Saga Amadeus

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Name: Saga Amadeus
Race: Elf

Saga Amadeus

Post by ksfoxsoxs » Sun Dec 25, 2016 8:31 pm

Player Name: ksfoxsoxs

Name: Saga Amadeus

Age: 23

Race: Elf

Height: 6'3 ft

Weight: 121 lbs

Physical Description: Towering over her enemies at 6'3, Saga certainly fits the elven appearance. Her skin takes akin to a slightly yellow glow, whilst her hair, which she prefers to keep up in a bun, is a stark contrast of black. Her eyes, usually glaring at any passerby, are a stormy gray. Her iron chest piece and gauntlets, both stolen pieces of armor, are her only protection from blows. She wears green trousers, those of a man's, and leather boots.

Possessions: Saga's gear is only what she needs to make it to the next town or city; each possession either meaningful and/or useful. Her family bow, passed down for at least six generations, and considered unbreakable, is crafted in gold and silver. Her quiver, also a family heirloom, is crafted in iron. In the quiver is 23 arrows, twenty arrows being regular iron-tipped arrows, whilst the other three are said to cause extreme misfortune among the target. In her sack, she carries salted meat and three loafs of bread. She also carries 30 Bishani, which she will gladly add to.

Powers or Strengths: Saga, who mainly sticks to the use of archery, strays from the magical side of Pal Tahrenor. Growing up in a strict home, she has vast knowledge of the world and it's varied population. Her skill with a bow is great, but any type of magic and hand-to-hand combat can have Saga or her allies with wounds. She has a small understanding of healing magic, but she refuses to use it, due to her hatred of magic.

Weaknesses: Whilst Saga has been gone from her home for two years now, the 21 years of emotional torment is still left. She feels a need to prove herself and never feels sure in her decisions. She prefers to stay alone, even though company makes her happy, in fear of messing up. She hates magic, and feels a large distrust on those who use it. This would seem natural, as her views on the elven race are those of how she views her family. She has huge trust issues in general, and most would be wise to not break her trust, because as soon as you end up in a situation that requires her help, she would very much turn against you.

History: Growing up in a privileged home of pure-blooded elves had its downsides. Saga, the youngest child, was seen as weak and unworthy of the family name of 'Baldry'. Her siblings, Eriea and Fasean Baldry practically ignored her for her life, shoving her aside as if she were carrying some terrible disease. Once, in her childhood, Saga practiced archery with her mother, since archery was a sacred family tradition. As usual, her siblings outshined her, and she was dubbed the worst archer in the Baldry line. Tired of being called a disappointment by her father and her family, Saga, age 21, cast aside the surname of Baldry, taking a surname of her own making. She stole a priceless family bow from her father and its three remaining arrows. Stealing Bisani wherever she could manage it, and taking odd jobs, two years later she is still on the run from her family, and trying to ignore the wanted posters that want her in prison.

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Re: Saga Amadeus

Post by Katona » Mon Dec 26, 2016 9:07 am

Hi Kaitlin! Thank you very much for your application.

Unfortunately, you must be 16 or older to join this community. If you'd like to see the rules on this, you can find them here:

If you have any questions or concerns, you're welcome to contact the site admin, Frug.

I do like some of the ideas you've presented here, so I encourage you to find places to write elsewhere. I recommend that you try to be more consistent in your ideas. For example, if a character is bad at archery, don't make their primary combat skill archery, unless you're also willing to show what changed to make them better at it. You'll improve a lot if you keep practicing and reading.

Good luck in your future writing endeavors!