Baruk, The City of the Desert Rose

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Baruk, The City of the Desert Rose

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Re: Baruk, The City of the Desert Rose

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Re: Baruk, The City of the Desert Rose

Post by Cheshire » Tue Feb 18, 2014 7:44 pm

I had some thoughts on the water mages employed to keep the plant life flourishing. Seeing as though there is an obvious history, not quite friendly, with magic but it is stated that magic is not hated, the water mages could be seen as honorable and respectable figures. They could live in a building similar to a monastery within the city, but not ask for or receive any other special treatment. It would show to the Barukian(?) people that the mages intend to use a pure form of magic to bring life rather than use it the way Sha'lek did.

They could bare special garb to signify them as the water mages, and live peacefully as monks. The monastery they live in could be in the inner circle of the city so as to avoid any uncomfortable interaction between citizens who are less fond of magic its wielders. Perhaps they could even be given a title, simply as a moniker to be recognized more easily. Nābghāb is Persian for "gardener" and could serve as a moniker for these mages.

Here is something i found that can be used to translate Farsi and Dari into Roman/Latin letters (it's all i could find, and is tricky).

If this is far different than what you had in mind, please let me know and i shall continue work on something else.

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