Province of Orkarov

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Gia Rilan
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Province of Orkarov

Post by Gia Rilan » Wed Dec 18, 2013 6:43 am

Far north of Eyropa, no major cities (as of yet). Mostly nomadic reindeer and musk oxen herders.

Also a tribe of mammoth and whale shifters who try to protect mammoths and whales from the hunters of Zhaltev. Does it work? Who knows!

Any cities? Seems like it's a bit too cold and icy and dead for anything major...

More to come! (thread so's I don't forget)

Ty Borathessen
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Re: Province of Orkarov

Post by Ty Borathessen » Wed Jan 07, 2015 5:41 am

well if we're taking a Slavic angle on Orkarov then it should be noted that racism and prejudice in general has always been very much present. but let's table that portion of the history for now.

the first idea that strikes me for the capital of Orkarov might be a place called Stolitsa (literally "capital/metropolis" in Russian). the main attractions of Stolitsa could be an elite fighter's guild or something of the like that has a reputation for producing some of Pal Tahrenor's greatest combatants. this earns Stolitsa, as well as Orkarov in general, a reputation. now given Orkarov's position in the world, they're not exactly seeing a lot of tourism or traders coming through. it's cold, it's far, it's an unforgiving landscape. so we can supplement the lack of tourism and foreign trade with the guild in Stolitsa hosting 2 tournaments a year: 1 tournament for those with hopes of finding a spot within the guild, and the 2nd tournament of veteran fighters simply showing of their skills, perhaps hailing from all across the globe to represent their own guild or family. this creates 2 times in the year for tourism to peak and bring lots of trade with it.

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