January News

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January News

Post by Saruna » Mon Feb 10, 2014 12:35 am

All hail the advent of the year of Japan and the katana!

Katana count for the month of January: 7

(<3, Shane)

Aside from the holyshitnewpeople wave in January, it has been a slow month in terms of development work. While we all (both mods and players) have committed to numerous intended changes, suffice to say that between sickness, school, and totally unproductive hangout sessions, we slowed down a little. But, as procrastinators are fond of saying, there's always tomorrow!

(on a side note, amount of posting is up. Good job, guys <3)
New Pages:


Edited Pages:

Active Character List: While the stats up at the top are still not fixed from my spree of forgetfulness, it should be relatively close to actual numbers. Whooops.

Marn and Shim Businesses: After spelunking through old threads in anticipation of the Marn Timeline project, several more neat things were found and added. Also some adjustments of Tiger's Crossing to update it and adjust it to the character Julius.
Staff: Intended Upcoming Projects & Wiki Updates for February

Leftovers from December:

Pretana writeup: At a bit of a standstill at the moment.
Marn-specific timeline: Progress has happened, albeit slowly!
Addition of Synevive/Descendant political maps to wiki: Zina has graciously volunteered herself to redo them to look better. Not done yet, but getting there!
Marn Govt structure and Guard structure viewable in html: Frug hates us.
Khazyani (nomadic tribes) writeup: information done, working on writeup
Wikifying Hayawani-Teule from World Dev: on hold
Wikifying Ghiyiri from World Dev: on hold
Seelie Sidhe/Unseelie Sidhe: on hold
First-draft Apthoni writeup: underway
Readying Darleone government for wiki: underway
Writeup on some of Darleone's cities: underway
Eyropa Politics: initial draft
List of Changers with brief writeups: on hold

New stuff:

Clearing out old stuff before we start on new stuff.

Players: Ongoing & New Projects


Noituritan, City of the Dead: Should be going into the wiki sometime in February.
Society of Negotiated Loyalties : gonna get this into the wiki during February, hopefully.


Qadis: Port City of Corezo
Tzal writeup
Baruk: Orcs of the Sooqui Plains
Baruk, the City of the Desert Rose: Thar version of Baghdad
Nehkhepera: Scarab people
Orkarov: Eyropan province
Ciasse: Eyropan province
Ta Netjeru: Eyropan province
Fungal Trolls: blending fungi with trolls to produce something terrifying and wonderful.

New stuff:

Sartani, City of the Sky: SKY PIRATES!
Hasele: Eyropan province
Discussion & Brainstorming
  • Bioluminescent fish -- toss in some thoughts/ideas!
  • Monsters & Megafauna: you guys disappoint me!
  • Eyropan Landmass Naming Contest: Don't forget about it! If you have name suggestions, get 'em in before Feb 14th. If not, be prepared to vote!
  • You Done Good: a new kudos thread reflecting the old one started back in what must have been 07 or 08. Hop in with any bit of writing on Thar you feel deserves public recognition!
If I missed anything, please let me know!
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Re: January News

Post by Death » Thu Feb 13, 2014 8:10 pm

LOLFAIL totally forgot about Death.

Death is a community npc who is to be used for death posts within any thread where a npc dies. So, say a npc gets killed in a thread. You could write up a death post for that npc, post it into the thread, and then have a moderator change the account to the Death account.

Some basic guidelines:

1) The purpose of the Death account is not to hijack a thread. Write the npc's death, and that's it, you're done. Don't attempt to prolong the posts with the Death account or otherwise interact with the other characters. You are writing a death that has already happened, that's it.

2) Unless players specifically state in a plot post that they do not want any appearances by Death, any thread where a npc dies is FREE GAME.

3) If the death happened and the characters have already moved past that death (as in several posts ago or the death happened and then the scene switched), don't do the post. You missed your opportunity, and you should feel bad.


Have fun! <3
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