[Creature] The Spife

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[Creature] The Spife

Post by Dia Lyn » Sat Jul 19, 2014 8:40 pm

Few creatures have the same ability to terrify travelers as much as the Carnivorous Spife. A strange cross between Spider and Metal, this beast has the ability to alter the color of it's skin to match any surroundings, enabling it to fuel the paranoia of tired travelers.

The average Spife, from the ground to it's highest point, is roughly four feet tall, however, some have been known to grow to twice that, with an average length of about five feet. It's spider-like body sports eight, long, double jointed legs, that end in one foot long "claws" that in actuality more closely resemble curved swords. It's body is covered primarily in short, corse hairs, though patches of their skin is frequently covered with metal sheets that match the same iron in their claws, adding an extra layer of protection. The cepholothorax is typically the most heavily protected part, covered in a set of small spikes to deter predators.

This creatures face has two large stingers on the front, which it stabs into prey, draining blood from it. It see's out of four round, black eyes, and has been revealed to possess a limited Nightvision that appears to extend only to moving targets.


For a creature that spends most of its life walking on the points of its blades, one would expect a Spife to be better at balancing, alas, one of its greatest weaknesses, is that the Spife requires at least six of its eight legs to be on the ground at any one moment, or it risks tipping over too far to one side.

When a Spife senses prey or predator (of which there are not many) it turns whatever color matches the environment around it, yes, even the blades. Still, this camouflage is not perfect, and anyone with a keen eye can typically see through the disguise, though once you have gotten close enough to realize, you are typically within' reach.

Spife's are pack hunters by nature, always searching for prey in groups of 2-3. Once they find their quarry, they disguise themselves and get as close as they can before lunging forward, stabbing with their bladed legs in an attempt to end the fight as soon as possible. For a creature essentially made of weaponry, the Spife shows itself to be a righteous coward. The moment it finds itself outnumbered, or the fight turns against it, the Spife will re-hide itself and sprint away.

(As a note to all travelers, Spifes show a particular taste for Dwarves, and will often attack them above all others. So, if travelling with a Dwarf, and Spife's attack, there is little shame in tripping the small fellow as you make a run for it.)

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