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Witch "Coven" (3/6 Claimed)

Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2015 12:22 am
by Aleksei
Look, Matt's writing again!

The "coven" is a group of girls (magical ones at that) who have been branded as 'witches' by their fellow man and cast out. As they’ve been together for a while now, the girls have grown close and consider each other an odd sort of family. They call themselves a “coven”, though they don’t necessarily cast spells together in any organized fashion. They’re actually more just a dirt-caked group of girls and an equally as dirty wanderer. But that wanderer gave them something they’ve never had before- a home. They were literally exiled as children and left to die (and they would have had they not been magical badasses of some sort), but badass or not, they're still kids, and everyone they'd ever known either hated them or died.

Aside from their obvious abnormalities, the girls will often sing songs, play games, and do other activities typical of their respective ages.

All ages are somewhat variable unless otherwise specified.

Aleksei (Matt's)

Age- 27
Role- Protector
Aleksei renamed all the children (except for Kitty) after finding them, encouraging them to leave their troubled pasts behind. He is the father figure and backbone of the group. Left in the woods after his mother was executed for witchcraft in a quiet city southwest of Zhaltev, he knows he has family in Zackonspierre and Keltaris, so contacting them is one of his long-term goals.

Knows limited alchemy.

Has no inherent magical powers, but can sense magic and has some limited resistance to it.

Feels insecure about his role and fights his fear of the girls. Ashamed of his attraction to both Victoria and Elisa (they’re literally children, yo). Refuses his own desires. For now.

Will he ever reach his family? Will they accept him? More importantly, will they accept the girls?


Victoria- Claimed by Ree!
[Must have one approved character in a thread and been a member for at least one year]
Age- 18
Hair/Eyes- Fawn/Green
Role- The Eldest
As the eldest, she feels responsible for the other girls and feels anxious about “outgrowing” the others.

Smitten with Aleksei.

Can harness nature and draws power from the moon. (OOC: she’s kinda druidic/Wiccan/etc.)

Suspects Elisa of seducing Aleksei while out on hunts. How does she feel about her for this? Has she ever confronted Elisa about it?

Left with Aleksei from Zhaltev. Why? Is she a shifter? If so, does she keep it secret? If not, why? Was she just an anomaly? An outsider?

[Must have one approved character in a thread and been a member for at least one year]
Age- 15
Hair/Eyes- Black/Black
Role- Cook/Hunter

Jealous of Victoria, bisexual, wants Aleksei to herself.

The most confrontational of the girls. What happened in her past to make her so distrustful? If she is so cold, why does she stay with the coven?

Can locally control temperatures, create fires, freeze water, etc., but loves the cold. Why?
Hates the heat in Thar Shaddin.

Accompanies Aleksei on hunts (Aleksei taught her by her request)

Very skilled at sewing. Where did she learn to sew?

Exiled from Zackonspierre after murdering a nobleman who tried to molest her. Who was this nobleman? Why was she sent away rather than having her actions justified? Did she not tell the truth? Did the nobleman's family have a hand in it?

Age- 11
Hair/Eyes- Black/Brown

Future transexual (m->f). Seeks a way to change her body to the female form she feels she really is. How did she come to this conclusion and why?

Exiled from Zackonspierre on the same day as Elisa. Been with Elisa since the beginning. Why? How and why did she meet Elisa?

No known magical abilities, which makes her incredibly insecure. Aleksei claims he can feel something though. How does Andrei feel about this? Insecure? Accepted?

Enjoys carving/sculpting and herping. Does Andrei feel useless for not having any 'useful' skills?

Natasha- Claimed by Manuel
Age- 14
Hair/Eyes- Umber/Purple
Role- Teacher

Necromancer, lesbian, the self-proclaimed ‘mother’ of Kitty.

She legitimately claims to be the mother of Kitty; it is not known what her relation is, but they look somewhat alike. Why would she make this claim?

Refuses to clothe herself, leaving her covered in scrapes, etc. from the woodland life. Suffers from panic attacks, but is normally very cordial. What are the cause of these attacks?

Has a necklace of a snake consuming its own tail. How did she acquire it? Why does she choose to wear only it and no other clothing?

Secretly fancies Elisa. How does she feel about the other girls? Aleksei?

Not exiled, but from a wandering family of hermits. The only survivor of a bear attack.

Followed around by a giant demon whom she summoned from the Astral Plane. Aleksei doesn’t let her have chalk anymore. Feels slightly oppressed. Why would she summon a demon? Did this have something to do with the attack, or was it afterward? Were her parents also practitioners of such magic?

Has a small collection of books and takes it upon herself to teach the others in reading, writing, and other such skills. The intellectual of the group. Are the others receptive? How does she feel about filling this role?

Kitty- Claimed by Renee
Age- 6
Hair/Eyes- Black/Black

Obviously the youngest, prone to absent seizures, abnormally eloquent (almost adultlike) for her age, has abnormally but proportionately developed breasts, has a menstural cycle, but still mentally six years old. What is the reason for her seizures? Is her eloquence magical? Does she have any other magic?

Birth name wasn’t Kitty, but she insists that’s her “real” name. How did she come to this decision?

Suffers from a rare magical skin disease that requires frequent care. How did she acquire it?

Loves Natasha’s demon like a big teddy bear. Why is she not afraid of it?

The Twins- Ayla & Twila [Dual Character]
[Must have one approved character in a thread and been a member for at least one year]

Identical except for hair color. They appeared from the wastelands with no explanation. (IMMENSE BACKSTORY POTENTIAL =DD)
Twila speaks for both, and some of the girls suspect they are telepathic. They both love flowers and will spend entire days picking them and looking for ones they’ve never seen before.

Age- 9
Hair/Eyes- Black/Blue

Obsessed with death-why?
Mildly autistic, can heal small injuries. Is her magic related to her autism? Vice versa? Is her power growing with age? Will it fully bloom at puberty or continue to slowly grow?
Loves painting and climbing.
Hates Natasha. Why?
Age- 9
Hair/Eyes- White/White (Atrophied? Or blind at birth?)

Sister’s caretaker
Sullen- for what reasons?
Very limited telekinesis. As with her sister- will it grow? How?
Very eager for Natasha’s lessons. Why is her attitude so different from her sister's?
Dainty, doesn’t much like running.


Aleksei came upon Andrei and Elisa three years ago while wandering south. They were both malnourished and clearly suffering. He took them in out of pity and because he sympathized with their plight (his mother was lynched for her witchcraft). The twins came next; in fact, Aleksei almost killed Ayla when he first saw her. Victoria came along the next winter, after Aleksei entered Zhaltev to acquire supplies. As they wandered south two springs later, the twins were looking for flowers when they found Natasha and Kitty.

122 PW, Summer- present
123 PW, Spring- Natasha/Kitty
125 PW, Winter- Victoria
126 PW, Autumn- Twins
126 PW, Winter- Andrei/Elisa
131 PW, Autumn- Aleksei enters the wilds

POTENTIAL FIRST RP: Aleksei leads them into Marn, they get chased out and one of the kids gets wounded badly. Aleksei has to seek medical help for someone now publicly hated while keeping the other children safe.

Art Credits (DeviantArt):
Ayla- Zaratops
Elisa- Emmatyan
Natasha- thedrawinghands
Victoria- Avine
Kitty- sfhys
Aleksei- Vrihedd
Andrei- MarinaMichkina
Twila- bernardosilveira

Re: Witch "Coven" 3/6 Claimed)

Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2015 6:47 am
by Metarie
I'll take the eldest if you're cool with it.

Re: Witch "Coven" (1/6 Claimed)

Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2015 2:32 pm
by Renee Raialagos
I could take care of writing little black eyed Kitty if you like.

Re: Witch "Coven" (2/6 Claimed)

Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2015 5:29 pm
by Manuel
Taken a liking to our little hermit nudist, I'll take a whack at writing her if ya don't mind.

Re: Witch "Coven" (3/6 Claimed)

Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2015 4:18 am
by Metarie
We will need to do character apps for them to flesh them out. :)

Re: Witch "Coven" (3/6 Claimed)

Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2015 4:33 am
by Aleksei
Ree's right; in fact, I'm already on mine, guys ;) hurry it up!

Re: Witch "Coven" (3/6 Claimed)

Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2015 9:17 am
by Kitty
I made a character sheet with the ideas I got.

Tell me to adjust if needed.

Re: Witch "Coven" (3/6 Claimed)

Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2015 4:40 pm
by Metarie
Matt, I took many liberties. Check the WIP for Victoria.

Re: Witch "Coven" (3/6 Claimed)

Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2015 5:17 pm
by Aleksei
Fantastic as always, Ree. I love it.

Re: Witch "Coven" (3/6 Claimed)

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 10:39 am
by Nedan Sandair
Hmmm interesting. Not sure if I'll take one yet, but I'll definitely volunteer any of my Marn characters for the first Rp. After all, what bunch of starving kids doesn't want to meet someone like Ren on their first day in town? :P

Re: Witch "Coven" (3/6 Claimed)

Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2015 1:48 am
by Metarie
Since this has stalled, I've moved Victoria back to WIP.