Soulbound - An Elder Races RPG

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Soulbound - An Elder Races RPG

Post by Aailski » Sat Oct 21, 2017 8:13 pm


The world is not only for humans. There are Elder Races, mystical, mythical, powerful creatures that used to hide but are now out in the open, integrating into human society and interacting with them. Elves, Fae, Wyr, Vampyres and more have steeped into human society - some more than others. While most humans are used to their presence by now, they are always wary of them because the Elder Races are strange, inhuman, dangerous and they all have an agenda of their own.

Set in Europe and mostly in the United Kingdom, Soulbound is an Elder Races RPG based on the books by Thea Harrison. Immerse yourself into a world full of magic, power and intrigue with unique and dangerous races that are many and various. Pick a race, join the story and shape the world!