The Nehkhepera: the Scarab Swarm of Southern Apefmhet

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The Nehkhepera: the Scarab Swarm of Southern Apefmhet

Post by Sertor Potens » Fri Dec 27, 2013 1:22 am

World Dev thread for the last surviving swarm of Scarab Warriors in Apefmhet, inspired by the brainstorming for this RP:

===Reference links=== ... ng-beetles ... 1352168126 ... alien-host

Ruins references,_Egypt ... full.7.jpg ... anet1.jpeg ... is-map.jpg

Sca​rabaeidae Family of beetles:​rabaeidae​cules_beetle​iath_beetle ... 734394516/

===Placeholder Notes===

- A tiny remnant of part of the African Shifter King Farahu's army
- Ancient city dug into a sandstone mesa, converted into a hive
- feeds on sandworms?
- xenophobic to the extreme. All outsiders to be killed on detection
- City of Abdju



Back at the dawn of the Changer's War, when King Farahu commenced hostilities against Piltzintlicoatl, he raised great armies. Few things were more numerous in his lands than the sacred scarab, the symbols of the old deity Khepri.

When Farahu was done with the scarabs, they resembled their originating species in only superficial fashions. He named his creations the Nehkhepera.

Almost all of the Nehkhepera were destroyed in the war against Piltzintlicoatl. In Apefmhet, only one swarm remains, hidden in the ruins of an ancient and abandoned city, long overtaken and surrounded by harsh desert. If there are any other swarms which survived the Changer's War, they might be found in Setkhantos or possibly even Tzalxochitl.

=The Nehkhepera of Abdju=

Abdju was once a temple city and necropolis, home to the tombs of ancient nobility and those who maintained them. When the aftermath of Theogios' sundering of Africa introduced rapid-onset desertification across the heartlands of the northern fragment, the city was abandoned by its human caretakers.

One swarm of Nehkhepera, fleeing from a long-forgotten foe, took shelter in the abandoned city.
Finding its catacombs and labyrinthine passages to be an ideal home, the Nehkhepera settled in and made it their home and fortress.

Aboveground, the city looks just as abandoned and ruined as ever. But beneath the sands and sandstone cliffs the Nehkhepera thrive.

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