Mhidvezna [WIP]

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Mhidvezna [WIP]

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Mhidvezna, is a small country located to the east of the Empire of Eyropa, located in the arboreal forests to the north, near the (Northern Sea). Due to its high level bears and their role in the native religion, Mhidvezna is known as the "Land of the Bears."


Mhidvezna, a land locked country, is located on the Komi Plains between the (Eyropa Mts) and the (Ural Mts), south of (Northern Sea). Almost the entire country is covered by the Valiki Forest, an arboreal forest, save for the southeastern region which consists of a steppe with intermittent swamps.

There two main rivers that run through Mhidvezna, though there are a countless number of tributaries and creeks that feed the two rivers. The largest and longest river in the country is the Pekora, which runs from the southeast corner of the country and winds its way to the northwest corner to empty out into the (Northern Sea). The Pekora River's sister, the Vykedora River, begins the in the midlands and flows west out of the country, where it eventually joins with several other rivers, and also empties into the (Northern Sea).

In the southeast region of the country, a unique rock formation protrudes from the steppe. This rock formation is made up of seven natural, stone pillars that stand from 98 feet, the shortest, to 138 feet, with the tallest pillar. These pillars are called the Stolp Medvedya, or the Pillars of the Bear.

The country of Mhidvezna is divided up into seven tribes, each of which are populated by semi-nomadic humans. The tribes are ruled by clan leaders who form a governing council, the Sovet, along with the two leaders of the native religion, to handle matters of state. All together there are twenty-three leaders that form the Sovet. The council m Only by a majority vote can decisions be made concerning new laws, the economy, the military, and other matters of state. The meetings of state occur at the bases of the Stolp Medvedya, where each tribe is represented by a stone pillar.
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Lacking a strong central government, many people believe that Mhidvezna lacks a strong military. Its a matter of national pride, however, to prove those people wrong. The seven tribes supple their own police force amongst their boarders, and when the time for war has come, the seven tribes pool their military forces together to form a diverse, and skilled, national army. The majority of the militiamen and women that fight within the police force and the army are archers. This is due to the experience that most citizens of Mhidvezna have earned through hunting for survival.

There are, however, bitter rivals between the tribes, and it shows within ranks of the militia. The soldiers of different tribes compete against each other for personal pride, all way benefiting the nation with highly motivated militiamen.
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