Mister Flint. He sets up all of the meetings. You want a mini giraffe to lick those hard to reach places, we can find one.
(21:05:12) Saruna: eeeeeeee
(21:05:17) Saruna: wait what
(21:05:21) Brokk: Want a tapir to give you fashion advice? doable.
(21:05:37) Saruna: sod.
(21:05:39) Saruna: sold*
(21:06:18) Brokk: Want the best in completely organic recording devices? Meet the dicta-elephant. It never forgets what you tell it and can repeat up to 200hours of conversation verbatim
(21:06:24) Shade: ...I sense something isn't quite right....
(21:06:39) Brokk: Now available in a pocket edition.
(21:07:31) Saruna: simon is going creative funk in quijas
(21:08:02) Brokk: bound communication spells, medication, prescribed or illicit, performance enhancing stimulants, the very best in concealled weapons...
(21:08:07) Saruna: think medieval magical club for noble brats to get themselves in trouble at
(21:11:13) Brokk: All good clean fun, I assure you, with problems...dealt with...for a minor fee.
(21:11:47) Brokk: Loose tongues, physical afflictions, complicated pregnancies for those in a hurry...
(21:12:23) Saruna: >>
(21:12:28) Brokk: We don't judge here, darlings, we simply provide the next and last word in pleasure and sublime comfort.
(21:12:30) Saruna: this is gonna be so awesome
(21:13:45) Brokk: In fact, for those in our loyalty scheme, we provide a catered travel service with modified coaches and on the road entertainment. Let Candyaxe Flint's take you home!
(21:16:45) Saruna: I think I might need to make a trashy quijas heiress for this
(21:16:46) Saruna: I just
(21:16:58) Saruna: .... maybe that'll be my april contribution for next year
(21:18:34) Brokk: Heh. I'll have to come up with a profile for dear Mister Flint and his darling wife...
(21:23:59) Brokk: Fizzletits Flint, the gnome whose drug addled mind spawned most of the club's best drinks.
(21:25:20) Brokk: And remember, sudden blindness is only a problem if it persists upon leaving the club.
(21:25:32) Saruna: fizzletits.
(21:25:39) Saruna: that's my new favorite gnome name
(21:26:49) Brokk: Well, it's not her birth name, but that one was all she'd answer to when Candyaxe found her. He worries that the experimental hallucinogens left her with long term memory damage, but it has left her with a uniquely involved sense of humour.
(21:27:02) Brokk: Plus her chest glows in the dar.
(21:27:06) Brokk: dark*
(21:28:12) Saruna: I need this now
(21:28:32) Brokk: Touch her and your hair will stand on end. All of your hair.
(21:28:49) Saruna: like when we first started talking about quijas being the place for freaks and crazy magical shit, I never imagined something like this
(21:28:53) Saruna: this is what quijas was made for.
(21:30:02) Brokk: Now, the real treat, for those with the stomach for it, is... The Darkroom.
(21:31:12) Brokk: Complete sensory overload in complete sensory deprivation! Explore the depths of your soul and get drunk doing it!
(21:32:11) Saruna: I sense that many a political shit smear campaign has started in that room
(21:33:25) Brokk: All unsubstantiated, darling. All you'll find in there is yourself and your wildest dreams, in vivid, earth shattering detail.
(21:34:11) Brokk: Of course those deaths were unfortunate, but we can't help the turn your imagination takes, can we?
(21:40:09) Saruna: of course not
(21:43:44) Brokk: Now, of course, the Lightroom, is much less risky, but much more expensive, but I guarantee you, you've felt nothing like it.
(21:44:11) Saruna: :o
(21:45:15) Brokk: That, of course, is only for preferred clients.
(21:45:26) Saruna: you realize
(21:45:31) Saruna: once you finalize this
(21:45:33) Saruna: and shit
(21:45:41) Saruna: and once I can be active again
(21:45:49) Saruna: I'm going to prod you to make classifieds
(21:47:22) Brokk: What? The Bling Ring; Quadis?
(21:48:10) Brokk: Or else Memento?
(21:48:44) Saruna: memento?
(21:48:55) Saruna: I was thinking like, some staff and regulars or even noble people just
(21:48:57) Saruna: like
(21:49:05) Saruna: I NEED TO SEE THIS RP
(21:49:12) Brokk: Ah, right so. :P
(21:50:10) Saruna: dark, seedy, quirky, fun, weird: a collection of misfits and highborn and pushing the edge of creative magical applications
(21:50:15) Saruna: it hits me in all the right places
(21:50:33) Brokk: Our characters go on a drug fuelled scavenger hunt across Quadis after waking up covered in tattoos, blood and in a room with a dead girl.
(21:50:59) Saruna: hnng
(21:51:22) Brokk: But its not the Quadis they remember, winter has come, the people are few and the cats are many.
(21:51:23) Saruna: it's like mos eisley and shadowrun and terry pratchett all rolled into one
(21:51:44) Porter: Kitan logs into the Chat.
(21:51:48) Kitan: Heya
(21:51:51) Saruna: hey hey kit
(21:52:00) Brokk: Yo.
(21:52:32) Saruna: ...can you make like the ritzy version and a seedy, grimy, people-tend-to-die-there version?
(21:52:49) Saruna: not the same thing, but like, you know
(21:53:05) Saruna: zi needs a favorite dive to hang out in
(21:53:10) Saruna: and get drunk and high in
(21:54:31) Brokk: Well, of course, the Shadowlands VIP Lounge has all of the attractions but none of the restrictions of the main floor.
(21:54:58) Brokk: Stories of what happen in the booths within are legend in certain circles.
(21:58:39) Brokk: We'd have three levels at that. The main floor and dance levels, quite risqué and ideal for youthful rebels looking to push the limits, the Elysian Lounge in the upper levels, where things get booted up a notch and the real services are provided, and for the dedicated customer, the Shadowlands Experience, where any and all limits are but a memory.
(21:59:28) Saruna: but I mean like, for poor people >>
(21:59:37) Saruna: the types the nobles wouldn't want to be near
(22:01:09) Brokk: Well, we have to test the services somewhere... and there are rumours, unsubstantiated rumours, that people go missing and show up as attractions in the main bar.
(22:01:41) Brokk: The Sparking Nipple
(22:01:50) Saruna: ehehehe
(22:01:51) Saruna: <3
(22:03:16) Brokk: Fizzletits would run that bar.
(22:04:17) Brokk: First tastes are always free and first timers are always welcome.
(22:07:50) Saruna: I cannot wait.
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Re: Candyaxe Flint's - Quijas' Premier Prancing Palace!

Post by Metarie » Tue May 12, 2015 4:45 am

I have a belly dancer wolf shifter...
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Re: Candyaxe Flint's - Quijas' Premier Prancing Palace!

Post by Raeyen » Tue May 12, 2015 10:33 am

This sounds like the most delightful place for a little off-the-clock mischief
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Re: Candyaxe Flint's - Quijas' Premier Prancing Palace!

Post by Metarie » Thu May 14, 2015 4:27 am

I would love to see Raeyen in action
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Re: Candyaxe Flint's - Quijas' Premier Prancing Palace!

Post by Cai » Mon Jun 15, 2015 1:17 pm

Do it Jason. DO IT.
(23:11:57) Katona: I dunno yet what I'll make, but I definitely want some kind of eccentric type of creature like that.
(23:12:53) Katona: But perhaps have them more a social presence around Qadis, or something else of that nature.
(23:13:03) Cai: Oooh
(23:15:19) Cai:​ewtopi ... =40&t=3701
(23:15:23) Cai: Make it hang out there
(23:16:22) Katona: :P

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