Sartani - City of the Sky

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Sartani - City of the Sky

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“Metal and magic and blood and bone”
Sartani – Called Cyr-Talanyi before being assimilated into the Empire, Sartani is located in the northern part of Orkarov, on the shores of the great fjord created by the inland sea. Built into a mountain range, the city was considered impregnable before the Empire came along, and now it lives in a shadow of its former glory.

Sartani is nestled in a mid-sized mountain range on the northern shores of the Balshoi Morey. It is a city literally carved into the sides of the mountains, rising high above the fjord. The mountain is most easily accessed from the sky with the great skyships, but there are a few small, narrow trails leading up from the base of the fjord to the city.

The weather is generally cold and most of the city is heated through an ancient system of bellows powered by the wind and the tides of the fjord. Hot water is also readily accessible from the hot springs deep in the mountains, and there is an intricate plumbing system that keeps the city clean.

Before the Empire, Sartani was Cyr-Talanyi, a city of white stone and snow. Massive eyries cut into the mountains housed the city's prized skyships, used for raiding civilizations as far away as present day Semerkhet, Odnijani, and Darleone. Cyr-Talanyi was founded by a mix of humans and gnomes seeking a place to work on their skyships in peace, though later generations discovered that pirating other civilizations was far more profitable than tinkering with metal and selling the outcome. The city has long been steeped in both magic and metalworking and the two are intricately bound together for the vast majority of the inhabitants of Sartani even today.

Cyr-Talanyi continued with its raiding for many years, mostly unhindered. No one could really get to the city in the north to issue any reprisals, plus the skyships were very fast and could easily outdistance pursuers. The city grew incredibly rich off of the profits of these raiding trips

Based now mostly on being the royal couriers for the Emperor, Sartani receives food and supply shipments from the Empire. The city was never built to sustain itself completely, and while there are some small farms and shepherds that can be found dotting the low mountains. As a whole, though, the area is far too cold for anything to successfully grow outside the mountains, though the land was very rich in metals when the Cyrti first arrived to settle. Many of those metals have been mined out for the creation of skyships, but there are still some ore veins left deeper in the mountains. Some metals that are mined are shipped out to other parts of the Empire - precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum.

Most of the farms are located deep within the mountains, using a series of mirrors to reflect the sunlight in to grow the plants. As with many things in the old parts of the city, the mirrors and farms are a wonder of engineering. However, the farms mostly produce things like root vegetables and grains, not the exotic things like oranges and coconuts and spices, things that the inhabitants of Cyr-Talanyi had grown to expect with the sky pirate voyages. That has since changed and exotic fruits and vegetables are shipped in from other parts of the Empire, but, as with most things in present day Sartani, it remains something that the residents grumble about.

Sartani remains a rich city, though not as rich as it once was. The skyships enable far-off mines in places that might otherwise be unreachable by foot or boat, as well as provide quick access to food and supplies for the miners. As such, the city still flows with gold and silver and iron and other precious metals and gems from the mines, even though the majority of it is immediately shipped off to the Empire. Things are not watched perhaps as closely as they could be and there is a thriving black market.

As couriers to the Empire, the Sartani people still use their skyships quite regularly. A few are held back for use of mining, but on average there are eight skyships out doing the Empire's bidding. The courier skyships are manned by crews of around twenty to thirty people who know how to sail the skies and navigate various air currents, as well as fix any problems that may arise with the finicky magic and metal technology that powers the ships.

Inhabited mostly by the Cyrti, a race born long ago by the gnome and human inhabitants of Cyr-Talanyi marrying and having children, the Cyrti now identify themselves as their own race. The Cyrti are without equal when it comes to blending magic and metal together, though many of their texts and scrolls were lost in the wars with the Empire.

Beaten down but not broken, Sartani has been a hotbed of rebellious mutterings practically since it was assimilated into the Empire. Very little has ever come of these stirrings - the last time an actual rebellion was attempted nearly fifty skyships were lost in the battle, and since the technology and schematics have been lost on how to make more skyships, the Cyrti guard their remaining twelve zealously.

Cyrti – Standing between four and five feet tall, the Cyrti developed from humans and gnomes marrying and producing children around fifteen hundred years ago.
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