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Name: Nine
Race: Quorpce


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Name: Nine
Age: Unknown
Race: Quorpce

A thin figure of medium height, a shade of white with skin that looks the consistency of paper, humanoid but without facial features, wears a bright blue cloak and hood, patched together with discarded cloth and string, to distract from borderline terrifying appearance.

a small copper pendant with no inherent value, a parting gift perhaps?

Powers or Strengths:
body is unphased by physical attacks
can move through walls and other physical objects.
Ability to manipulate sound (this can be quite devastating if used to it’s full potential, but nine avoids combat at all cost and will only use this ability if a friend or ally is in mortal danger.)

Weaknesses and Flaws:
Vulnerable to magic and magic weapons
items carried do not possess immunity to physical attacks, his cloak and hood can be cut as readily as anyone else’s, hence why his attire is patched and ragged
little to no combat experience, Nine is quite confident in his inability to be hurt by normal means, but despite this he is quite agile and will notice a weapon’s magical properties even with his lack of eyes.
Nine hates fighting potential friends, he will go out of his way to avoid conflict, even if it involves being beaten down multiple times without making a move.
cannot emote due to lack of face, while only a minor problem, this does lead to nine being labeled as a threat in populated areas.
Childish, while being much older than the average human, nine is still a child in terms of his own species.
Ignorant of laws and culture

Nine’s earliest memories were the cries of a young girl, The more she cried, the louder she became, and the better nine could see her, as nine moved towards the glowing light, his only thought was to comfort the child, help her in any way he could. But on the other side, there was no crying to be heard, just the laughter of an old man, and a gathering of dead men bearing arms. Nine wasn’t phased, looking around to find the child, his only thoughts were to find her and help. But that's when he saw her, well, parts of her anyway. In that moment Nine let out a screech of pure sorrow and rage that shattered the bones of the old man and his undead lackeys and bringing ruin to the old manor that held them all. Nine turned, hoping to leave for home and put this whole incident behind him, but the light was gone and he had no hope of a safe return. Nine swore that the next time someone needed his help, he would never fail them again, even if it cost his life.

Sorry if it's a bit short, I wanted to make a character who would evolve over time as opposed to having a pre-determined plotline :D

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