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Plot Ideas & Looking for Characters

Post by Saruna » Thu Sep 12, 2013 4:00 pm

If you have a free character or you just have an idea for a really awesome plot, here is the place to post and discuss it. Please note that if you have a thread planned with other people, this is not the place to post. This is to share plot ideas before you're ready to get the thread started.

This is a new thing we're trying in an attempt to help new players (or even old players with hard to place characters or ideas they haven't been able to use!) get into threads quicker. Some discussion is allowed in this thread, but once you've got an idea you want to roll with including other people be sure to create a plot topic as normal, and a moderator will wipe out the discussion. This may be subject to change.

Words of wisdom from Frug, taken from the other thread:

:arrow: I never recommend that any new player begins by creating a new post alone in the hopes that a random person will choose to join. The chances of someone reading your thread and dropping in without being specifically invited are very slim for a number of reasons. Most active writers are already involved in stories, and many people don't feel comfortable stepping in without knowing who you are. They may not even notice your thread.

:arrow: Introduce yourself to us in the player communication forum. Let us know who you are, join us in our random discussions to let us know you're active and part of the community. Silly random discussions are not pointless, they help us get to know each other.

:arrow: Use the shoutbox or join us in the chat room if you see someone in there. This is the best way to make friends right away, and the fastest way to discuss a potential plot.

:arrow: PM someone who looks active and who you think you might want to write with. It's flattering to receive a PM like that, and there's a very good chance it will be well received. You can PM me or another staff member if you like, and ask for guidance and help.

:arrow: Be patient. Keep looking, keep trying. If you give up after a few days or even a week, there's nothing we can do. Why might it take so long to find a place? Sometimes everyone is in a plot and you'll have to wait a while for them to free up, or maybe it's hard to think of a way to incorporate the kind of character you've created. Don't worry about it. It's part of the game.
This thread will be periodically tidied to ensure information remains relevant.
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Re: Plot Ideas & Looking for Characters

Post by Metarie » Mon Sep 16, 2013 3:22 pm

Ah, celebrity. Ah, fandom.

So, Katona and I were talking and I started to wonder about the celebrity phenomenon.

When people are in positions of power or public eye, this fandom thing occurs.

Would that be true for Marn? We've written in the past about Captain of the Guard groupies, but what about other prominent figures?

How's that for a character idea? Maybe Guile has a stalker...

We have a theater. Maybe we've got some actors and actresses, with like regular programs such as "The life of Teodinus" and "Puradyne Romance (I'm positive this one is done Bollywood Style)."
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Re: Plot Ideas & Looking for Characters

Post by Dia Lyn » Wed Jul 30, 2014 8:43 pm

So, Darrik has helped me formulate an idea for a plot:

Shepherds and Farmers in Shim have been complaining that a beast comes out at night and tramples their crops, while stealing their sheep. After a few too many nights of this, the townsfolk have scraped together a small bounty for the one who can bring back the creatures head.

Because of this promise of money, several groups have gotten together in an attempt to hunt the creature to it's lair, which is thought to be located in the Virdara Woods.

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Re: Plot Ideas & Looking for Characters

Post by Diego » Fri Aug 15, 2014 1:42 pm

===Potential RP - Panacea: Physician Heal Thyself===

Rumours are spreading in certain circles of Qadis regarding a 'miracle cure' for illnesses being sold to only the most wealthy clients via the black market.

Known simply as Panacea, the medication has thus far been credited for curing several cases deemed 'hopeless', the most recent being a Quijan 'merchant' afflicted with a magically induced poison. It has become hot property, and even the Duque De Quijas has instructed that the truth behind Panacea be discovered in hopes it could be co-opted as a Quijan luxury export. However, those that distribute the magical medicine are masters of intrigue, subterfuge, and magic, well practised at covering both their tracks and the secrets of Panacea.

Location: Qadis -

===Plot possibilities===
1 - The Investigation: a Quijan noble seeks to discover the source of Panacea, contracted by the Duque De Quijas, and comes up against the subterfuges of the syndicate.
2 - The Doctor's Dilemma: his attentions are split between caring for his daughter, and producing panacea for the syndicate. Circumstances dictate that he keep the latter activities secret from the daughter.
3 - Medic, Please: Someone needs the cure, but finds that obtaining access to it is suddenly more difficult due to The Investigation and the Syndicate needing to add more layers of failsafes and redundancies in their distribution methods.

===Character ideas===
Potential characters could come from two main factions, or be independent of either.
Some ideas are as follows:

+ Syndicate Member(s) - these people are irrevocably amoral at best, downright malevolent at worst. These are Bad Guys[TM] whose goal is profit at any price, and they will milk Panacea for as long as they can before the heat rises too high. Certain members have the dirt on The Doctor, and their blackmail material is far more compelling than a knife to The Doctor's throat.
+ The Doctor (Claimed by James) - the man responsible for the creation of the Panacea, burdened by its secrets, and irrevocably under the power of a powerful criminal syndicate. His story will not end well.
+ The Doctor's daughter (Tentatively claimed by Colours) - An intelligent girl afflicted by a magical disease, the result of an experiment gone terribly wrong. The Doctor created Panacea in his efforts to find a cure, yet Panacea only pushes back the worst of the symptoms and delays her death. Even with Panacea, she will not live past 30 at this stage.

+ The Investigator - A Quijan nobleman whose 'hobby' is aiding the Quijan militia with investigating unusual crimes or circumstances. The result of natural born intelligence with too much money and time on their hands. In this instance, he is acting with a letter of authority from the Duque De Quijas.
+ Quijan Guard(s) - Tasked to protect the Investigator while he looks into the rumours of Panacea. May be smarter than expected, and likely have a certain amount of street smarts.

+ Someone whose friend disappeared under strange circumstances.
+ Someone in desperate need of Panacea, trying to get access to it


Those interested: please approach me in chat or send a PM to this account, so that we can bounce plot ideas around.
My personal interest is to explore the doctor's tragedy, and eventual downfall, but there is certainly the possibility for multiple RP threads linked to the core plot ideas.
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Re: Plot Ideas & Looking for Characters

Post by Saruna » Fri Aug 28, 2015 4:22 pm

Arc: small, personal, politics/diplomacy manuevering based that will tie into the larger picture of Corezo. My character will be Moruan. Yours will be from one of the duchies in Corezo.

It begins at a funeral. The deceased had immense personal meaning to your character or mine. It has affected one or both of them deeply. It was an accident. My character was in talks with a powerful family or political powerhouse from another province.

The death has irreperably changed things.

While it was an accident, there is evidence that it was an indirect result of foul play.

Someone has betrayed someone. There is a leak.

Now they need to figure out who before it takes one or both of our characters to their knees.


My character:
  • a woman in her thirties. She is married to a man who does not love her. She does not love him. They are, however, tightly allied with each other in a bond that has (thus far) defied all of the odds. No matter who has tried to exploit their relationship, it has failed. They both have had affairs, though (thus far) neither has allowed those affairs to become anything that might hurt their family.
  • She is of the Morua family.
  • She has three children. One of them is dead.
  • She is a diplomat for the Morua family and, in some ways, for the province.
  • She has ties to the family spymistress. She has been used as an accomplice to assassination before, though she is not one herself.
Your character:
  • Is involved. A friend, an enemy, a lover, a rival, a bystander, a source of information, a person of dubious intent -- whatever you want, so long as they are involved in diplomacy/politics in some way.
  • Is someone who stands to benefit from helping or hurting.
  • Has some power in his or her own right, but is not going to be able to pull shit out of his or her ass.
  • Is from Corezo
  • Is a character you are in love with the idea of playing.
You are:
  • patient
  • interested in brainstorming
  • interested in devloping Corezo
  • interested in strength that has nothing to do with the ability to kill other people
  • attentive to details
  • thorough
  • critical of both my and your own ideas
  • open to criticism, willing to criticize me
  • into intensive character building
  • able and willing to create a host of npcs.
  • interested in making your character struggle
  • interested in a character who gets hurt and doesn't always succeed

I am looking for no more than two other characters for this series of threads. I don't care if you are new or old to the site. I don't care if you have never written politics or power plays before. As long as you're interested and willing to try.

PM me or catch me in chat if interested.
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Re: Plot Ideas & Looking for Characters

Post by Saruna » Tue Sep 08, 2015 11:12 pm

NOT CURRENTLY TAKING MORE CHARACTERS -- may in the future, however, so I'm leaving this up.

Location: Apthoni, remote estate/city-state


Revelry. The local baron/lord/duke/whatever is hosting an annual festival. Dancing, merriment, drink, and feast. In comes the Huntsmaster, grim and forboding. Reports over the last moon have come in, sparingly, of something in the far forest, something foul and predatory. It has been remote enough to not waste time or effort, but new information has come in: a hamlet under the purview of the baron[etc] has been ravaged.

The baron[etc] must act. S/he sets his/her son/daughter/niece/nephew/brother/sister/spouse to the task of finding and dealing with this menace. They are not unused to monsters. They have dealt with them before.

They do not suspect the true horror lurking in the forest, a [redacted].

They ride to their doom . . . unless they can escape. But the forest they know so well isn't necessarily the same one they remember, and once they go in, they might not come out.

Possible Roles:

Nobleperson (relative to the baron[etc])
Huntsmaster (in charge of dogs/raptors)[taken]
Horsemaster (in charge of horses)[taken]
Captain of the Guard (in charge of guardsmen/soldiers whose concern are nobleperson's safety)[taken]
Estate Mage [taken]
Entourage (accompanying one or two useless ladies and/or noblemen, (plus servants) who think this is a lark)

2-4 players is the goal, 5 at absolute max. New or old welcome, though new players' characters must still adhere to power limitations!

Characters might not survive the thread. The odds are definitely not in their favor. :)

PM me or catch me in chat if interested!

** should your character die off early you will be more than welcome to create another character from the remaining npc stock **
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Re: Plot Ideas & Looking for Characters

Post by Alferic » Sun Feb 28, 2016 1:10 pm

Alferic is seeks justice for Isabella, the girl of his dreams, killed in an explosion at a gala. She was only eighteen.

This is the first plot idea for my PC (as well as my first experience of this type of roleplay! :shock: ). Isabella was the sister of his friend Marius Coppella, a wealthy family whom Alferic had come to know through his volunteer work at the temple. Alferic's background is a far more humble one working in the bakery of his parents. He felt uncomfortable when he first visited Marius as the house seemed like a mansion and also Marius' parents had such an air of superiority that he was sure that they looked down upon him.

Then he laid his eyes on Isabella, Marius' sister, and his heart was captured. Isabella was the same age as Alferic and she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. He paid many visits to Marius' home and the three of them talked for many hours about the Tomes. However, Alferic was never sure how she felt about him and he just didn't have the confidence to display any indication of how he felt towards her.

Alferic had believed that his future laid with the church as he was considering a simple life of contemplation but that changed when Isabella was killed. He is well aware that there are those in Marn who oppose the government and their restrictions on the use of magic or contact with the outside world. These terrorists must have detonated the explosion device. He now wishes to track down those responsible perhaps by pursuing a career as a city guard.

I'm sure that there will be those who will hinder as well as help Alferic in his cause...either way, I'd like to hear from you.

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Re: Plot Ideas & Looking for Characters

Post by Ivone » Fri Mar 04, 2016 1:22 am

Sorry, I wasn't more clear :)

Posting here is great, but let's get a plot thread going! See the instructions below, then post the thread in this Plot Discussion fourm by clicking start new topic.

Here's the instructions:
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