Phantaisie | freeform all animal rp

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Phantaisie | freeform all animal rp

Post by Cinni » Wed Oct 26, 2016 3:39 pm


Who are we? Phantaisie is a multi-/all- animal roleplay game community. Our game dabs in both the realm of fantasy and realistic, which we fondly label it as semi-fantasy. We allow free-form character designs with only certain limits, and the lands have supernatural features. There is no OC planning so personal plots can form ICly and keep things exciting for everyone, we have a small sentence count so that both new or veteran roleplayers can feel at home with us, and we are open to all types of roleplayers, writing styles, character ideas, and whatever it is that makes you, well, you!

The basic storyline? On a planet that is Earth-like, where only animals live, there is a place called Phantaisie. Long ago it was a beautiful land, but that beauty was destroyed by others, and many creatures fled or died as it was abandoned and became nothing but a legend. Years upon years later, when Phantaisie was hardly remembered, new brave souls entered it. Will you be one of them? What legend will you make for yourself in this new frontier? Will you be a creature worth remembering, one who'll bring good, or will your story be one of chaos like the legend long ago?

For more information, come check us out and talk to us at: