Teutonia and the Imperial Capital of Poznan

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Teutonia and the Imperial Capital of Poznan

Post by Sertor Potens » Thu Jul 10, 2014 2:33 am

Kat suggested I expend some of my OCD energy on this instead of nagging people to post.

A lot more work needed on the finer details, but I can at least get some foundations laid down.


Teutonia is the most stable province of the Eyropan Empire, home to the Imperial Capital of Poznan and supplying a significant proportion of the Empire's military capacity. As the saying goes 'All wealth runs to Poznan', and that wealth largely runs through Teutonia via inland trade-routes and the Port City of Istros.

The port city Istros, bearing the Greek name for the old Roman province it was built in, is under strict imperial oversight and is arguably the least corrupt of Eyropa's port cities. Though grift still occurs, only the most subtle merchants and politicians succeed without official sanction falling upon their heads.

At present day the capital city Poznan, named in homage of the Emperor of the time, is perhaps the best example of Eyropan magical, architectural, military, and bureaucratic ingenuity. Renovated and expanded many times over the centuries, it forms Eyropa's largest and arguably best fortified inland city.

=======Timeline notes=======
See also: http://www.tharshaddin.com/rp/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=3159
and http://www.tharshaddin.com/wiki/Timeline

===300-100 BCE===
Refugee tribes gather, during the aftermath of the Changers' War, in the area which would later become known as the province of Teutonia. Nominally attached to Rome prior to Rome's split with the Eyropan Empire in 142BCE, the majoritiy of the Teutonic tribes side with the remains of the Eyropan Empire in the conflict which arises.

===20BCE - 1727PW (400AD)===

Rome expands, and some of the Teutonic tribes are pushed further north, consolidating the Eyropan Empire's military positions to halt Rome's expansion.

===1727PW - 1647PW (400-480AD)===

Old tribal alliances are used to reunite the Teutonic tribes as the Eyropan Empire's opposition to Rome gains momentum. Teutonic spies from newly allied-tribes approach the dwarven slave population, with an offer of a home in exchange for full-fledged rebellion. Although most dwarves were contained within their underground city-states, there was still a large population of displaced and nationless dwarves enslaved in the aftermath of the Punic Wars. The Teutonic tribe's relentless advance on Rome, aided by Dwarven insurrection, prove instrumental in re-establishing the Eyropan Empire across the full expanse of the continent. Remnants of the Roman Empire flee south across the mediterranean.

A new capital city, Poznan, begins construction in the southernmost part of Teutonia. Its location was chosen to be both defensible, as central to the empire as possible, and out of easy range of a naval invasion. Teutonia was chosen on the back of the Teutonic tribes' strong military tradition. A large population of emancipated dwarves, taking the offer of a new home, begin constructing a new city for themselves in Teutonia.

===1647PW - Present Day===

To be expanded upon, but no major events noted yet beyond city renovations, expansions, and the completion of the dwarven city (which will one day be its own World Dev project)

===Reference links for potential inspiration===

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