Eyropa: Imperial Bounty System WIP

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Eyropa: Imperial Bounty System WIP

Post by Saruna » Mon Feb 24, 2014 7:04 am

Bounty Hunters - there's bunches more I want to add but this was what I'd already written up and saved. Will revisit later to properly structure.

- not subject to civil liability for injuries they may cause in recapturing a person who has escaped or evaded capture.

- Must register on an imperial and a provincial level. This means within separate counties, depending on provincial laws.

- Must re-register every five years on an imperial level. Provincial laws vary. Imperial registration includes a test of skill, and a test of soundness of body and mind.

- Bounty Hunters are the legal responsibility of the province they presently reside in. Therefore, they must alert the proper office within one week of entering a province or risk a fine -- even if they are not registered in that province as a bounty hunter. Still, they also carry an imperial license, allowing them to act as something of a marshal in situations where property or life appears to be in danger. While they have to file a report and may be subject to a provincial review after the fact, it still remains that they carry some authority with them. If a bounty hunter violates this rule and it is reported to the imperial office of hunters 5 times, that bounty hunter will receive a very heavy fine. If it happens again after that, they will have their license revoked for a period of time subject to the person in charge of that thing. Again after that and they are permanently stricken from the roster. It's possible they may even receive jail time.

- Hunters bid on bounties. The one who offers to do it for the cheapest gets the job.

- There are five levels of imperial hunters, indicating which level of prey they're cleared to go after. In order to go up the level, one must be tested at the Imperial Ministry of Magic & Technology. One has to start at level 1 and stay there for a year before testing for level 2. Level 2 has a 1 year period as well before testing for 3. 3 has a 3 year period. 4 is the most common level, with 5 being rare. Level 1-4 go back every 5 years to requalify. Level five has to go back every 2.

- The tests to go higher involve review of previous jobs as well as magical tests, review of laws, and combat proficiency tests.

- the job is not necessarily always violent.

(12:13:21) Saruna: I figure they might work in small teams, sort of to help with the paperwork kinda thing -- like groups of 2-5, with one stationed at the imperial govt and the rest going out and doing bounties or whatever
(12:13:50) Soneya: hmm sounds good
(12:14:00) Soneya: rotating or the same one every time staying at the govt?
(12:14:26) Saruna: same one, it takes time to learn paperwork!
(12:14:30) Saruna: not to say that people can't work solo either
(12:15:14) Saruna: but I can imagine that there'd be a lot of forms and shit involved with licensing people with the authority to act like the equivalent of a federal marshal should shit hit the fan
(12:15:15) Porter: Kitan logs out of the Chat.
(12:16:17) Saruna: and who knows, maybe the one at the imperial court sorta might encourage some of the senators to choose their hunters over others when it comes to high profile bounties
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