Survive Nikara

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Survive Nikara

Post by Dylan Drashalov » Wed Mar 18, 2015 11:00 pm

A hard life is still a life. More than can be said for most…

500 years ago the War ended, and we were all that was left standing. Us, and the town.

The rest of the planet can rot for all I care, who needs it? The desert has thieves and the mountains have the Children of Jade that won’t heel. If it wasn’t for scavenging tech no civilized person would need to go there, anyway.

After all, the Baron will set us right, right? Right. Or so he tells us to believe. He’ll deal with the religious fanatics out in the desert, the stinking aliens in their ghettos in town, the radiation, the muties, the acid rain. Humanity first, that’s the saying.

…I have faith in the Baron, he’s vicious enough, but I still keep a pistol cocked.

SURVIVE NIKARA is an exciting new play by post, forum based collaborative fiction role playing game! In a wholly original setting, players take on the roles of inhabitants of Nikara, a planet that was a battleground for a great cosmic war for a thousand years. Nikara has been on its own for the last five centuries, and it ain’t pretty.

Take on any number of roles in the hardscrabble capital town of Southall…but if you’re an alien you’ll be treated as a second class citizen. Or exact revenge on the Baron’s human militia as a warrior of the wastelands, striking fear into the heart of citizens from your home in the harsh desert. Or anything in between.

Some facts about Survive Nikara:

· Seven races to choose from, or you can make your own

· Exotic locales/storylines

· Original setting with plenty of room for world development from the community

· Website artwork is also original and done by a skilled Philadelphia, USA based tattoo artist

· Moderator spots available

· Created and administered by a player from right here on Thar

Join us over at SURVIVE NIKARA to take the first steps with us in the launch of our community!

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