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Name: Howard
Race: Half Human Half Elf


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Name: Howard
Age: 30
Race: Half-Elf (Human)
Height: 6 foot 1 inch
Weight: 200 lbs

Physical description: Howard on first glance appears as if a vagrant or some sort of wild man. His hair is dark blonde and long covering his ears which if seen are noted as slightly pointed. His beard is large and curly with bits of dirt in it, It seems as if it has never been washed. His face could be handsome and masculine with a hint of elvish elegance hidden in there, though covered in muck and dirt from the road it's hard to tell. scratches and claw mark litter his face as they do his whole body which is a broad and fairly fit. His clothes much like the rest of him covered in dust from his travels brown and green in colour with a green hooded cloak adorning his shoulders.

Possessions: Well made hunting bow, 30 arrows in a leather quiver, Hand Axe, Hunting knife, Gambeson, Furs and a bedroll, Some Bishan to get by in a pouch, A pouch of medicinal herbs, and a small wooden carving of a blackbird around his neck held by a small bit of string.

Powers or Strengths:
Survivalist- Able to live off in the wilds in most types of biomes, Hunting, Fishing and foraging all being in his skill set along with simple medicines found through healing herbs.
Combat- Howard is a very good shot with a bow moving or standing still. Sufficient in hand to hand and melee combat to put up a fight.
Affinity for nature- Howard being raised in the wilds has a strong bond with the forests primarily and the creatures being having tamed a few animals in his past. This does not mean he is a vegetarian he understands he is a part of the food chain and must eat too.

Lack of social skills and etiquette- Howard does not understand most human interactions he is able to understand enough to not look out of place but when conversing with people he has a harder time being raised in solitude. He will often offend people easily and do things others may see as taboo. He does not trust people, He does not like people and cities are often hard for him to get used to.
'What do you mean this is your property? It was just sat there.'- Howard has a hard time understanding the concept of other peoples property growing up with no such idea. It would not be out of the realms of possibility for Howard to take a liking to a fancy item that is obviously expensive and just take it because it looked nice.
Trust and friendships- Howard due to past experiences and his social skills has found it hard to build or maintain friendships with anything but the occasional animal. This makes it hard for him to trust people.
Dislike for his heritage: It's not really known even to himself why he is ashamed of being a half-elf maybe his scorn for his mother it may be an experience in which he was ostracised. He does not dislike elves he just dislikes his elvish half hiding his ears as often as possible attempting to pass as human.

Howard was born to an elven wanderer with fanciful ideas in her head about her way of life being the best way of life. His father unbeknownst to Howard was a simple farmer named Jerome Howard who his mother Isandé took a liking to, Getting bored within a fortnight of her mate, however giving her son his family name as his only name. Isandé was beautiful and wild an adept in nature magic which Howard never took a liking too. She decided to live alone in the woods as a young woman to get closer to nature and rebel in her own way. Howard grew up with her. Learning to hunt, forage and fish to live. His mother grew more erratic and almost mad as he grew older one day when he was 12 leaving him to fend for himself. Although he did not perish thankful to his mother for giving him the skills and scornful on not being able to look after him any longer. He lived in the woods for ten years growing into a man. Occasionally interacting with the outside world out of curiosity. Eventually, wanderlust took over and he began walking. Travelling through the outside world in search of adventure and his mother. Though years have gone by he has struggled to make bonds with people, His mother nowhere to be found. He is now heading to a city his least favourite place merely out of curiosity. A bitter and lonely man walking his seemingly endless road.

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