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Name: Waiji
Race: Human


Post by Waiji » Thu Jul 21, 2016 7:52 am

Name: Waiji the Mad
Age: Unknown, presumably close to 70
Race: Human

Description: Dark of skin with long, matted grey hair and beard. He wears nothing but a loincloth around his waist and carries a multitude of shrunken heads from ropes around his shoulders. He is unhealthily thin, with a bent back and gnarled limbs, and feet that are callused and blistered.

Possessions: Around 15 shrunken heads, of questionable origins.

Powers or Strengths: Waiji cannot be killed by violent means. Stab wounds, gashes, severed limbs, even decapitation, all result in the appendage healing or rejoining itself, rather disgustingly.

Weaknesses and Flaws: Waiji is completely, irrevocably, unequivocally, insane. He is incapable of a maintained mental clarity for more than a handful of moments at a time and spends his days wandering the world, raving about his insane philosophies and warning people of nonexistent dooms. Having no weapons, he usually responds to threats with his fists, stones, or whatever he finds lying around.

Sometimes he doesn't respond at all, it depends how deep in his delusions he is.

History: An accomplished arcanist from a distant land learned of his approaching death.

Frantically, he scoured libraries and archives for a way to cheat death. He read of the fountain of youth from the ramblings of a mad prophet.

Close to death, he set out into the desert to search for it. Through the scramble of clues left by the mad prophet, he was able to decipher a location.

He found his quarry in a deserted temple, covered my sand.

He drank from the fountain.

Then he learned of his folly.

It was not the fountain of youth; it was a fraud, a counterfeit, and the mad prophet was its maker and principal test subject.

That arcanist is now forgotten, like a face in a shattered mirror.

Now he is Waiji, and for everyone that knows him, that means miscief.

Perhaps the people who loved him tried to help; he does not remember.

All that he knows is the wandering. The endless, endless wandering, and the unquenchable thirst to find what was taken from him.

But the man he was before still exists, scattered in the shards of his warped mind. Every so often, he gazes into those shards and sees a man staring back.

He does not remember where his shrunken heads came from. He does not remember a time when he did not have them; they house the fragments of his persona, and he speaks to them like dear friends and uncles, assigning them names and personalities, though they shift with the state of his delusion.

Were it not for the heads, he may be taken for a simple madman; occasionally, somebody sees the occasional burst of arcane knowledge and wisdom and seeks to use him for their own devices.

Usually, however, he's simply regarded as a dangerous vagrant and turned out of the towns and villages that he happens upon during his travels. He generally steals for his sustenance and has been known to scavenge rotten animal carcasses and even steal livestock.

Fun fact: Waiji believes that in a past life he was a shoe, that the world will end when the ocean is in the sky and it rains upwards, and that he has been tracked for years by an animal from another dimension called a Wuju, and if he stays in one place for too long it will catch him and kill him.

One of these is true.

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Name: Nashandra Katona
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Re: Waiji

Post by Katona » Fri Jul 22, 2016 3:52 pm

Welcome to Thar Shaddin, Waiji. Thank you for the application.

First of all, I would highly recommend choosing a different character idea for your first character. This character will most likely be difficult to adequately flesh out and to integrate with other characters/threads, at least until you've spent some time getting to know the forums and the setting.

As far as Waiji goes... I would definitely need to see a lot more history written for this character. For a character his age, even if he doesn't personally remember all the details, I would need to know a lot more about him, where he comes from, why he made the choices he did, cultural background, education, the extent of his travels, interesting life events... and anything else along those lines. I would want to see something more extensive and specific.

I also would need to see a lot more information on what kind of character Waiji is, what kind of person he is. I recommend reading through some of our approved applications to get a better idea of what we're looking for in applications. This character needs to be much more fleshed out, in the sense that you've focused on a couple of limited concepts and not actually written a whole character, if you get what I mean. You have eternal life, madness, and shrunken heads -- a character, much like a real person, should be much more complex, detailed and varied than this, so I would like you to work out what kind of person Waiji would be, more about his personality and his interests, his experiences, his goals... I'd like to see something about who he is, not just what he is.

I'd also like to mention that an insane character is very hard to RP with, as it can be difficult to integrate them with a thread, or have them communicate effectively with other characters. You would be limiting your thread options with this kind of character. Of course, you could always return to this idea later should you choose to start with a more suitable first character.

If you'd instead like to discuss the character and brainstorm some ideas for how to alter him to be more suitable (which may require some significant alterations), myself and other mods, as well as many of the other members, would be happy to help. You can always send a PM to me, or another mod, and often people can be found in the chat, so make sure to meet them and take advantage of that.

Feel free to PM me or reply to this thread if you have any questions or concerns. If you edit the character: when you're ready to have it looked over again, just reply to this thread letting me know. If you decide to create a new character: just post a new app and you're welcome to leave this one here (or I can move it to WIP).

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