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Fang of Wind
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Name: Fang of Wind
Race: Half Elemental

Fang of Wind

Post by Fang of Wind » Tue Jun 09, 2015 1:42 am

Name:Fang of Wind
Age: 25
Race:Half Elemental

Physical Description: Fang of wind looks like a werewolf trapped inbetween forms, he is about 6' tall with ears that extend another 6" over his head. His face looks human with slightly enlongnated canines. His body is covered with fine fur that feels like velvet when going with the lay of the fur and like sand paper when rubbed against it. His fur is black over most of his body, but when he isn't wearing a tunic over his chest the silver slashes reveal horrible injuries from his past.

Possessions:Fang owns very little. He has a long sword for self defense, and a locket he wears around his neck. The locket isn't worth much money wise but holds great sentimental value for the half elemental. He has some money, and basic clothing.

Powers or Strengths: Fang has the strength of an elemental, he draws power from the earth itself and can use some of that power as magic. His magic allows him to communcate with animals and heal to a degree. His healing power works on humans but is more effective on animals.

Weaknesses and Flaws: Fang isn't a shapeshifter so he cannot change to a more human appearance and thus is almost always regarded with fear and distrust. He doesn't trust humans much, though he never holds that against children. He is a bit of a hothead so people who anger him might get a crack upside the head from his powerful fists.
Fang is also weak against water and fire type attacks as his power is Earth based. If you throw him in a lake he will be unable to draw on the strength of the earth and will be only as powerful as a human. Fire burns him like it does any normal person.

A final weakness is that he won't risk the lives of children or animals so if you have a hostage of that sort he won't risk angering you.

History: Fang was born to a woman who thought the beatiful green-eyed man she met was the perfect on. The Earth Elemental who had taken human form did not stay long however, only long enough to get what he wanted from the woman. Nine months later Fang was born and his unusual appearance led his mother to dump him in the woods to die.
Fang was found by a midwife who lived outside of the litle town. She raised him to be a respectful, helpful young boy. By age ten Fang was able to lift boulders as large as himself and move them where he pleased. By age fifteen he looked like he was twenty and and had fallen in love with the midwife's granddaughter who was also fifteen. The love was mutual and the two spent all their free time together. However a man from another land came and convinced the people Fang was evil as he was made of magic. The people killed the midwife's famly for harboring him and after killing them left Fang to die from deep slashes across his chest and stomach. A human would have died from those injuries, but Fangs ability to draw power from the earth kept him from dieing. He has roamed the world since then recvovering slowly from his injuries, both physical and mental.
He has since found his way from the west to the east and everywhere in between. He is currently on his way back from a trip to the far east for healing.

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Re: Fang of Wind

Post by Katona » Tue Jun 09, 2015 6:57 am

Welcome to Thar, Fang of Wind, and thanks for the application.

There are a few things here that need to be further developed or changed before I can approve the application.

First and most obvious thing: the magic in this setting is not based on an elemental system. There is no fire-based magic or water-based magic, or at the least, no magic is intrinsically categorized like that. All magic comes from the same place, the Astral Plane. That's not to say you can't specify how a specific magic ability works, so if you want to say his magic only works when he's in touch with the earth, or he can do special things with rocks, or something like that, you're welcome to do so. As long as you understand clearly that magic is not intrinsically elemental in this setting. Additionally, if you were to use the concept of a species known as an "elemental" you would need to go into further detail about what this species is and how it fits into the setting -- a task not recommended for new players until they have a character or two approved.

You haven't done enough yet to develop or to show his history or his personality. I need you to expand on these areas to show what kind of person Fang is and how he fits into the world. I'm not sure if you've read the setting (you don't mention anything in your app that would indicate that you have), so please read through the relevant setting pages as you develop your character. This is a very important part of fitting your character into the world.

Lastly, I feel that your strengths and weaknesses could use some work, so spend some time thinking about things you can say about your character that either really show who he is as a person, or which have some significant effect on his life. This page is one we've put together to help people to think of weaknesses for their characters:

I recommend that you take a look at some of our approved applications to get a sense for what we're looking for. Some suggested examples are:

However, you're absolutely encouraged to take a look through yourself. There's a lot of good information around to help you in developing your application and ensuring it fits with the established setting.

Don't worry if this seems like a lot. I'm just asking that you get a better understanding of the character/application requirements and how the setting works, and edit your character to fit. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me or another mod, either by replying to this thread or sending one of us a PM. Other members are also friendly and willing to help if you need anything, so jump into chat if you see someone around. :D

Once you've edited your app and you're ready to get it reviewed again, just leave a reply here to let me know. The site is a little slow right now because exam period is on for most of the people still studying (myself included), so don't worry if you don't get a reply straight away.