Constables Galen Karris and Aimsbury Quirke

The Marn City Guard and Battlemages.
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Constables Galen Karris and Aimsbury Quirke

Post by Brokk » Mon Apr 20, 2015 8:44 pm

Galen Karris

Constable rank V Galen Karris, Marnian titre, 40 years old, six foot four, and built from pork and fat bacon. Thickset and muscular, though not attractively so, he has an interesting collection of scars and healed fractures. A third generation guardsman, street smart and literate but not formally educated, he's corrupt by certain unflinching standards, but not overly cruel or vindictive. Prefers to partrol on foot and as he has higher rank than Quirke they go on foot despite being cavalry. Lives mainly for his job, like his father and grandfather before him. Proud father of one fine robust lad of the right Marnian stuff, named Bruce, who is planned to continue the family tradition and follow in his father’s footsteps when he is of age. Karris is a frequent visitor to the city's less expensive brothels despite being married to Mabel Karris, or because thereof.

Aimsbury Quirke ... -344909423

Constable rank IV Aimsbury Quirke. Shim native, 37 years old, six foot three, renowned lack of success with the ladies, though not for lack of trying. Not as clever as Karris but has big dreams. Born and raised in Shim, with its higher level of danger, he’s extra cautious and vary of strangers and magic and his puradyne attitudes are fanatic. A countryside man, Quirke excels on horseback, but when teamed up with the city dweller Karris he has to walk. Quirke has come off as a good guardsman who always obeys orders, and is able to shut up and keep a secret. Thus he has been promoted. But truth is, he’s from a town where people have to be able to defend themselves, and can be prone to take law in his own hands in some situations. Corrupt and fond of bribes, but not as subtle as some and quite physically threatening when soliciting payments. By no means poor, he is a bit of a gambler and fond of bad jokes.
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