Eyropa: Trade and Mercantile Conflict within the Empire

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Eyropa: Trade and Mercantile Conflict within the Empire

Post by Darrik » Thu Dec 18, 2014 11:40 pm

Eyropa is an empire which, over time, has become unified not by a single culture but instead by strong trade relations. Imperial governmental oversight aside, the trade networks of Eyropa are as inter-connected and viciously contested as a Corezan social gathering.

This thread is designed to gather and update, from existing world development and RP threads, a listing of known/referenced mercantile interests in Eyropa

--------Notes regarding commerce and currency--------

Mercantile organisations and banks in Qadis and Eyropa often use specially prepared and enchanted promissory notes. Transactions involving these notes often include the services of a registered magical Scrutineer to ensure the enchantment is not forged by analysing the magical signature.

Much like the production of Bishani, such promissory notes are created by accredited mages whose magical signature is made known to the Imperial Scrutineers Guild and its branches.

--------Mercantile Organisations across Eyropa--------

=====Teutonia and the Imperial Capital of Poznan=====

The heart of Eyropa is the terminus of many trade-routes. The influence of the Imperial Port of Istros is such that, if a shipping captain hasn't successfully applied for a docking license, they will find themselves short of work.

Although the customs arbiters of Istros are renowned for their honesty and accuracy in assessing shipping manifests, there is a culture of subtle grift involved in the provision of docking licenses.


===The Algonquin Consortium===

The Algonquin Consortium is from Hasele, and infamous for its owner's mercurial temperament. They are often unpredictable, and notably ruthless; while an admirable trait for any business, the Consortium often displays a scandalous lack of courtesy and honor

The Consortium deals in many products, but are renowned for their stranglehold over southwestern Haselian glass. The characteristics of the glass as produced by a particular family of glassmiths (or gaffers, as they are sometimes referred to) is highly valued by artisans throughout the Eyropan empire. While their product does not rival the artful application of Apthonian glassblowers, the goods the Consortium can provide is considered to be necessary for those wealthy individuals who can afford stained glass windows and some of the cleanest, clearest and most even panes of window glass in the known world.

===??? Consortium===

A new fishing consortium formed by a handful of shipping merchants in alliance with a trio of fishing towns and some entrepreneurial mages. They are trying to contest Norroenirlund's monopoly on salted cod by using magical means of preservation to bring fresher fish to the tables of Corezan and Haselian nobility.


===The Duchy of Morua===

One of the three duchies of Corezo, and boasting the largest fleet and shipyards of the province, with fingers in almost every commercial concern along the banks of the Mediterranean.

===House Gentil===

Loosely affiliated with house Morua, and their business makes them rivals to the Guiate in many of their trading concerns.

===The Guiate trading concerns===

The Guiates have an exclusive deal with coffee producers in Ta Netjeru, and could provide exotic strains and blends from the so-called birthplace of coffee: these were in turn beloved of connoisseurs and the wealthy.

They also contract out shipping services to smaller mercantile concerns to partake in the profit sharing.


===Trivisana League===

Represent significant interests of the southwestern Apthonian city-states. Not afraid to get their hands dirty, they are known to use sorcerous means to push their commercial agenda.


===Novrai Family===

The Novrai have significant holdings in Keltaris, which plays a major part in the southern waterways of Eyropa. They do not believe in subtlety and make no moves with any great secrecy, though much of their decisions are influenced by a complicated tradition of superstitions which somehow serve to benefit the family in the long run.

That the infamous superstitions of Keltaris merchants so often turns out well for them is a constant source of irritation for more practical and civilized provinces.



Zhaltev is a renowned exporter of salt and ivory, making the city of shifters a vital cog in the economy of northern Eyropa. Much of the exported salt trade is with Norroenirlund, and the ivory trade attracts merchants who deal with the luxury market in the the Eyropan capital of Poznan.


===??? Shipping Alliance===

A consolidated group of fishing and shipping fleets who have cornered the market of salted cod in Eyropa. The vast majority of cod which appears on the tables of the well-to-do is sourced from this group.


===Djaout Compact===

This coalition of Tamaz merchants and caravan masters have a deathgrip on trade in Tamazgha, and a strong influence on neighbouring provinces. They have made strong inroads into the Quijan markets and are making their presence known in Qadis. They are infamous for the use of assassins and poisoners to those who cross them.

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