Lorelei Templar

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Name: Lorelei Templar
Race: Elven Human Mix

Lorelei Templar

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Name: Lorelei Marie Templar
Age: 63 Appears 26
Race: Elvish/Human Mix

(Only cloudy eyes & Red hair)

Physical Description:
Lorelei having had mixed parents tends to stand more at the stature of a human than an elf as she is only around 5'3". Her hair is a vibrant shade of red almost a copper color that falls down around the small of her back in soft curls. Her skin is a pale almost milk white no matter how much time she spends in the sun. She has a tiny waist, small bust and round hips. Her eyes are a blue. At first glance she looks flawless but once you look closer you can see the crisscrossing scars that litter her skin and that her blue sapphire eyes are actually clouded by blindness. This tends to cause men to be turned off once they get a closer look and realize that she isn't the pretty doll she appears. The claw marks appear down her arms, across her face and are littered over her torso. Although she tends to hide most of them with her clothing the ones on her face are testament enough of how the covered skin must look. And the blank expression her once beautiful eyes hold can make people quite uncomfortable if they are unused to it.

She wears simple dresses that are the colors of earth tones, accompanied but a simple black cloak. The hood of the cloak is always drawn up to cover her eyes and most of her face whenever she is around others. This tends to hid the still beautiful features she has even though they are marred slightly.

Lorelei is rather quiet but she is polite and friendly. She will never turn away someone in need and works to keep those around her healthy. She is willing to house a patient if needed even if that means giving up her room and sleeping in one of the uncomfortable chairs in her main room as long as her patient is comfortable. Even though she can come off as timid she really does enjoy company and wishes for companionship of friends and in the future a husband.

Lorelei has a few little personality quirks that tend to make those who know her chuckle. Like how she despises the taste of water and takes any chance to swap it of a tea of some kind. She also tends to take in injured animals, small ones though, and heal them if she can. Kids though tend to be scared of the blind woman so she feels like she shouldn't be around them. She will heal them if needed but she will avoid them if she can.

When it comes to her powers Lorelei has mixed feelings. She is glad that it can help people but she still feels like its something that she has to hide and avoid if at all possible. She resents it deep down due to not being able to heal her own flaws. She can heal anyone or thing she comes across but if she gets a cut she has to just deal with it, like her magic turns it's back on her when she needs it the most.

Lorelei doesn't own much just a simple small house in Shim. Its a simple two roomed structure with a main room and kitchen then the second room for a small bedroom. Other than the few homely possessions the only thing of value is the medical kit she has expanded with time as well as the simple gold circlet that was left to her by her mother.
Powers or Strengths:
*Simple Healing Powers- Lorelei was always able to just place her hand on a bruise her mother might have obtained from accidently bumping into the edge of a table or knocking her shin into a stool and the bruise or small cut would be healed. Slowly it has evolved to a faster speed of healing but it is yet to be instantaneous.
*Knowledge of medicinal herbs and practices- Her aunt was always well versed in what could be considered simple medical practices. From binding a broken bone, Delivering a child, or mixing a tea for a particularly pesky cold. Once She went to live with her in her after the accident she picked up on the ways and expanded on what she could.
*Acute Hearing and Smell- Often people wonder how the redhead could know that they were right behind her when walking quiet as a mouse. She can hear the slightest of sounds and good or bad smells can overwhelm the small woman.

Weaknesses and Flaws:
*Healing powers cannot be used on herself- No matter how small the wound or bruise her healing powers refuse to work on her body. This has caused the woman to hate her body in a way due to the fact she couldn't even lessen the scaring that covers her body or her loss of sight.
*Unwilling to use powers much- She only uses her powers if she absolutely has to or on someone she trusts. She tends to rely on her medicinal herbs to do the healing for her as she does resent her powers and was taught that they were nothing to be proud of. A very select few know of her powers really only meaning her family at this time.
*Blind-Lorelei doesn't run into things near as often as she used to but if someone moves a chair without her knowing you can catch a glimpse of the woman stumbling or even falling. This can make the normally even tempered woman rather frustrated and snappy so beware.
*Scared of larger animals (Wolves and such)- After the attack larger wild animals scare her. She wont venture outside of the city in search of any herbs alone in fear of being attacked again.
*Men- No man has really shown her interest due to her scars and blindness. Sadly this means that the woman could be easily wooed and fooled into thinking a man cares even if he is just using her. This could cause more problems as she grows older and wishes for companionship.

Do you know what it's like to have your entire world ripped from right out from under you? When Lorelei was young she wondered away from her parents on the walk from Marn to Shim. The child was attacked by a wolf and rendered sightless before her parents could come to her rescue. Her parents tried as hard as they could to help the child adapt into the lifestyle they lived but the girl in the end was a stain on their reputation so they sent her to stay with her human aunt in Shim. There the young woman learned the art of healing and how to cope with her lack of sight and followed in the elder womans footsteps. Carefully she learned how to heal, and how to distinguish herbs from touch and smell. She gained respect from the townsfolk and slowly found her place with them. Once her aunt passed due to a sickness that was resistant to any treatment Lorelei inherited the small house and carried on caring for the towns folk and the rare traveler that needed assistance.


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Re: Lorelei Templar

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