Saphira Valadhiel

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Name: Saphira Valadhiel
Race: Wolf Shifter

Saphira Valadhiel

Post by Mizuki Hayashi » Sat Oct 03, 2015 3:50 am

Player Name: Rose

Name: Saphira Valadhiel

Age: 22

Race: Wolf Shifter

Human 5'4"
Half Wolf 5'6"
Wolf 3'5 ft.

Human 122 pds.
Wolf 80 pds.
Half Wolf 125 pds.

Physical Description: Saphira, in her human form appears to be in her early twenties ranging around twenty to twenty-three. She has dark reddish brown hair that is normally a bit wavy unless she decides to style it differently on a particular day and falls just below her waist line. Her eyes are a deep and mysterious emerald green but sometimes appear lighter forest green depending on the way the lighting reflects within them and what she is wearing like most people or beings. Her figure is very feminine, elegant and has curves like most young looking women. Saphira, in her wolf form is on the smaller petite side of your average lupine but she is still muscular due to her active nature. Her fur is the color of her hair and covers her entire body. She can be found normally with her ears, claws and tail visible even while in a more human form due to being cautious in nature and proud of her heritage, but she keeps them hidden when it is smart to do so.

Possessions: Saphira can be found carrying a purse like bag to store clothing and other supplies in case it were ever needed. Example would be currency, a snack, water , a way to write and paper, and a small book etc.

Powers or Strengths:
Speed and Agility is an asset to her like most were creatures.
The natural healing ability that most were beings like herself have.
Good writing skills (poetry, stories, lyrics, documentation)
Wisdom is defiantly an asset to Saphira. She has always been smarter and more mature than others her age, and a philosopher of sorts always studying and exploring. She is able to make quick and accurate decisions varying from situation to situation.

Saphira has a difficult time trusting people and sometimes it takes her to long to develop positive relationships with others aside from just casual conversation or being polite. It is a real hindrance to her social life, especially sense she suffers from a lack of self confidence when it comes to relationships due to a tragic event during her younger years that caused her to loose her best friend forever. With the combination of both those things she often feels lonely, and desires true friendship or even a mate if she could ever grasp control over her emotional problems. She has a bad habit of attempting to hide these issues and pretends not to have them , so unless someone knows her well she doesn't appear to have self confidence problems. Basically she has a hard time admitting them even to herself, let alone others. Naturally, she is also weak to silver as all shifters are.


-Brief Childhood-
Saphira was born in the evening on the day of Winter Solstice nearly twenty-two years ago, to Risika and Saber Valadhiel both wolf shifters. Her childhood wasn't to complex, and it was pleasant for the most part. The family used to have get togethers with neighboring families and go out on hunts. They were a respected family, and enjoyed life in Zhaltev. Long ago her family had been respected. The young wolfess relished every day to day life, and explored the vast terrain of her home. Even as a child she was always researching and studying by whatever means she could, and she could always be found listening to any meetings the other families and her family were having about anything, and she soaked in the information like a sponge. She had also heard many many stories of Dveshiniy. It caused her to grow up with more wisdom and intellect then the average young shifter. Saphira had grown proud, but not arrogant of her heritage and refused to allow anyone to insult it. She became extremely protective and loyal to those who were, or became family and friends.

-Teenage to Young Adult Years-
This time of Saphira's life was mostly spent in deep study, and exploration where she honed her skills as a wolf shifter and her mind. She trained during hunts during full and partial shifts to increase her speed and agility and her precision. She also trained outside of hunts during her spare time every evening. Saphira became a deadly force, a warrior in her own rite. Her parents and family began to notice just how accurate her claws and fangs had become, and she was promoted to a guardian of sorts. This promotion and the fact her skills had been acknowledged pleased her, so she wished to celebrate with her best friend Ayanreix. He was a decent skilled shifter himself, and Saphira had always seen him as a brother even it wasn't by blood. The two ventured off into their territory far away from the rest of their clan expecting to have fun. Little did the two young wolf shifters knew chaos was lingering. Laughing and conversing about everything that had happened earlier in the day, Saphira let her guard down for the very first time, and it would be the last if she had any control over her own instincts.

A feline hell bent on murderous intent towards them, and two young wolf shifters ran right into it's line of sight. Dangerous red glowing orbs pierced into her own green ones dancing dangerously, and she jumped in front of Ayanreix and began to shift, into her half form the one she had perfected or so she thought. Claws sprouted from her fingers and toes, and fangs were revealed through parted lips and she let out a growl of warning to the feline intruders. Her warning was in vain, and the feline seemed to laugh in her face before everything went black. Knocked unconscious for several hours, she began to stir her head pounding and the smell of blood stung at her nostrils. Everything was overwhelming, as she moved her aching frame into a sitting position. Saphira's vision was still blurry as she looked at the sight around her and vomited when her emerald eyes spotted her best friend's body ripped to shreds.

All she could do now was let out a screaming howl of absolute despair. She sat there on the ground in her tattered clothing for seemed to be an hour or so, before she forced herself to stand and grab her friends body. No emotion or expression lay across her features, but she felt as though she were breaking, and like she was about to loose herself completely. The emotional pain was to much to bare, when she stepped through the clearing and bodies of friends and family were scattered across the ground. They had followed the two young shifters out into the woods to hunt. As she began to search for her parents, Saphira felt lost and hopeless. Everyone she had ever known or cared for was either dead or missing. Her parents were no where to be found. Somehow exhausted and in pain she managed to get everyone buried before shifting into complete wolf form and bolting far away from the agony and despair behind her. Her thoughts scattered, she ran and ran further into the forest. Saphira had always been taught to be honorable, but she had mixed emotions and part of her sought revenge if she ever ran into that feline again or it's family if it even had a pride or anything of the sort. Either way, she was determined to never allow an incident like that to ever occur again. She was unsure of who or what had attacked the rest of her family and friends, if it was the feline or something or someone else.

After about a week of mourning, she snapped herself out of it and became determined to become stronger so that she could protect herself and others she would eventually cared for regardless of how she felt about herself. The she wolf shifter was very strong willed, and her training to become even faster, more agile and stronger was fiercer then it ever had been. She took on some very tough wildlife opponents, large predators that had given her many rather serious injuries. It was a good thing that she had the healing abilities she did as all shifters do, or she would have been dead many times over. Her pain tolerance had defiantly increased through all the training, and once she felt like she had succeeded and became somewhat pleased with her accomplishments she would head to Zhaltev, and find another place within to call home.

Once Saphira had arrived into Zhaltev, she noticed no one was there thus far that she recognized and she was careful to not invade any specific territories. She doubted anyone would recognize her, because most who had known her were gone forever. After some time of searching she found an unoccupied spot in Zhaltev, and this became her home. The young she wolf shifter was now around twenty-two years old, and still her old self just wiser and more skilled then she had been when she was a cub. Even as a prodigy she had lacked the experience to protect them all, and as far as she was concerned she would do anything to make sure it would never happen again. The Zhaltev territory had always been harsh to those who had not grown up in the area, and to her it felt like home despite everything in her past. It was good to be back. She would re-build a life here, a new home and continue training physically, emotionally and mentally no matter what. Her emotions were a bit difficult to deal with, and she noticed that it was difficult to talk to others. She did not trust easily, and was afraid of letting others down so it was proving to be a task to develop any real friendships. Perhaps it was time to seek out the Dveshiniy Family, and ask to become a full fledged member and thus began the start of her new life. Saphira was content, happy ,and easy to get along with for the most part. She had grown pleasant, polite, and proud of her accomplishments as well as her heritage. It would probably always be difficult for her to truly trust anyone, with secrets or her life and she would always be working towards improvement on that problem as well as her self esteem and confidence but she could do her best to just be herself, and smile. She really was happy after all, but sometimes past emotions crept up on her and it caused her to dislike the human part of herself, so she preferred to always have ears, tails, claws visible.

I hope this is alright, was trying to be creative and keep her history etc. within the actual plot of the rp. I hope this will work, and sorry for the delay. Been busy with real life and haven't role-played in such a long time. Can someone change my display name to Saphira Valadhiel please and thank you :). I can't wait to rp with everyone.
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Re: Saphira Valadhiel

Post by Katona » Tue Oct 06, 2015 8:10 pm

Welcome to Thar, Rose! Thanks for the character application.

The general concept of the character works, but there are some relatively minor adjustments to be made before I can approve it.

A few technical details to get out of the way first: the currency of this setting is called Bishani. However, I don't believe Zhaltev tends to use much actual money. They prefer a barter system, trading physical goods. I'd like to point out that you have a few grammatical issues, and I would recommend more thoroughly reviewing your writing before posting in future. It's not a huge issue but, for example, you've used "defiantly" instead of "definitely" in a few places, as well as confusing to/too, than/then, rite/right, and so on. Don't stress over it, but it's something worth working on. :)

Now, for the actual history...

You've said that Saphira spent a of time studying and researching. It would be useful to know what areas of knowledge she's actually studied, and make sure it fits with her background. Zhaltev is a city of shifters with a very wild, perhaps even anti-academic culture, and there's a tendency for people who do spend much time on those kind of activities to be heavily criticized and bullied by their peers. On the other hand, if you only meant that she has a very analytic mind and has learned a lot from her experiences, such as gaining an intuitive understanding of behaviour/psychology through personal observation, that's obviously a much different story. I'd just like to see some clarification here, and appropriate weaknesses if relevant.

When it comes to her combat abilities, I'd like to know more about what kind of combat training she has and where she attained it. It's most likely, as a shifter in Zhaltev, that her understanding of combat would have come from learning to hunt or fighting with other shifters as a social behaviour (similar to actual animals). Does she have any formal hunting training? Does she have any form of technical combat knowledge, or is she mostly just physically fit? A few more details here would be great, and it should be listed in strengths (unless she doesn't actually know much about fighting, of course). If you're not aware already, we don't have much of a combat focus on this forum, so there's no need for her to be especially good at it -- just go with what makes sense for her background instead.

I think the mass death storyline is a little excessive for what you're aiming for here. The death of her friend and the consequences of that are already quite significant for the character, but having such a large number of people die while she survives is both strange and makes a large imprint on the setting for the area. To have been injured and to have let her friend die would be more than enough justification for her to focus on becoming stronger in future, and allows for all the interesting emotional consequences of such a tragedy. Also, perhaps instead of her wandering into the woods alone after the incident, it might be worth considering that she tried to travel away from her home city for a while -- whether it was to have new experiences, to try and get away from her guilt, or just because she was sick of her home and the people who live there. It's a good point for character development too.

Taking into consideration what I've said above about the history, I'd like to see a few more weaknesses just to balance out the character. At least one additional physical weakness would be good, along with anything that makes sense to include regarding her personal situation and how she interacts with the culture of Zhaltev (or other parts of Eyropa, if she has been anywhere else).

On top of weaknesses, I think a little more could be said overall about her interests and desires. How does she spend her time? Where does she want to end up? What are her goals? What are her beliefs? You've covered some of it, but a little more insight into her personality would be very useful.

When you're ready for me to look at the app again, just post in this thread letting me know. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM me (or another mod), catch me in chat, or just ask here.

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