John The Wanderer

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Name: John
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John The Wanderer

Post by Wandering Ancient » Sun Feb 22, 2015 7:49 am

Player Name: Jackson
Name: John The Wanderer
Age: 36
Race: Human
Height: 6 ft 3 in
Weight: 173 lbs.
Physical Description: short rugged beard, unruly salt and pepper gray hair, emerald green eyes with golden flecks, built like a quarterback, mottled green and black poncho/tunic and padded leather armor underneath the poncho, black leather pants and leather boots.
Possessions: Silver Plated dagger, and an iron hand-half broadsword
Powers or Strengths: expert blade fighter, and a good bar brawler
Weaknesses: No magic, allergic to copper/bronze, mild alcoholic
History: John grew up on a farm and was shipped off to join the Guard by his parents when he was 16 so that they wouldnt have another mouth to feed. used to abuse and hard work because of his time at the farm, he fit in well with the veteran guardsman, less so with his fellow recruits. he rose quickly in the ranks until he was made captain of a troop of 20 guards when he was 18 and was tasked with defending farmland from known bandit groups. after being given false information about the bandit locations, he watched his men be slaughtered and only managed to escape after hiding under his best friend's corpse and pretending to be dead. after the episode he developed PTSD and began to roam the world, visiting towns and working wherever he could. after 10 years of this, some guards spotted him and captured him as a deserter, when the Guards took him to the commander of the force, John explained to him the situation. being the unforgiving man he is, the commander took both of john's pinkies off and banished him. since then he has continued his previous activity of roaming the world guiding youth.

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Name: Nashandra Katona
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Re: John The Wanderer

Post by Katona » Sun Feb 22, 2015 11:34 am

Welcome to Thar, Jackson. Thank you for the application.

Please read through some of our approved characters applications to get a better sense of what kind of thing we're looking for. You may also need to read the setting for a better understanding of what the world is like. This app can easily be extended into something I can approve; it just needs a bit more depth and explanation. In particular, I need to know more about John as a person -- how he thinks and feels, his views, his beliefs -- but you can also improve on other aspects of the app. Aim for your application to reflect a real person and not just a character concept.

If you have questions, you can reply here, PM me or find me in chat. When you're ready for me to look at your application again, just reply to this thread.