Mountain Trolls and Hill Trolls

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Mountain Trolls and Hill Trolls

Post by Konk » Mon May 19, 2014 1:19 pm

The following is a general background of two particular breeds of troll. Please refer to this page for a description of all trolls:

Mountain Trolls:
Mountain trolls are on the larger side of the troll family, ranging from 9 to 11 feet tall on average, and weighing up to 500 lbs. They have wide features, and grey-blue skin tones. In general, mountain trolls have poor vision.

While most trolls are quite solitary, clans dominate the northern mountains. Climbing, tunneling, and fighting are the primary talents of the mountain trolls. They feast solely on raw meat and gravel.

Few nomads survive in the mountains thanks to the trolls. Mountain trolls are considered the largest of all pests. Like wolves, they love to snack on sheep and even the occasional horse. Past racism, many in the land go out of their way to dispose of mountain trolls. Trolls do not seek men out to eat, but will not shy from a battle once it is brought upon them.

As far as enslaving a mountain troll goes, they can be very effective weapons and body guards, so long as you keep them on a tight leash. They are not necessarily trainable, but their energies can be directed productively. Some slavers have had success with mountain trolls in the mines, having them beat out tunnels for the workers to use. Trolls however, cannot be trusted to return any precious gems or metals they find, and must be tortured with fire before they release their treasure.

To kill a mountain troll is certainly a challenge. Like the rest of their kin, they can regenerate limbs. There are two tried and true methods of killing them, and those are fire and brain-pulverization. Mountain trolls especially hate fire: they cannot control it, and do not attempt to. If one was to burn a mountain troll’s arm off, versus cutting it off, the mountain troll would not be able to regrow the limb. The same goes for the whole body, obviously. Finally, much like zombies, mountain trolls can be killed by destroying the brain. Their skulls are thick however, and not easily crushed. The best way to break open a mountain troll’s skull is not with rock, but rather something sharp that could skewer the brain through.

Hill Trolls:

Hill trolls are quite a contrast to their mountain counterparts; they are shorter, 7 to 8 feet, leaner, and faster. Their skin ranges from light browns to deep greens, and is also marbled and uneven. Additionally, hill trolls grow out their hair very long, on both their body as well as on top of their head.

Most hill trolls roam the plains alone. They are creatures of solitude and quiet. However, they have been known to form clans should the land be plentiful enough. Their diet consists of raw meat as well, although they are particularly fond of the taste of wood.
It is more difficult to find a hill troll than a mountain troll. They are naturally nomadic, moving from different hills across the Sooqui plain. A hill troll hates being kept still, and is oddly quick for a creature its size. Creatures who seek to eradicate the population would do best to move as they do, and hone their tracking skills, for they can be rather unpredictable.

Should one track down a hill troll, they are one of the weakest of the troll species. This by no means translates to a hill troll being weak. They are still capable of knocking out animals with their fists and breaking trees with sharp kicks. However, should one throw a rock hard enough at a hill troll’s skull, their heads are about as tough as human bone. Thus, destroying a hill troll’s brain is much simpler. Fire is also a deadly weapon against hill trolls, who cannot regenerate after being burned. Additionally, they are horrible swimmers, and could be drowned by any creature strong enough to push them into deep water.

There is a reason why hill trolls have survived through their physical weakness. It has been said that far back in the hill troll bloodline, a little Fae got mixed in. Trolls are horny buggers, all around. But whether the blood of a Fae, or just a bit of evolutionary luck, something has given the hill trolls an edge of cleverness. They are not so easily duped by traps, and can recover quickly from catastrophe.

Should a hill troll be captured for slavery, slavers would be wise never to trust the thing. While they can appear more friendly than their mountain troll brothers, hill trolls have been known to turn on their owners with murderous intent. The best way to keep a hill troll is enclosed, not even on a leash. They can be taught to gut fish or slaughter livestock cleanly, but again, they must be kept in cages.

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