Ta Netjeru - the southernmost province of Eyropa

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Ta Netjeru - the southernmost province of Eyropa

Post by Sertor Potens » Sat Dec 14, 2013 4:52 pm

A draft idea for Ta Netjeru

Because it seems I am PHYSICALLY INCAPABLE of making a character from an undefined area WITHOUT FIRST DEFINING THE GODDAMN AREA in minute detail.

Maybe NOW I can finish writing Sertor's damn history.


=The Province of Ta Netjeru=

Ta Netjeru or 'Land of the Gods' in the native Nehset dialect, also known colloquially as Changer's Folly or Theogios' Triumph depending on who you ask, is strictly speaking part of Eyropa. Nobody in Ta Netjeru disputes it, but then again, few from mainland Eyropa ever travel to the dangerous lands north of the Great Scar.

There is good reason for the lack of strict imperial oversight: Ta Netjeru is a land where the seal is weak at best, and Theogios' greatest act of landscaping has resulted in a stretch of mountains, jungle, and rivers where magic runs wild. Ta Netjeru was created as a province of convenience, as opposed to most other provinces created due to a strong homogenous cultural presence. It is a delineation of the map for the primary purpose of being able to say to right-minded people 'Don't go there'.

==Races and Population==

Truth be told, there is such diversity of life in the magic-warped lands of Ta Netjeru that there are countless races. However, one can narrow down the list of organised and/or civilised inhabitants to a short list.

===Eyropan Provincial Capital: the Port of Good Hope===

The Imperial presence in Ta Netjeru is primarily centralised in the Province's one secure and sheltered naval access point: the Port of Good Hope. Whilst some trade does flow through the city, its principal purpose is to serve as a resupply point for Naval patrols of the waters between Samar to the east and Apefmhet/Ta Netjeru to the west. The port city is designed and with military purpose in mind, and well fortified on both landward and seaward approaches.

===The Nehset Dynasty of Ta-Seti===

At the southern reach of the savannah which forms the ambiguous, and occasionally fought-over, boundary between Tinariwen and Ta Netjeru can be found Ta Seti, the land of the Nehset people.

An isolated kingdom, the ebon-skinned pharoahs of the Nehset pay lip-service to the Eyropan Hegemony solely to take advantage of the occasional trade opportunities. In truth, there is minimal contact between the Nehset and the Consul of Ta Netjeru, save to ensure the exchange of goods and information doesn't entirely cease.

Nonetheless, the relationship is mutually beneficial: the Nehset and Consul can obtain luxury goods unavailable to each other, which provides political capital for both in their respective homelands. Additionally, the Nehset provide information on the movements of the occasionally fractious desert nomads who range the southern savannahs of Tinariwen, which assists the Empire's efforts to maintain a semblance of order on their most remote provinces.

===Castrum Kerostriarium===

Hidden deep in Ta Netjuru, in a highly defensible valley at the feet of the Scarred Mountains, lies the present homeland of the Kerostriarii. Surrounded on all sides by danger, The Kerostriarii survive through strength of arms and an innate resistance to magic. When even a 9 foot tall bipedal rhinocerous is considered 'small' by comparison to some of the local predators, it's a sign you might want to remove the destination from your travel itinery.

The Kerostriarii's principal contact with outsiders is trade with the Nehset of Ta Seti. The Kerostriarii primarily provide the Nehset with the basalt stone they desire for their building projects, which are mostly unavailable within Ta Seti territory. In return, the Kerostriarii benefit from the use of Nehset artisans for the fine-detail craftsmanship the Kerostriarii are incapable of.

===Placeholder: Fungal Trolls of the Cursed River===
See http://www.tharshaddin.com/rp/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=3372
Notes: got to have goblins or other nasties nearby who trade trollbits to either the Nehset or the Eyropan traders (who often specialise in obtaining rare magical reagents for their clients)

===Placeholder: Harpies of the Scarred Mountains===
- Matriarchal society
- Reproduce like birds
- Aggressive? Maybe peaceful in general, just really bloody peeved that the Kerostriarii are slowly carving chunks out of the mountains they call home to trade to the Nehset north of them? Still: Harpies, amirite? Of course I am.


Ta Netjeru is mostly isolated from the empire by nature: Bordered to the north by the arid savannah and deserts of Tinariwen and southern Apefmhet, travel to the province overland is a troublesome and expensive venture rarely worth any prospective trade payoffs. To the south immense mountains of obsidian and other volcanic protuberances seal off the province from any naval approach; and that does not take into account the strange abominations which lurk the hellish waters of the Great Scar itself.

===The Scarred Mountains===

An enduring testament to the power of the Theogios, the Scarred Mountains form a range which spans the entire southern edge of Ta Netjeru. Formed out of the cataclysmic volcanic and mystic energies present at the time of the sundering, the Scarred Mountains rise up in places as high as 5-6000 metres. They are a harsh and uninviting place of basalt, granite, and obsidian, and the magical energies seared into the very rock cause havoc for all the surrounding environments. Inhabited mostly by creatures capable of flight, there is a persistent population of harpies in the eastern ranges, and many other creatures besides.

The foothills of the Scarred mountains give way to a strip of verdant land where the magic has created a trend towards megafauna and flora. It would not be out of the question to see, by way of example, ants the size of small dogs or lions four times the size of an average bear. However, sustained as they are partially by the ambient energy of the Scarred Mountains, such creatures tend to fall ill and die if removed from the vicinity of their home. The one exception to this can be found with the Cursed River, whose waters contain enough magic to sustain them.

===The Cursed River===

Once, prior to Theogios' sundering of it, a great river stretched from deep within the heart of the continent all the way to the mediterranean ocean. A vestige of that river still remains, but it is no longer fed by great lakes and rivers: its waters flow from the Great Scar itself.

Passing through the magic-tainted obsidian of the Scarred Mountains, the waters of the Cursed River are shunned by the sane and sentient residents of Ta Netjeru. A drink from those waters could drive a man insane, or begin to twist their form from the inside out into something which did not resemble a man at all. Travel along the river is fraught with dangers, as all manner of strange creatures and plants call the Cursed River home, and many find human flesh as appetising as that of a gazelle or ibis. If it isn't one of the aforementioned trying to kill you, that is. Appearances are never to be trusted along the Cursed River.

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Re: Ta Netjeru - the southernmost province of Eyropa

Post by Saruna » Sat Dec 14, 2013 5:26 pm

...I now want to rp there. Good job.
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