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Quintus Baro

Posted: Fri Feb 20, 2015 3:28 pm
by Quintus
Name: Quintus Accius Baro
Quintus hasn't used his full, legal name in years, instead going by Quinn or one of several nicknames, most of which are suggestive, indicative of a criminal past, outright obscene, or some combination of the three.

Age: 29
Race: Human
Height: 6' 2"

Physical Description:
Quinn is tall, powerfully built, and is overall a physically imposing person, though a hard life has left him looking older than he is. His pale orangish-red hair is slowly receding, and his beard has turned grey. Scars on his hands and forearms hint at a violent life, and the confidence with which he holds himself suggests that he's dished out more than he's received. Pale blue eyes aren't usually associated with a piercing glare, but Quinn makes it work; he tends to maintain eye contact long after the point where people start to feel uncomfortable. Combined with his size, his habit of aggressive levels of eye contact give him a kind of intensity that most people find troublesome.

Quinn generally wears leather and steel, even when not actually expecting a fight. When not wearing his armor, he favors the sort of hard-wearing clothes often worn by woodsmen, on the principle that tougher clothes last longer. He habitually wears odd little trinkets collected throughout his life, but if asked, he can't recall how he acquired at least half of them. His favorites are a pair of wooden skulls he carved himself years ago, and a small religious amulet of a god he doesn't worship.


Quinn is a simple person with simple tastes. Given the choice between fine dining and a luxurious day or a few pints, a chicken leg, and a bar fight, he prefers the latter. He understands that cerebral pursuits are not his strength, so he tends to find ways to avoid them, and gets surprisingly creative in this regard. Prone to being impatient, there are only a few things Quinn is willing to spend time on. The first is work; if Quinn is hired to attack a caravan, he'll sit and wait all week until it comes along. The second is wood carving. He's not terribly good at it, but if he decides to carve something, he's content to spend days fiddling with a block of pine until it looks right. Both are legacies of his father's lessons. Quinn was taught that if he was going to do something, he should do it right.

Although perfectly comfortable with the use of violence, and quite competent at it, Quinn has an odd kind of moral code that dictates how he acts. He doesn't needlessly harm people, an odd trait given his background. He has no qualms about stealing, but always pays his debts, and when he needs something, he buys it instead of just taking it. He's willing to steal money to buy things, but he's reluctant to just steal the goods themselves. Similarly, he is sincere and honest in his own way; he honestly admits to being a liar and a thief when it suits him to be.

The driving force behind Quinn's bizarre moral code is fairly simple: He does not consider himself to be a bad person. He does bad things sometimes, but that's just the sort of world he lives in.

Quinn's belongings are all battered by hard use, but well-maintained.
-Weapons: A battleaxe, slightly too long to be comfortably wielded in one hand but too light and short-hafted to be a proper greataxe. The weapon is something like an axe version of the classic half-and-a-half sword, and is heavily notched from use. He also has a pair of simple daggers, the grips made from antler. They're well balanced for throwing, though he prefers not to. There used to be a third, but he lost it when the man he threw it into survived and escaped on horseback.
-Armor: Quinn's armor is made of leather, with steel squares covering his torso, and metal studs along the legs and arms. A mantle of orange fur helps keep the cold at bay, and the skull of some strange, horned beast is affixed to the shoulder. He has dozens of stories about the skull, but the truth is that he found it washed up on a riverbank and has no idea what kind of animal it belonged to.
-Trinkets: A small religious medallion, several hand-carved wooden icons including several animals and a few wooden skulls, a green stone disc hung on a cord through a hole in the middle, a blue bottle made of some kind of very strong glass, a tiny pearwood chest made to look like it has hundreds of tiny feet, and his father's locket, with a picture of Quinn's deceased mother. Her name is written in it: Elisia.
-Basic Gear: In his backpack, Quinn has a bedroll, some rope, wire suitable for snares, a large ball of tough twine, a small hatchet, a waterskin, some dried rations, a whetstone, and a firestarter made with flint and steel.
-Money: Enough Bishani to last a few weeks if he's careful with it. He also has two gold rings and a silver necklace chain made with very fine links. If sold, the jewelry might double the money he has.

Powers or Strengths:
Physique: Quinn is simply bigger and stronger than most people. Years of a very active lifestyle have given him a high degree of strength and endurance beyond his advantage of size and natural muscle mass, and between earned strength and natural size, he can simply physically outperform the vast majority of humans. His height lets him take longer steps when running, reach better handholds when climbing, and hit people from slightly farther away when fighting.

Weapon Skills: Years of combat experience has given Quinn a level of weapons knowledge that covers a wide range of armaments. He is skilled with axes, swords, blunt implements, throwing weapons, and bows. His knowledge of any one specific kind of weapon may not be on par with a trained expert, but his level of skill with such a variety of weapons is rare, and allows him to make use of whatever he has access to.

Outdoors Survival: Quinn knows how to hunt, fish, find edible plants, find a good shelter spot, and generally survive away from civilization. His specific experiences focused heavily on finding good places for hidden camps and ambushes.

Cautious: Careful, cagey, and wary, Quinn developed the habit of keeping his eyes open for trouble, and has gotten quite good at it. He isn't always clever enough to know what exactly is making him feel like trouble is coming, but he's dodged enough ambushes and traps for him to trust his gut. Some of his old associates were convinced that he had magical powers that told him when danger was near, but he earned the skill the more mundane way of surviving enough knives aimed at his back.

Well-Traveled: A childhood spent traveling far and wide across Eyropa has given Quinn an ear for languages. He is passably fluent in half a dozen languages, can make solid guesses as to someone's origins based on accent and dress, and he knows enough about other cultures to keep from accidentally insulting people.

Weaknesses and Flaws:
Poor Hearing: A club to the side of his head when he was fifteen rendered Quinn deaf in his left ear. His hearing is fine in his right ear, and he tries to stand with his right side towards people so he can hear them better, but being half deaf leaves him a little more vulnerable to being surprised than he otherwise would be.

Uneducated: Quinn knows his letters, the sounds they make, basic arithmetic, and that's about it. Given a few minutes, he can sound out words on a page, but don't be surprised if he pronounces the K and G in Knight, or uses his fingers to count out how much money he owes a merchant.

Superstitious: While many people regard magic as something mysterious and sinister, Quinn is even more superstitious. To him, literacy is almost like magic, and though he can just barely figure out words, he has a kind of reverence for the written word. He thinks that anything written down must be true, and if it wasn't before, writing it will make it so. In his mind, a signed contract is almost like a divine edict.

Ill-Mannered: Quinn tends to be too honest and too rough around the edges for most people, and it gets him into trouble. He's the sort to tell a woman that yes, that dress makes her look fat, or to inform a wealthy merchant that his perfumes make him smell like an inexpensive prostitute.

Criminal Background: A former bandit, Quinn has a lot of enemies. Most of them are still in western Eyropa, but given how many people he robbed, meeting one of them in Marn is not outside the realm of possibilities. He's relieved to be outside the regions where he's actually a wanted man, but it's entirely possible that his past will catch up to him.

Quintus Accius Baro was born in Marn, though he has no memory of the region. He never knew his mother, and the only thing his father, Accius Nasar Baro, ever told him was that she died giving birth to him. Quinn was raised by his father, a mercenary and a sell-sword, and it was from Accius that Quinn learned how to fight. Accius traveled extensively in Eyropa, and took his son with him wherever he went. Quinn's earliest memory is watching his father fight as a hired champion in a duel. Accius was not an educated man, but he taught his son what he could, which largely consisted of how to earn money and how to count it.

After being cheated by a client, Accius and his son turned to banditry. Accius and a few other sell-swords had been hired to drive out a small group of thieves that had been preying on a stretch of road in southern Hasele, and as his son was fifteen and already a skilled warrior, Accius allowed Quinn to help as they attacked the thieves' lair in the dead of night. Three of the twenty mercenaries were killed, and a hit from a club permanently deafened Quinn's left ear, but the job was successful.

When they returned to collect their pay, the group of merchants only paid the mercenaries a fraction of what they promised, claiming that the spoils from the thieves' camp would cover the rest. Accius responded by gathering the other mercenaries and setting to work robbing the same caravans the thieves' had been preying on.

This continued for thirteen years. Accius acted as chief of the bandit clan, by right of being the most dangerous warrior among them as well as being cautious and clever enough to keep them from being caught. Any new bands of thieves in their territory were driven out or invited to join, depending on whether Accius and his son thought they would be good members of the clan. Over time, the group's numbers swelled to thirty men and women, and held there for years. As Accius got too old to fight the way he used to, Quinn took on the role of his father's right hand, using his strength and combat prowess to keep the rest of the bandits in line.

The bandit clan fell apart when a few newer members began gathering support to claim leadership. They murdered Accius in their attempt to take control, and when Quinn retaliated in a blind rage, the clan tore itself apart in a night of bloody combat, betrayal, and retribution. When the sun rose on the carnage, only a handful of the bandits were left alive. Quinn buried his father, and with nothing left for him in Hasele, he began the long journey back to Marn, the city where he was born.

-Find out more about his mother's family.
-Figure out what the hell he's supposed to do with his life.

Re: Quintus Baro

Posted: Fri Feb 20, 2015 8:33 pm
by Katona
Welcome to Thar, Techno Viking! Thank you for the character application.

Overall I have no major problems with the app. I just have to make sure you're aware that this isn't a combat-oriented RP and you're not likely to find much RP of that nature. Of course that doesn't mean there aren't characters whose lifestyles involve a lot of combat, but most of the focus will be on narrative and character development. If you're still interested in playing the character as-is, I can approve it, but feel free to make changes as well knowing that combat might not be a focus of your future RP.

The only specific change I'll request is to use a different province than Pretana for the gang's territory. That province is mostly poor fisherfolk and not especially profitable for a mercenary or bandit.

Reply to this thread when you're ready for me to look at your app again. If you have any questions about anything, you can reply here, send me a PM, or catch someone is chat. :D

Re: Quintus Baro

Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2015 9:48 am
by Quintus
I know that there's little combat. I just liked the idea of someone going legit after a life as a mercenary and a bandit. I changed Pretana to Hasele. Neither one has anything on the lore page, so I'm just making rough guesses on culture based on real-world cultures for the same location.

Re: Quintus Baro

Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2015 4:00 pm
by Katona

As a new member, we encourage you to be pro-active in finding a thread for your character. In addition to posting in the forums, it can be very helpful to hang out in chat and get to know people, or PM people whom you think might be fun to write with. There are a couple of places you might want to check out to help you with the process:

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As always, feel free to PM myself or any other moderator if you have any questions or concerns. Have fun!