A Scorned Wolf

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A Scorned Wolf

Post by Kibe » Wed Feb 25, 2009 4:15 am

Availability: Open

Posting Speed: post here if you are going to go more then four days without posting or we’ll have to try and post around you.

Characters Involved: Kibe and whoever else joins lol.

Location: Downtown, The Scrapyard, and Justice Hall


The powers that be have decided that it is once again time to call on Kibe. A sacrifice, someone who has a strong connection to the astral plane, is needed by a Battlemage named Scorn to open a gateway and pull out an item or being of extraordinary power. Kibe is sent to retrieve the sacrifice. In the process he confronts the adventurers and they seek to rescue the sacrifice and unravel the plot that will lead them all the way to the top of Marnian society.

Other Notes:

Any questions just ask :D

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