Kira Mendez

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Name: Kira Mendez
Race: Elven

Kira Mendez

Post by Sludge132 » Sat May 02, 2015 4:07 pm

Character Name: Kira Mendez

Age: 19

Race: Elf

Height: 4'7

Weight: 40 kg(Possible, I am not used to kg)

Physical Description:
Kira is a beautiful Elven lady who usually wears red clothing, her frail stature makes it seem like she is weak and can be easily taken advantage of but on the contrary, she knows how to defend herself. She has tanned skin and Deep Blue eyes, her long black hair reaches down past her shoulders.

Possessions: She does not carry much but a puch of money and an amulet that her mother gave her.
She owns a small one bedroom house.

Powers or Strength:
She has mastered martial arts.
She has the power of seduction, the ability to change her looks and the ability to read minds.
She is incredibly witty.
She attracts a lot of attention with her beauty.

She is rather weak
Her good looks attract a lot of unwanted attention.
People who do not approve of her work tend to dislike her.

Kira was raised on the streets of Marn, she never had a real home and as she was raise by her mother over the years, she learnt to take advantage of the people around her. She discovered around the age of 14 she had developed mysterious powers, these seemed strange and she wanted to use them for good. But she couldn't resist. She used her powers of seduction to further herself and at the age of 17 she became a 'Courtesan'. Her mother was a whore so she knew how to do it, of course her mother lived on the streets and naturally had lower prices and her only motive was to get enough money to survive. Kira had an idea and knew exactly what she wanted to do, with the Curfew she could no longer roam around at nights and has to find clients during the day and arrange to meet up at night. The whole Courtesan thing is just a cover up though, she uses it to further herself, gain information in order to sell it or use it for blackmail. Her motto is "Everyone has some valuable information that they will give away if you make them 'Happy'. She did have brothers and sisters but they all died at a young age, this is the thing that continues to haunt her throughout her life.

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Re: Kira Mendez

Post by Katona » Mon May 04, 2015 2:48 am

Welcome to Thar, Kira!

Please read the Rules, Setting, and some of our Approved Characters to get an idea of what we're looking for in an application.

A few good examples of characters:

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to either reply here or send me a PM. You can usually find people in chat as well, if you have any general questions.