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Darleone Government

Post by Metarie » Sat Dec 28, 2013 12:53 am

The government of Darleone is parliamentary in nature, with representation from each of the Island's provinces. The Island is divided into four provinces, with a fifth area designated as owned by all Elves. The fifth area is the central province containing the two lakes, the Sol Jhajaer os Tyl Pasaeli. These lakes formed within a dormant volcanic cone. The water is said to have restorative properties and is a primary source of fresh water for the island. Other fresh water lakes mark the landscape as well, but the largest of these are the Sol Jhajaer os Tyl Pasaeli.

Each province has a capital city, referenced below. An equal number of representatives (6) come from each of the five provinces and comprises the Darleone Parliament. A head of state is elected through run-offs from the elected provincial representatives. The parliament is composed of 25 members. The remaining four are run-off representatives and act as alternates should an elected member be unable to fulfill his or her duties.

Parliamentary sessions are filled with debates that could last decades given the opportunity. Thus, each session is required to resolve debates within three sessions to ensure decisions are made timely. Sessions occur quarterly and last for one full month, with sessions being hosted annually within a rotating schedule in each of the four major cities (excludes Saendror Thysaer).

The core foundation of Darleone's government is equality and representation. Because of the long lives of its people, the potential for one area to dominate another is kept in check only by each provinces participation in the electoral system.

Major Cities
Most major cities sit on Harbors intended to be entry points into Darleone. Access to Darleone by non-elves is strictly monitored by a central Darleone government. Non-elves are rarely allowed access to the interior of the island and especially to Theogious’ Causeway. Each of the four major cities are fortress cities.

Thysaer eindral Maelaesaer Thyrsaer eindral Maelaesaer sits on the south-eastern corner and is the primary point of entry and exit for imports and exports from Senerkhet.

Thysaer eindral Salylor Thysaer eindral Salylor sits on the south-western corner and is the primary point of entry and exit for imports and exports from Tzalxochitl.

Thysaer eindral Eilae Thysaer eindral Eilae sits on the west and is the primary point of entry and exit for imports and exports from Ayana, if any.

Aelali sai Aesydae Aelali sai Aesydae is the primary harbor and point of entry from the Eyropean archipelago.

Other Cities
Saendror Thysaer Saendror Thysaer is a fort that guards the area at Theogious’ Causeway.
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