Aquilon, the Weather Ahamkara

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Name: Aquilon
Race: Ahamkara

Aquilon, the Weather Ahamkara

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Name: Aquilon
Age: 2117
Race: Ahamkara
Height: 6'2
Weight: 190 Ibs

Physical Description:
Aquilon is an Ahamkara, a legendary and mysterious race that come in a variety of forms. Aquilon specifically appears similar to an aryan human, blonde hair, blue eyes, etc. around the age of early 20s. Notable features include a skinny but athletic build, piercing ice blue eyes, and an air of confidence if that can be described physically.

Aquilon is a new being with ancient power. Technically 2117 years old and by far the youngest known of his race, he was an especially talented hunter, raised and taught by Vedicious, The Knowing herself. However, he only has about 100 years of actual experience, as his body was frozen in ice in what is real life North-West Canada.

No one knows how he got there, himself included, and the ice that imprisoned him recently thawed. After fending off powerful creatures while travelling for 2 years in North America, he finally found his way to Europe and was both surprised and very pleased to have found truly intelligent life, such as humans and elves and more.

Aquilon's powers are temperature based, having borderline immunity to temperatures and having some minor control over weather. While he can use heat as a weapon, his cold/ice based powers are much more developed and he uses them almost exclusively as opposed to heat. His other powers include advanced reflexes, above average sight, and a high resistance to most diseases.

Like all Ahamkara, his strength is also his weakness. Ahamkara boast extremely high intelligence and use it as often as they can over physical powers. They know the answers to questions that no one even knows to ask. This makes them a target for those who seek forbidden knowledge, as well as a target for jealousy by many twisted magic creatures and madmen. The ego of an Ahamkara is rivaled by none. This means confidence in situations that it would otherwise waver, but those who would oppose the Ahamkara can play on their ego.

All in all, Aquilon strengths:
Flawless archery, weather influence(not control), immunity to extreme temperatures, control over cold/ice (minor/limited heat control), advanced reflexes and unwavering confidence and vast intelligence with high resistance to most diseases, ranged combat.

Unrivaled ego that is easily exploited, people don't usually like him, he's a prime target of those who seek knowledge, and in close combat of any kind, he isn't well trained in anything. His powers can be completely neutralized by the feeling of humility. Aquilon like all Ahamkara, has a strong sense of competition that can also be exploited extremely easily.